Listen to Lola Coker’s new release “Lost in my mind”

Singer/songwriter Lola Coker caught our ears with her new single “Lost in my mind” which is a sublime and soulful piece that showcases her eclectic style to the fullest. Over an ethereal texture peppered by soft drums and lush chords, Coker gives a solid, ear-grabbing performance that is undeniable. From the soothing melodic runs and vocal inflections, Coker also strikes the heart with her evocative songwriting.

Lola started her career singing on her school talent show, theatre, and jazz group. She then went on to win the award for best Vocal Performer at the Princeton Jazz Festival 2019 and Outstanding Soloist at the National Jazz Festival 2020,  Other awards include, first place positions at 2016 MAMTG Mid Atlantic Idol and Musical Theatre Freshman.


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