Def-i – “Gather Round” (Remix) Prod. By Ariano (Video)

One of New Mexico’s most celebrated rappers Def-i drops his latest music video titled “Gather Round” (Remix) Prod. By Ariano.  This video marks a profound artistic and personal transition for Def-i, as he honors the legacy of his life-long friend, bandmate and musical collaborator, Andrew Martinez, AKA Wake Self.

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FSG Rell – More Than A Rapper

FSG Rell, an intriguing new Pottstown, Pennsylvania artist, has arisen from obscurity in 2020 with an aggressive street flow, crafty wordplay, unique charisma, and an undeniable grassroots following. In the underground, Rell built an unstoppable presence from the ground up with a collection of popular songs like, “Win,” “Fed Up” and the latest track “Big Money Shit.” Acknowledged by Hip-Hop in 2017, the rising star has released five albums which include last year’s breakout project, Ambition Over Fear. Today, the thriving star releases his anticipated new album, properly-titled, More Than A Rapper.

Rell’s new album follows his 2019 effort, Lil Schwenko, and regarded as the new artist’s best work yet. “More Than A Rapper is an album that I sought to showcase more of my lyrical side of music instead of just trying to make hits,” FSG Rell explains. “More Than A Rapper tells my story in life, I give insight into my street life, my love life, what I think is missing and also how my confidence about myself came about. This album also has more videos on this project than any of my other projects with four of them. I upgraded my features from other projects to more well-known artists such as battle rapper K Shine, more well known upcoming artists such as Ahna Mac.”

More Than A Rapper includes 13 new songs with new fan-favorites, “For You,” “Double 9’s” and “Partners in Crime.” Stream it here on FSG The Label. For more FSG Rell news, follow the new sensation on Instagram.

Damo the Great – “Sacred Geometry” (Album Review)

Damo the Great is an MC from Dearborn Heights, Michigan who debuted in 2018 with Order Out of Chaos. He had also put out an instrumental album called Now You Know the year prior but as we approach the 2nd half of this hectic year, he’s starting off the new decade with his sophomore effort entirely produced by Invectrum.

After the unsettling “Poison the Toad” intro, the first song “Shoot 1st” talks about how he don’t fuck with haters over a gloomy boom bap beat whereas the track “Valaryian Steel” with Aztek the Barfly & Guilty Simpson finds the 3 coming through with vicious battle bars over a rugged instrumental. The song “Evil Kanevil” with DZK & Green Children sees the 4 talking about how they’re all demonic on the mid over an spine-tingling beat & after the “Ouroboros” interlude, the song “Eloise” talks about insanity over a bleak instrumental

After the “Intro to Geometry 101” interlude, the the title track comes through with some good for the mind over a clever violin loop while the song “Murderers Row” with Diabolic sees the 2 proclaiming themselves as lyrical assassins over a demented beat. The track “Dream” with Sankofa finds the 2 pondering about life over a forlorn instrumental while the song “It Ain’t Over” with Mastamind sees the 2 challenging their opponents over a suspenseful instrumental. The album finishes off with “Wetwork”, where Damo is pretty much saying he could care less about a number of things over a supernatural instrumental.

As much as I liked Order Out of Chaos, I think I enjoy this new album just a little bit more. There are a couple features I could’ve done without, but Foul Mouth did a great job on the mixing & I really dig how Sacred Geometry is a lot more darker from Damo’s lyrical topics to Invectrum’s production

Score: 7/10

Cxld – “Quarantine” EP

Brooklyn’s very own Cxld drops his new EP, “Quarantine”. A 5-track project telling a story of a man with a free soul expressing all of his emotions through the love found within.

The Side Project x Mr. Reed Remix “We Got Power”

The Side Project started playing at the NYC subway, continued with a series of viral FB live videos, went to open to the New York Philharmonic and have recently released their second album to raving reviews. The band was started in 2013 by Eyal Hai, Alto player and lead arranger for the group, along with his friends, Eden Bareket on Bari, Arnan Raz on Tenor, and Hailey Niswanger on Soprano, who were already starting to make a name for themselves in the NYC Jazz Scene. Since then, they have opened for the New York Philharmonic, performed at The Brooklyn Bowl, The Knitting Factory, the Art Institute of NYC, and many other prestigious venues and events.

This saxophone quartet jazz band decided to put their musical prowess to magical use by giving life to an acapella session with their special touch. They go ahead to explain their history with Mr. Reed and how this remix came about:


“We met Mr. Reed for the first time on the NYC Subway Platform (Bedford Stop). We came to busk there as a saxophone quartet and he was there playing the drums. We decided to join forces and quickly turned the platform into a dance hall. Later on we continued jamming together in different venues/events, including the Brooklyn Bowl.”


As to the song itself getting the whole fireworks from the band and what inspired the remix in the first place, they say:


“We took this brilliant post by Mr. Reed singing his powerful song at home by himself, and turned it into a whole production. His song is deeply moving, and we believe the world needs to hear it. This is our effort to amplify his voice by creating this production to his post. We stayed loyal to the original post, and added a saxophone quartet, bass, drums, and a few magical production effects such as doubling his vocals and harmonizing it by changing the pitch.”


The Side Project have recently released their second album “Everything We Do” under their label Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit Records. The album features their covers that became quite known in the Social Media world, as well as original songs featuring the same singers they have been working with in the past couple of years.

They’re currently producing a live video series, featuring a diverse roaster of singers, including Indian, Frnech, Black, White, Hasidic Jewish, Canadian, and Israeli Artists. The project’s diversity captures the New York spirit, and has made the band feel more like a community.

You can hear more music from The Side Project on Spotify and you can catch them in real time on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram if you are a fan or on the way to becoming one.

Illy Ali – “Rosebuds” EP

Buffalo native and Native Alien member Illy Ali drops, “Rosebuds”, an EP taking fans on a journey through the ins and outs of love. The lead single “Love Songs” summarizes the feel of his “love themed” Ep. It’s follow-up “Earthday” features 7xvethegenius on the production who is fresh off her run touring with GXFR’s rising star Benny The Butcher. Earthday serves as an ode to the black woman/mother of civilization, “old earth”.