Ogi feel the Beat shares “Secret Place 2” featuring Aleksandar Cupara and “RESPECT”

Ogi feel the Beat is one man that is hard to beat when it comes down to work ethics. From his numerous instrumental collaborations and releases under various labels, the man just keeps giving us the business. His latest works include “Secret Place 2” featuring guitarist Aleksandar Cupara and “RESPECT” and both singles are taken from two distinctly different projects he has worked on.

“Secret Place 2”  sees Ogi and guitarist Aleksandar Cupara doing the musical tango as they play off each other. Over laidback punchy drums, nostalgic textures ,and warm basslines, Cupara belts out a rousing guitar performance that is both enticing and sublime in many ways. The song is taken from the duo’s free EP Hope, and it’s released via Chill Select records.

Stream “Secret Place 2” on Bandcamp

“RESPECT” is a chilled jazz-boom-bap record that harks back to the Golden era of hiphop. The booming bassline, dusty horns, and ethereal textures really make this pleasing to the ear. “RESPECT” is lifted off the  Album is Keep on Calling released on 26/10

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