Dono Vegas – “No Excuses” (Album Review)

Dono Vegas is an upcoming rapper who has been establishing a name for himself with projects like “Jackpot 1.5” and “Valley St. Vegas”. Recently, he released a brand new album titled “No Excuses”, which is available on all major streaming services. With a chance at rising to superstardom, can Dono Vags deliver the body of work fans have been waiting for?

Through 16 well put together tracks, Dono Vegas brings the heat. He shows he is a jack of all trades by showing off everything from his auto-tuned infused vocals on “No Excuses” to his charged up flow on the closer “Missipie River, Pt. 3”. The best part of his performance is that each track plays a pivotal role in further painting the picture he is pushing so hard to create. This leaves nearly no room for filler as whether he’s making a hard-hitting banger like “Perfect Timing” or a fly anthem-like “$300 Nike Fit,” you will find something to enjoy. Aside from the array of bangers embedded throughout the tracklist, there are surprisingly some pretty introspective interludes which do a masterful job at easing tension and creating some depth. “Pain” and “3:13 A.M.” were also top tier moments that did a splendid job at expanding on the character of Vegas. As the rest of the record goes, there’s a strong close to home which fully ties this experience together into something that merges two different thought processes into one well put together experience. Highlighted by the climatic “Dirty,” hearing Don at his spiritual lowest is inspiring and rejuvenating. Overall, Don Vegas’s well-equipped set of skills makes him an artist that will be a threat going forward. 

Behind the boards, there’s a safe but intricately crafted soundtrack supporting every word of Don Vegas. For the most part, each instrumental follows the same formula of starting off with a sample or pattern then playing out, with the beat dropping into something Vegas can rap over, but this is not a bad thing. With insertions of epic choirs on “Dirty” and a memorizing drum pattern on “Half A Baby,” the loops of these sonic backgrounds are more than enjoyable. Out of all the cuts, the glossy keyboard of “Free Kevin” stood out to me the most due to its emotional undertones and well-done chord switches. As a whole, the soundscape of this record may be pretty standard in today’s industry, but it’s still above average. 

In conclusion, “No Excuses” is a well-rounded album that will certainly blow up in the near future. Dono Vegas is absolute trouble on the microphone as his versatile vocals are only matched by his potent songwriting. Going forward, if Dono can improve his ear for some more memorable instrumentals, he can truly be something special. If you’re like me and want to see what this gifted rising artist does next, be sure to follow @donovegas_ on Instagram!

Rating: 8/10

Highlights: Lyrics, Flow, Versatility