YG Hootie and Kendrick Lamar Rep Compton on New Song 'The City'

YG Hootie and Kendrick Lamar rep their Compton hood on the street banger, “The City.” This is the pair’s first collaboration in four years. The first time was in 2013 on “Two Presidents” where the rappers dubbed themselves as Kendrick Martin and Hootie Malcolm.

On “The City,” produced by DJ Fu Mike WiLL Made-It’s EarDrummers, Hootie and K.Dot give listeners a tour guide their Compton neighborhood.

"My city be grindin', no fakin' (no fakin') / My city don't rock with them niggas hatin' (they be hatin') / I'm the one, I put the city on the billboard (billboard) / I'm the one, I got some hitters that'll kill for it (kill for it)," raps Hootie.

Meanwhile, Lamar praises his city for raising him to be resilient and motivating him to stay on his grind.

"My city never want for nothin' (never want for nothin', ayy) / My city love it when I'm hustlin' (love it when I'm hustlin', ayy)," he spits, adding, "Me, my n---- Hootie, we gonna make a movie (we gon' make a movie) / I got moves to make, ficer don't shoot me (ficer don't shoot) / California-raised, California-paid, yeah."

YG Hootie may not be a household name but he's been grinding in the rap game for awhile. He was previously affiliated with Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame's Brick Squad Monopoly crew.

Check out YG Hottie and Kendrick Lamar's new track above.

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