Mustard Denies Recently Trolling Drake by Wearing Toronto Hat

Mustard denies the speculation that he was trolling Drake by wearing a Toronto Blue Jays hat at Kendrick Lamar‘s “Not Like Us” video shoot over the weekend.

Mustard Clears Up Trolling Accusation

On Tuesday (June 25), Mustard was a guest on Real 92.3‘s Big Boy’s Neighborhood. Mustard is the man of the hour after producing Kendrick Lamar’s hit single “Not Like Us” and putting on for his city at Kendrick Lamar’s epic The Pop Out – Ken & Friends concert. During the conversation, Dijon talked about the hit song, the event, his forthcoming album Faith of a Mustard Seed and he also addressed speculation that he was trolling Drake by wearing a hat with The Boy’s hometown baseball team on it at the shoot for “Not Like Us.”

“I wasn’t trolling,” Mustard explained around the 21:35 mark of the interview below while laughing. “Everybody thought I was trolling. I wasn’t trolling…I bought an STL hat, an Angels hat, a Braves hat. I put Faith of a Mustard Seed on all of them. I sweated out two of my hats at Pop Out and that was the last hat that I had with Faith of a Mustard Seed on it. It just happened to be a Toronto Blue Jays hat.”

He added, “I never thought that much into it to be like, ‘Ah, I’m trying to troll y’all.'”

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Kendrick Lamar Brings the City Out for “Not Like Us” Video Shoot

Kendrick Lamar filmed the video for his chart-topping Drake diss on June 22 in his hometown of Compton, Calif. An abundance of fan-captured footage of the event has been posted online. One clip shows Mustard and K-Dot outside of the local haunte Tam’s Burger on Rosecrans Ave. In the scene, Mustard is wearing a Blue Jays cap. It is unclear when the video will be released.

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Check out Mustard denying he was recently trolling Drake below.

Watch Mustard on Big Boy’s Neighborhood

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