Madchild’s 10th Album “Super Beast” Was Very Much Worth the 8 Year Wait (Album Review)

Madchild is a 45 year old MC from Vancouver, Canada coming up as part of the trio Swollen Members & the founder of Battle Axe Records, but would be until 2012 when he officially broke off solo with his Suburban Noize Records-backed debut album Dope Sick. He would later go on a hot streak of follow-ups including Lawnmower ManSilver Tongue Devil, the Evidence-produced The Darkest Hour & Demons. But even though he went into a more trap direction on The Little Monster LP a year & a half ago ago, the results of that stylistic change weren’t all that interesting & the sequel he dropped 3 months later spring The Little Monster LP 2 was slightly better. Shane & Shane 2 both took a more personal approach with the sequel enhancing the seriousness of the predecessor, but is returning 6 months later in the form of his 10th album.

“The Beast” is a horn-laced boom bap opener produced by C-Lance calling himself a damn dirty ape with the .38 whereas “Blood on the Carpet” works in a guitar to take aim at his competition. “Swamp Monster” keeps the boom bap rolling with an chilling vocal sample thrown into the mix talking about how some things never change & after the first interlude, the instrumental that “Bat Phone” delivers sounds ripped straight from the Adam West incarnation of Batman declaring himself the most devious in hip hop.

Meanwhile on “Skeleton”, we have Madchild over what sounds like a Godzilla flip challenging anyone to bring the smoke to him just before “Bad Thoughts” has a quirky tone to the beat talking about being a lunatic his whole life. “Nostradamus” takes a more dramatic route saying he can see the future & after the 2nd interlude, “Arson” mixes some pianos detailing pyromania.

The track “Scattered” keeps the keyboards intact admitting he still needs darkness despite being in God’s light while the penultimate song “Problem Child” has this relaying vocal sample throughout declaring himself as such. After the 3rd & final interlude, “Bang” closes out the album with a trap cut talking about how life is awesome.

For those of you who weren’t feeling the trap influences that were present on Madchild’s last few albums, I think you’re gonna like Super Beast a lot more. The production primarily takes it back to his boom bap roots & the same goes for the aggressive lyricism as well.

Score: 8/10

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“The Audacity” Finds Whitney Peyton As Hungry As She Was 13 Years Ago (Album Review)

This is the 5th full-length album from Philly emcee Whitney Peyton. Rising to prominence in the underground in late 2010 off her full-length debut The Remedy, she would go on to release 3 albums as well as 2 mixtapes & 4 EPs all in the last 12 years. Last we heard from her was a couple months before the pandemic broke out when she dropped Alpha under Suburban Noize Records & that just further cemented her status as a force to be reckoned with. But now in light of her starting up her own label Alpha Howse, she’s returning in the form of The Audacity.

“Give It Gas” opens up the album with a suspenseful trap instrumental talking about being back in her ways whereas “Ding Dong” goes full-blown Detroit trap to deliver a party anthem. C-Mob tags along for the cloudy “Suck It Up” produced by Godsynth reminding us all how important mental health is with both MCs putting their own perspectives out there just before the Mega Ran-assisted “Don’t Even Ask” takes things into more braggadocio territory & the instrumental that Godsynth brings to the table here in comparison to the joint we heard earlier has a much more vibrant aesthetic to it. 

Meanwhile on “Outta My System”, we have Whitney on top of a trap beat from C-Lance surprisingly talking about flushing an ex out leading into Reverie coming into the picture for the thunderous “Slippin’” to declare that you’ll never catch them taking Ls. “Over & Over” works in some impressive rock influences talking about being a puppet to her own emotions while the actual closer “Bad Bitch” with Melissa Marie take it back to the MySpace days in terms of sound for the ladies to go wild too. We are then treated to “On My Way to Phoenix” off of Bag of Cat Tricks’ last EP Milk & Vodka as well as the “Give It Gas” remix as bonus tracks.

I’ve been wondering for the last 2 years how Whitney would follow-up what I consider to be her finest hour & I think this new album just further proves that she’ll find great success with Alpha Howse down the line. It’s really cool to hear how every cut has it’s own different vibe & lyrically, she still sounds as hungry as she did in ‘09 when she was starting out.

Score: 7/10

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Sean Delaney hustles for the “Silver Platter”

NY rapper Sean Delaney makes his entrance on a grand note with this bravado-infused aspirational tune titled “Silver Platter”. Backed by an ominous and punchy boom-bap soundscape, Sean drops heavy bars laced with social commentary on success and perseverance. Bolstered by the spirit of the go-getter, he sure doesn’t miss a beat with his commanding vocal tone and smooth precise flow.

Stream “Silver Platter” on Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer.


Keep up with Sean Delaney | Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram

Auston Martin Brings The Heat To New Levels In “Up and Down”

American recording artist and singer-songwriter Auston Martin brings the heat to new levels in his latest release, the addictive single titled “Up and Down.” 

Music lovers will appreciate the blend of genres ranging from afro-pop, afro-beat, r&b and funk, a fusion concocted with huge amounts of love by Auston Martin. His passion and commitment to using art as a channel for positivity and empowerment is what enhances the appeal to his music, “up and Down” acting as a latest example of his masterful approach. 

