Kendrick Lamar Joins U2 For New Song 'Get Out of Your Own Way'

The legendary rockers U2 blessed Kendrick Lamar with a guest appearance on the song "XXX" f his DAMN. album, and now K Dot has returned the favor.

The group released a cut titled "Get Out Your Own Way," a single from their forthcoming album Songs Experience. Kendrick has a spoken word piece at the end, and he made the most out just a few lines.

"Blessed are the arrogant who bares the kingdom their own company / Blessed are the superstars, for the magnificence in their light, we understand better our own insignificance / Blessed are the filthy rich for you can only truly own what you give away, like your pain," he said over an electric guitar

You may notice that Kendrick's words cut f rather abruptly as well, like they're going to bleed into another song, so that could be the case.

Just a couple days ago, the Compton rhymer and Rich the Kid released a video for the cut "New Freezer," right on the heels a TDE pop-up shop opening in New York City. So Kendrick and his label continue to keep ultra busy.

You can listen to a snippet U2 and K Dot's "Get Out Your Own Way" below. The band's Songs Experience album will also be out on Dec. 1.

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