The Game’s Manager Wack 100 Goes In On 40 Glocc Again!

(AllHipHop Rumors) It doesn’t look like The Game, his manager, Wack 100, or 40 Glocc will ever burry the hatchet!

As you know, Wack always has time for a social media rebuttal or essay. Apparently someone asked 40 Glocc how his beef started with Wack.

According to 40, 40 put Wack down with The Game, then Wack allegedly turned on him and starting dissing him. 40 says that Wack isn’t really any type manager, and that he’s just trying to be seen, so he’s giving himself that title.

Wack sometimes sets up little deals and gets a cut, and he has access to folks, so 40 Glocc says this is why he calls himself a manager. Not to say that 40 is one to listen to, heck neither are, but if what 40 says is true, this certainly doesn’t help the fact that people already think that Wack 100 is an attention wh-re.

Wack got wind 40’s explanation and clapped back saying,

What are your thoughts? Is it time for both them to just move on?!

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