Cardi B Insists She Will Never Become a Republican

Cardi B may not be voting in the upcoming election, and she’s adamant that she’ll never support the Republican party.

Cardi B Won’t Turn Republican

The Bronx rapper was clear on her political stance in a tweet she wrote in response to an X user trying to insult her on Monday (July 1). The person claimed Cardi B “betrayed our country and turned Republican.”

“She may have betrayed our country and turned Republican but at least she found a nice tune,” the critic wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter, in a quote tweet promoting a snippet of a new song Cardi previewed. The track, which finds the Grammy-winning artist in her singing bag, may appear on Cardi’s long-awaited sophomore album. Right now, she’s nicknaming the project “CB2.”

“I will never turn republican lol,” Cardi replied on July 2.

It’s unclear why the X user thinks the rapper has joined the GOP, but Cardi is not part of the Republican party. In fact, she’s not getting behind either of the presidential candidates in the upcoming election: Democrat Joe Biden or Republican Donald Trump.

In an interview with Rolling Stone in May, Cardi said, “I don’t f**k with both of y’all n**as,” in reference to both presidential nominees. Under the current Biden administration, she’s felt “layers and layers of disappointment” and thinks people have been betrayed.

That wasn’t always the case. Cardi was a Biden supporter in the 2020 election after she initially backed Sen. Bernie Sanders. The rhymer even sat down with Sanders during his run for president in 2019 to see what he had planned for the future of America. Many times, Cardi has encouraged her fans to get out and vote. She’s been one of the more outspoken rappers when it comes to politics, though this year, she’s clearly not pleased with the options the American people have to choose from. After the recent presidential debate in June, can you blame her?

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Take a look at what Cardi has to say below.

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