Trey Songz Sued for Allegedly Attacking Fan at Strip Club

A recent strip club appearance has led to more legal drama for Trey Songz.

According to a report from TMZ, a Philadelphia woman says she bought tickets to meet the singer in the VIP section the Vanity Grand Cabaret venue but claims Songz was hostile and rude toward people in the club all night. Legal documents show the woman tried to get a picture with the singer afterward but was attacked and had her phone smacked out her hand into her face, breaking her glasses.

The woman is now suing Songz and the venue, claiming Vanity Grand Cabaret knew the singer had a history "violence and negative interaction with the public." The woman is looking for up to $50,000.

In August, the singer agreed to a plea deal for an assault case in Detroit. The deal stemmed from a 2016 incident where Songz reportedly burst into a fit rage after ficials at Joe Louis Arena cut his set short. The singer destroyed props on stage including glass materials and other items.

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