J Ravage share “Great Terror” and “Garoozis”

Producer J Ravage is back with some new gems for us to rock with this weekend.

“Great Terror” is the first cut here and it’s made up of dark strings that sound like a scene from a fantasy movie. The trap drums are heavy as well and seamlessly blend with it.

The second cut titled “Garoozis” is a heavy 808-laden beat that hits hard from the start with it’s crunchy drums and layered texture. It’s quite energetic and memorable.


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Nasz Dawg battles himself in “Mirror Match”

Nasz Dawg is battling his own demons on this hard-hitting and insightful track titled “Mirror Match” where he reflects on his childhood and environment and how they shaped him. From his street-savvy father and hustling mum, Nasz Dawg was trusted into a hostile environment at a young age and was forced to learn the ways of the wolves lest he gets eaten up.


As Nasz Dawg continued his individual journey and evolved, he came to an agreement with an upstart Akron-based entertainment management team, Royal Rulerz Entertainment LLC. The company was founded by Co-Owners, Vernon Shelton and Mark ‘Kali Kal’ Calloway. He has recently released and featured in multiple music projects and videos that can be both listened to and viewed on multiple social media platforms today.

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Muo Duo “Emeralds” Ft. Englewood B.U. (Audio)

Muo Duo, a brother/sister act, enlists rapper Englewood B.U. for a New York x Chicago collaboration in “Emeralds.” The single is available now on all streaming platforms.

The track is driven by trumpet horns along with a groovy blend of soul arrangements. The song appreciates the beauty of women and their picture-perfect aesthetic. Seductive rhymes along with addictive hooks ensure a catchy vibe for ladies to move and groove to which might end in a night of love-making. Stream “Emeralds” and connect with Muo Duo (Winter and Miles Donnelly) on Instagram @muoduo_band.


Zaydo is back with the ‘Wolves Outside’

North California-based indie rapper Zaydo has delivered a new project Wolves Outside, which is a 15 track body of work that displays the rapper’s versatile style that bridges the old with the new. The project has a solid production that blends lush textures, trap drum grooves with catchy melodic raps.

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Karras drops new EP ‘Owls’

The midwestern alternative rapper who goes by the moniker Karras caught our eas with his new project entitled Owls. The body of work is a compilation of different versions of his single Owls which is a dark cinematic track that explores the concept of lack of privacy and underhanded surveillance by the government and corporations who seek to keep tabs on its citizens. The track produced by Stony D, has a gloomy aesthetic that fits Karras’ fiery flow and in-depth lyrical style riddled with vivid imagery and thought-provoking lines.

The rest of the project sees him working with a wide array of producers who reimagine the track in their own twisted image. The first one is the off-kilter “Owls (Psico Mix)” made up of solemn strings, dark synths, and punchy drum grooves. The “Owls (RaccoBeats Mix)” goes into a whole different zone with its bass-heavy and choppy aesthetic. 42BUZZ delivers two versions for the project with the first one being extremely gloomy with spaced-out soundscapes and trip-hop drums and the other has an atmospheric texture that sounds like a clip from a sci-fi flick. The final version comes from YungLxrd who ramps up the energy with suspenseful and layered pads and thick leads that slowly draw listeners into the mix.

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Karras is a Midwestern alternative rapper whose singular style channels the grit of classic hip-hop through the lens of his off-kilter, surreal consciousness. With his feet firmly planted in two worlds, he merges the mystical and material, luring the listener into his lucid fever dream. Following the release of his debut album Karrasmatic on Nov. 27, 2020, Karras has been releasing a new single each and every month.

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Blvff shares “Surf!” and “Bummy Little Pawns” featuring Motyka

Blvff shares new singles “Surf!” and “Bummy Little Pawns” featuring Motyka with us this week.

“Surf!” is an upbeat summer-tinged track that sees the rapper working with vocalist Jawsh Crespo and Andre Mariette who produced the track. The premise is relatable and dives into the dynamics of a lustful relationship and the ebb and flow of emotions that come with it.

