Cavalli Boss’ New Hit Track “Angel Numbers” Offers A glimpse Of The Rapper’s Forthcoming No Diamonds Allowed

Terrence Coates, aka Cavalli Boss offers fans a glimpse of his forthcoming album No Diamonds Allowed by unveiling the track Angel Numbers,” released shortly after having dropped “Pink Cocaine.”  Cavalli has often shared that he was inspired by artists like Nipsey, Jay-Z, and Gucci Mane, to create and develop his own lane in urban music.  

Merging cinematic atmospheres with Cavalli Boss’ special flow, “Angel Numbers” brilliantly captures the artist’s magnetic aura and strong penchant for supplying a unique experience to listeners, challenging all established stereotypes. 

The talented artist began his journey in rap music following the death of a close family member. 

He best shares his debut experiences. “I never truly aspired to be a rapper. I fell into it because of everyone telling me about my talent. I honestly never told people I rapped. Later on I started recording around when I was 23, but I didn’t continually pursue it because of the streets and distractions.”
He has come a long way since, and is now more than ready to share his unusually powerful craft with the masses. No Diamonds Allowed is set for release December 12, 2022.

“Wake Em Up” Says Loe Shimmy

Loe Shimmy is “kicking the music industry door wide open” and we are all for it! The young rapper and hip-hop artist is out with yet another real and raw piece titled “Wake Em Up”, a song aimed at showing the entire world what he’s made of and how determined he is to be a huge success. The Florida-based artist officially debuted in 2020 with “Relapse”, soon garnering much attention for his unique style and fascinating tone. 

Shimmy shared in an interview that his “biggest influence right now is my family; they certainly keep me going and motivate me whenever possible…My most memorable moment was rocking shows and the crowd singing my songs word for word. It is the bread and salt of an artist because we really share our deepest selves through music and it’s a powerful moment when people love it so much!” There is still so much Loe Shimmy has in stock, and his fans across North America cannot wait to hear what’s next!

A Word is Bond Tribute to Tame One & Hurricane G

Hip Hop mourns once again. Just a few days ago, we lost Tame One of the legendary Artifacts. They made two classic albums in the 1990s and then worked on solo projects before reuniting and dropping a new album a few weeks back.

Hurricane G also passed away the same day. A dark day for Hip Hop, that’s for sure.

The show this week honours them both. We start out with a Tame One tribute mix and then follow that up with a mix of new tunes from a variety of artists. We then close out this episode with a tribute to Hurricane G.

Warmest thoughts and condolences go out to their families, friends, and fans.

1) Tame One Tribute Mix

Artifacts & Buckwild – Facts
Artifacts – To The Chest
Tame One & Parallel Thought – Against The Grain
Larry Hobson & Benny 2 Bars ft Tame One – That is Raw
Artifacts – Wrong Side of Da Tracks
Tame One – Up 2 No Good Again
Artifacts & Buckwild – The Way I Feel
Artifacts – Lower the Boom
Del, Tame One, Parallel Thought – Before This

2) New Music Mix 

Che Noir ft Benny the Butcher – Wash the Dishes
Uncle Fester & Hatfield ft Mo Money Matteo, & Kye Claytonn – Nieces & Nephews
BoFaatBeatz ft G Fam Black & Young Zee – Rap or Death
Swamp Thing – Crossbones
NapsNdreds – Good Laud!
Scienz of Life – Warrior Awakening
Cormega ft Nas – Glorious
Falcon Outlaw – Honda Civic (MiLKCRATE Remix)
Strange Breed ft ScrmmbledEggs – Remedy (Reprise)

3) Hurricane G Tribute Mix

Cocoa Brovas ft Hurricane G – Spanish Harlem
Hurricane G – Mama
Hurricane G  – Underground Lockdown
Redman – Tonight’s Da Night
Hurricane G – Roc U
Puff Daddy ft Hurricane G – PE 2000
Pete Rock ft Smif N Wessun & Hurricane G – Do It
Hurricane G – Somebody Else

Thank you for listening!

