Psiblingz pay homage to all the real “Father Figgaz”

Toronto-based band Psiblingz takes time to reflect on the dynamics of being a father on their new single titled “Father Figgaz.” The heartfelt track has a somber and nostalgic feeling that captures the rappers’ childhood and journey as fathers. Each emcee brings a different perspective to the forefront and gives the listener a nuanced depiction of the topic at hand.


Stemming from different continents around the world, they bring their respective analysis of the Darker and Beautiful aspects of life. Being from Nicaragua, Jamaica, India and South Africa, based outta Toronto, we find it easy to swim to different soundscapes from our usual songwriting. Our band consists of 2 Multi-Instrumentalists and Vocalists, and 2 MC’s, and we flow through different styles of feeling at home.

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