“Bummy Little Pawns” is a heartfelt retrospective tune where Blvff dives deep into his life and shows a vulnerable side on wax. Over a dreamy and somber lofi/soulful backdrop provided by Andre Mariette, he gives listeners an honest perspective while exploring his own insecurities and flaws. He is joined by Motyka who adds his own 2 cents to the issue at hand.

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Top instrumental submissions EP3 Oct 2021


We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Documentalz – “Cyprian”

“Cyprian” is an eclectic and off-beat instrumental from the Documentalz. The piece is a mix of some guitar riffs, heavy basslines, ominous choral samples and punchy drums that ebb and flow with bass drops.



Mvdk x grmmr.126 – “Nina”

“‘Nina’” is a laidback lofi joint by Mvdk and Grmmr.126 who make use of a jazzy, lush and warm basslines and dusty piano chords track with silky horns to complete the job.

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Terror Firma x Sivion – “Murky”

Terror Firma links with Sivion for his new release titled “Murky.” The track is a perfect blend of retro jazz with lo-fi sensibilities. From the punchy drum breaks, lively horns, and dusty chords, the duo brings a refreshing vibe to the forefront. “Murky” is taken from Terror Firma’s new EP of the same name. Stream it here.



Michael Giordano x Frank Campbell – “Dream Snatcher”

Michael Giordano and Frank Campbell caught our ears with their new collaboration titled “Dream Snatcher.” A soothing and reflective piece ripe with soft drums, layered nostalgia-inducing strings and pads.

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J. Russell Presents – “City Folk”

Oakland, CA Producer/Composer J. Russell thrills us with his take on electronic jazz/soul style with this instrumental titled “City Folk.” The arrangement is quite eclectic and it’s punchy to the core with it’s impro style synths and moody textures.


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Trashbbx – “Final Hour”

“Final Hour” is a somber heartfelt instrumental from German producer Trashbbx who takes us back in time with this sublime production. From the solemn strings, smooth low bass, and a head-nodding boom bap drum groove to complete the mission.

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The BREED & Funky Notes – “Summer to Fall”


German instrumentation band The BREED & Funky Notes share their new release”Summer to Fall.” As the title suggests, it’s a mix of summer vibes and genres from soul and improv jazz. From the warm bassline, lush horns and alluring chords, there is so much to unpack on this one.



FRANZ – “Origin”


FRANZ comes through with “Origin” a new single that is ripe with smooth guitar riffs, nostalgic textures, and layered sounds over solid drum grooves.

Saumit. x No Mic – “Dreamlike”


German producer Saumit. teams up with No Mic for this surreal piece titled “Dreamlike.” The instrumental is dynamic and exudes a cinematic vibe as it slowly builds up into a reflective soundscape laced with nostalgic textures and crunchy drums.



Trashbbx – “Honestly”


German producer Trashbbx showcases his style on “Honestly” and delivers a classic boom-bap sound. He makes use of a pitched-down vocal sample, moody textures, and a prominent bassline to complete the job.

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Crafty 893 – XxXxXx”

South-London grime artist, MC, producer, and creative vanguard Crafty 893  is preparing to release his new instrumental LP Weapon X and in the interim, he shares a new instrumental titled “XxXxXx / XxXxXxX.” The track is a frenzied piece made up of dark synths, a recurring vocal sample, and punchy drums to match. Weapon X showcases Crafty’s versatility as a producer and effortless ability to switch it up between rap, grime, trap, and UKG, while still bringing his own twist to each genre. The tracklist and song titles on the album are numerically formed around the concept X.


Ab The Audicrat – “Velma”


Ab The Audicrat shares the new release “Velma” which serves as the intro to his new EP Something You Would Like. The track has a retro horn-driven sample and punchy drums to match.

Get it on YouTubeApple Music,  Deezer



dupre – “kickback”

Emerging electronic music producer dupre caught our ears with his new effort titled “kickback,” a synth-driven beat ripe with a dynamic soundscape and engaging elements.