This summer-ready anthem currently counts over 150K plays on Spotify and is accompanied by a remix version of the track, a perfect addition for bigger events. 

Auston Martin’s popularity has been growing exponentially lately, and “Up and Down” instantly shows just why Martin is becoming a sensational artist appreciated by the masses. 

Auston Martin: InstagramFacebookYouTube

Jessie Haines Shares “The Way You Kiss”

Jessie Haines sounds the bell and drops “The Way You Kiss” just in time for nostalgic summertime reminiscing. Full of country charm that’s composed of a beautiful melody, the song immediately hooks the listener and lets the audience feel all the emotions Jessie is trying to convey. 

As she mentioned in a recent interview, “‘The Way You Kiss’ is a song that literally just popped into my head on a drive home from hiking in the mountains.  I think it was divine intervention. The song appeared in my head pretty much fully crafted with lyrics, melody and I even heard the fully finished product in my mind.  It’s about the dizzying feeling you get when you are totally hijacked by lust.”

“The Way You Kiss” kicks off a brand-new album for Jessie Haines, one that promises to sweep thousands off their feet through sincerity and reality, which is in truth the magic of music.

Jessie Haines: InstagramTikTokFacebookSpotify

Javy XI ‘s “I MISS YOU (Freeverse)” is an ode to his mother

Emerging rapper Javy XI’s new release “I MISS YOU (Freeverse)”  is a soulful and reflective tune that sees him pay homage to his mother who passed away four years ago. Over a vocal sample-driven backdrop, Javy takes listeners down memory lane when he got the heart-wrenching news. He digs deep to bring out the good memories while showing listeners how the dynamics of personal loss, death, and grief can affect one in different ways.


I MISS YOU (Freeverse) was written two years after the passing of my mother and a few months into the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic at the time the record was written as a therapy and a way to vent the pain I felt at my mothers passing. Originally this record was not meant for release but as time passed I started incorporating it into my live sets.

Keep up with Javy XI | Spotify: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram

Isaiah Rashad Ticket Giveaway (WIB Rap Radio #519)

I had another pair of tickets to giveaway this week on the show, but you missed it if you weren’t listening live. One lucky listener won a pair of tickets to go see Isaiah Rashad at London Musical Hall this Friday. We will have more giveaways coming up soon, so stay tuned!

Chase March & Traffimatics – Word is Bond
Paradox & ReFlex the Architect ft Stik Figa, Adam L Ashimself, Imperial – Freedom
Factor Chandelier ft Awol One – Get Selected
U-nik Stylez – The Purpose
Method Man ft Hanz On – Black Ops
N.B.S. – Never Had
Senor Kaos & Illastrate ft 4-Ize, & El Da Sensei – New Tricks
Beanz – Pink Drink
Backburner – Mystery Machine
Chyna Streetz – Reign or Shine
BriskInTheHouse ft The 6thLetter – Aloha
Jorai – Not Playing
Black Star – The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing
Makeba Mooncycle – Loses
Fatlip & Blu ft Bilal – Hollywood Celebrity
The Grates ft LaRon Emcee, Josh Tree, & Silos 101 – Perception
Ngajuana – Loser
O.G.C. – No Fear
Chris Orrick – Spent a Lot of Time
Yasad One & NuriYAH One – Word

Thank you for listening. And have fun at the concert Sean!

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ForMySkyz Shares New Visual “How To Heal”

Harlem-born, Bronx-raised artist ForMySkyz has struggled for years with feelings of loneliness and at his lowest moments, found refuge in his creative expression.

Taking to social media one day, he performed a song he penned that was so impactful, that he began to shed tears during the performance. The post resonated with audiences so much that it now sits at over 2 million views. The aforementioned track is titled “How To Heal,” which details the struggles of dealing with pain, hard times, and misdirection. 

Knowing that everyone heals differently, he asks the listening audience not to tell someone how to heal, but instead, just show love and support. Before the official release of “How To Heal,” the track has amassed well over 1.5 million plays and over 1.2 million streams on TikTok with no marketing push. Now, ForMySkyz unveils the official video for the track, which you can watch here. Check out the video and follow him on social media.


Ras flows with the “Wind”

Emerging rapper Ras makes his entry on our site with his new release titled “Wind”. A mellow summer-tinged track that sees him going with the flow and vibe with laidback flows and stream of consciousness flow. The production is sublime and has a nostalgic feel with its low tones, pulsating basslines, and punchy drums. The chorus is quite entertaining and memorable as well.

Ras is a rapper/producer and he is currently unsigned.

Keep up with Ras | SoundCloud : Spotify: Twitter : Instagram

The Outcastkid returns with “Nardo Wick Krazy Remix”[Video]

The OutcastKid‘s newest record “Nardo Wick Krazy Remix” continues his run of off-kilter expressive trap style. Over a somewhat rousing and cinematic soundscape, he delivers a fiery of bars filled with edgy lyrics and a whole lot of bravado to boot. The visual is quite energetic and filled with fast-paced clips seamlessly meshed into one another.


Keep up with The Outcastkid | SoundCloud: TikTok: Twitter: Instagram