Fans AND critics react to Ed Sheeran’s Divide album

Divide (÷) is the highly anticipated third studio album from the British singer and it’s on its way to global success.

Ed previously released two singles – “Shape You” and “Castle on the Hill” – and now fans can hear the remaining songs on the album.

“Shape You” previously broke the record for the best first week streams for any track on Spotify, which had previously been held by Adele’s Hello.

Now fans have heard the full album and have been sharing their reactions online:


“Ed Sheeran’s new album will be the reason I’ll say ‘Music was better 10 years ago’ to my future children. Just wow!” tweeted one person.

“Ed Sheeran thank you for this glorious new album,” another person tweeted.

Critics have given their own reactions to Ed’s album and shared their reviews.

  • “This is a set direct, punchy, melodic, catchy, meaningful songs, with verses and choruses in all the right places.” – The Daily Telegraph
  • “Divide is astonishing for its sheer ambition alone; this is a polished, well-executed effort from one the hardest-working men in music.” – The Independent
  • “There’s something from every one the Ed Sheerans available: the modern pop writer, the R&B fan, the classic pop student, the Euro dabbler, the folkie, the rock fan, and, yes, the rapper.” – The Sydney Morning Herald

Ed will be touring the album on his Divide World Tour beginning in Dublin in April and you can see how you might be able to grab a ticket here

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