NOTE – Mixcloud will limit creators to a maximun of 10 shows soon. We will stop posting the weekly show there on thewordisbond profile to preserve the archive. New episodes will be featured under a different profile or elsewhere. Stay tuned for more info!

Original Air Date – November 10, 2022

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okay(K) takes us back to “Christmas in ’99”

Eclectic singer/songwriter okay(K) delivers a heartfelt and nostalgic tune titled “Christmas in ’99”. The uplifting and somber tune is made up of lush pads, crisp synths and bouncy trap drums that blend with his laidback and offbeat melodic stylings. On the track, he reminisces on the good times with his family during Christmas and comes to the realization that time has passed and change is the constant thing in life.


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J. Kahlel shares visuals for “Young King” and “1950 Til’” [video]

Born in Broward county Florida, rapper J. Kahlel is slowly building his stats in the game with his brand of insightful rap music. Today he gives us two official videos for his songs, “Young King” and “1950 Til’”

The first cut titled “Young King” is a reflective tune that sees him digging deep and sharing his thoughts on being a rebel against the system, self-growth and the ideals of spreading positivity and standing on one’s principles regardless of the odds. The visual uses cinematic and well-crafted motifs that showcase J.Kahlel’s demeanour and beliefs.


The second track “1950 Til’” is the rapper’s own statement regarding racism and white supremacy as it has worked in America since the beginning of time. Over a punchy soundscape, he details the inner workings of the system with an unfiltered performance. It’s quite thought-provoking and vivid as well.

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Khemistry and The Boy Illinois remind us to focus on the “Finer Things”

Hinsdale, IL born, Chicago-raised rapper/songwriter Khemistry is slowly building her stats in the game and pushing against the odds in this male-dominated industry. She started making music at a young age, sharing with writing poetry to convey her innermost thoughts and using it as an outlet to escape her harsh realities. “Finer Things” serves as her newest release and it’s a call for celebration as she pens a heartfelt tribute to the love of life and overlooks the negative thoughts. Over a punchy and soulful soundscape, she reflects on some of her life experiences and how hard times made her stronger than ever. She implores her fellow kinfolk to focus on the bigger picture with things like focusing on mental health, eschewing materialism and building one’s legacy from the ground up. She is joined by fellow rapper The Boy Illinois who adds his own thoughts to the subject at hand.

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No Komment shares “Neiman Marxist Freestyle” [Video]

No Komment  is taking no shorts or losses in his new release “Neiman Marxist Freestyle” which also comes with a befitting video. The track sees the rapper carefully pouring out his frustrations on wax with much gusto. From his own flaws, and modern-day issues to social media virality and more, No Komment delivers a solid commentary that listeners can rock with. Lines like “Marketing over music, glorifying influencers and dismissing the students, honestly who can blame ’em” take stabs at the way important things have been put on the backend with people more focused on materialism and hedonism.

The visual goes straight to the point with a smooth performance driven approach.

Stream “Neiman Marxist Freestyle” on  Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music.


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Leah Harris shows off her “New Man”

Canadian singer/songwriter Leah Harris returns with her new single “New Man”. The single is released under the independent record label Pitch & Prose she recently signed to. The guitar-driven tune is a sublime love ballad made up of pulsating basslines, guitar plucks with warm textures and soft drum grooves to boot. Leah delivers an exciting and refreshing performance here as her soft honeyed vocals seamlessly engulf the backdrop and rise to a crescendo on the chorus. She holds nothing back as she pours adulation on her new man and shows him off to the rest of the world. Blending the old and new, listeners are afforded a sound that takes elements from classic Motown records and contemporary pop sounds. This track was recorded in Nashville and produced by veteran producer Sal Oliveri.

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Teon Gibbs finds it too “Easy”

Canada-based rapper/singer/songwriter Teon Gibbs returns with his new single “Easy”. The mid-tempo bouncy tune blends hip-hop with dance and R&B in a unique manner. Inspired by the true meaning of love, Teon reflects on the different stages of blossoming relationships where friends have evolved into full-blown lovers and the transition was seamless. It might seem like a fairy tale to most but to others, things like this come easily.

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