Watch: This Dog Will Save Your Entire Life By Administering CPR

Once again, dogs are proving they’re the realest and just plain #friendgoals. One canine in Spain is already reaching icon status by being a pro in CPR.

His name is Poncho, and Poncho will make sure you are alive and thriving thanks to his training. Madrid police posted a demonstration video of Poncho doing his thing and it has since gone viral on Twitter, receiving over 2 million views.

Poncho kept jumping on his partner’s chest with his paws, then putting his dog ears against his neck until the man got back up. Check it out for yourself below!

"Heroica" actuación de nuestro #Compañerosde4Patas Poncho, que no dudó ni un instante en "salvar la vida" del agente, practicando la #RCP de una manera magistral.
El perro es el único ser en el mundo que te amará más de lo que se ama a sí mismo- John Billings#Adopta

— Policía de Madrid (@policiademadrid) June 22, 2018


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