J. Kahlel shares visuals for “Young King” and “1950 Til’” [video]

Born in Broward county Florida, rapper J. Kahlel is slowly building his stats in the game with his brand of insightful rap music. Today he gives us two official videos for his songs, “Young King” and “1950 Til’”

The first cut titled “Young King” is a reflective tune that sees him digging deep and sharing his thoughts on being a rebel against the system, self-growth and the ideals of spreading positivity and standing on one’s principles regardless of the odds. The visual uses cinematic and well-crafted motifs that showcase J.Kahlel’s demeanour and beliefs.


The second track “1950 Til’” is the rapper’s own statement regarding racism and white supremacy as it has worked in America since the beginning of time. Over a punchy soundscape, he details the inner workings of the system with an unfiltered performance. It’s quite thought-provoking and vivid as well.

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