Maffmatix and ILL Bill team up for “Grime Time”

Multi-faceted DJ/producer/rapper Maffmatix  started his musical career in Los Angeles, primarily working with rappers and metal-heads where he honed his craft in different underground bands. He later moved to the city of Bangkok and toured with the indie band Rock Shreller and also around South East Asia as a DJ/producer. With all these experiences behind him, he founded Shrell Records in October 2020, which allowed him to put out music on his own terms. From electronic, and indie pop to hip-hop, Maffmatix is not restricted. In his new endeavour, he returns to his hip-hop roots and is preparing to drop his debut solo project entitled Metanoia Seven, a 7 track body of work that explores his creative transformation and then some.

To kick things off, he unleashes the lead single “Grime Time” which sees him linking with veteran rapper Ill Bill (of Non-Phixion fame) for a pure display of lyrical jousting on a high level. Over the gritty and haunting backdrop, both emcees paint dark and gripping pictures with their words and distinct flows that keep listeners locked from start to finish.


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