Khemistry and The Boy Illinois remind us to focus on the “Finer Things”

Hinsdale, IL born, Chicago-raised rapper/songwriter Khemistry is slowly building her stats in the game and pushing against the odds in this male-dominated industry. She started making music at a young age, sharing with writing poetry to convey her innermost thoughts and using it as an outlet to escape her harsh realities. “Finer Things” serves as her newest release and it’s a call for celebration as she pens a heartfelt tribute to the love of life and overlooks the negative thoughts. Over a punchy and soulful soundscape, she reflects on some of her life experiences and how hard times made her stronger than ever. She implores her fellow kinfolk to focus on the bigger picture with things like focusing on mental health, eschewing materialism and building one’s legacy from the ground up. She is joined by fellow rapper The Boy Illinois who adds his own thoughts to the subject at hand.

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