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Dal Bosco & König – “Edgar”

German production duo Dal Bosco & König make their entry on our list with this mid-tempo but dramatic beat titled “Edgar.” From pulsating bass synths, moody textures, and punchy percussion-driven drums, it’s quite hard to box this into a genre but it really strikes a chord when you play it. It’s like a blend of the 80s with a modern-day twist

Capsvl – “Talkin’”


Capsvl returns to our list this week with something cinematic and refreshing titled “Talkin’.” From the moody pads, thick basslines, and punchy drums, he adds some off-kilter sound scaps into the mix and the result is dope and engaging.

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SoBe – “West Bay”

SoBe caught our ears with his new release “West Bay” a smooth R&b infused beat ripe with lush ambient guitars, moody textures, and soft drum grooves. It’s a perfect addition to your relaxing playlist.
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kBeats x Picture talk x Stardog lofi – “you’re in my head”


The trio of kBeats, Picture talk, Stardog lofi team up to deliver some somber and soulful goodness titled “you’re in my head.” The engaging beat is ripe with soft melodic tones, lush guitar riffs, smooth drums, and dreamy keys as well. “you’re in my head” is off the ‘Stardog lofi fall album’ compilation




Classically trained pianist/producer Levi.Sct bridges the old and new on his aptly titled beat titled “BRAHMS IN BRONX” which blends the classic piano chords from Brahms and layered them over thick trap drum grooves.

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IRON&STEEL – “Hollywood Blvd ’53”


Chemistry teacher/producer IRON&STEEL makes his entry on our list with this genre-bending beat “Hollywood Blvd ’53” which flips lofi-piano elements and R&B sensibilities. The beat is quite dynamic and has quite a handful of changes from soothing vocal chops, somber textures and chords, and punchy drum grooves.

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David Walke – “Guess Again”

Newcomer David Walke thrills us with “Guess Again” a feel-good track built on lush textures, silky guitar riffs, and a neck-moving drum groove to match.

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Groove. – “CallMeAnUber(BarClosingSoon)”


Groove. helps wrap up this week’s playlist with “CallMeAnUber(BarClosingSoon)”. A mellow relaxing beat that is ripe with soothing and nostalgic textures. This is the 2nd single he is releasing with Chill Moon Music.
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Watasino shares his new project entitled ‘Mellow Mood’ EP

Tokyo-based producer Watasino shares his latest release, Mellow Mood, which is a 4 track EP that showcases his versatility behind the boards. The project opens up with the lush guitars and warm clicks of “Floating,” a soothing track that slowly draws the ears in. This is followed by “Last Cigarette” a mid-tempo track bolstered by thick bass guitars, lush guitars, and gritty drum breaks. On “Brand New Legacy,” the producer flips the script and employs a lo-fi approach with the guitar riffs and off-beat drums peppered with weird sounds to complete the job. The project wraps up with “Simple Things” which is a perfect closer for the soulful and relaxing vibes it exudes. The drums are choppy but punchy and the guitar lines have a nostalgic feel alongside the smooth basslines.

Overall this project sticks to a formula that works and the beats don’t sound overproduced and give listeners a bit of what they need.

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KID TRAVIS drops new single “ithinkilikeu”

Hard-working singer/producer Kid Travis comes through with his new single “ithinkilikeu” which is quite different from his previous releases. He makes use of a bouncy 2-step/garage type production laced with warm and soulful chords which work perfectly with his melodic runs. The track is quite catchy and will surely appeal o his fans and lovers of experimental pop/r&b vibes.


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Jirias goes into retrospective mood on “Steve Jobs” [Video]

Jirias returns with his new release titled “Steve Jobs” which sees him diving deep into his own life to pull out a relatable and heartfelt tale that people in similar situations can rock with. He makes use of a somber and somewhat dreamy backdrop to share his thoughts on war, being an Arab in America, and the delicate issue of self-identity and purpose.

“Steve Jobs” is the second song on his forthcoming full-length project.

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