West Haven Blast – The City Is Mine (EP)

Lyrical, resourceful and authenticated, established Los Angeles rapper West Haven Blast has survived within the constantly evolving West Coast Hip Hop scene for years solely on consistency. Continuing to resonate, the EMPIRE/DubCNN entertainment recording artist delivers a refreshing brand new EP, properly-titled, The City Is Mine. A new 7-track Left Coast essential, WHB takes fans throughout the inner-city, and through great lyricism, unequivocally proves why he is a regional mainstay, statesmen, and gate-keeper.

The project’s breakouts are “Six Flags,” “West Coast Party,” and “Chess Not Checkers.” Anyone looking for that signature West Coast sound during these pandemic-esque time, than The City Is Mine is built just for you. After streaming, follow West Haven Blast on Twitter. The City is Mine is streaming now on Spotify.

King Beli Loads Up For Greatness With “Juice Her Up”

King Beli is an emerging new artist with a street-smart rap style, charged-up persona and a string of latest street hit, “Smackdown.” Ready to pull out the big guns and ascend beyond regional recognition, King Beli links up with a trio of Hip Hop beauties and fellow new sensations Renni Rucci (QC) and BWA (Dimepiece) for an undeniable radio smash, titled, “Juice Her Up”.

Produced by the platinum North Carolina producer Dee Money. “Juice Her Up” is a female-charged song that motivates the best out of beautiful women worldwide to get to the bag. As Renni and BWA supply the sultry and raunchy female perspective, King Beli dives the concept home with a couple of catchy raps and hook about upgrading his leading lady with all the designer things that are a woman’s best friend. The new song is easily Beli’s best work yet and the perfect jump-on point for newfound fans.

“Juice Her Up” quickly follows Beli’s latest hit, “Big Bank.” King Beli is destined to be a huge star in today’s Hip Hop which has shown early signs in undeniable followings across the U.S. in Phoenix, Chicago, Charlotte and New York. Three months into the new year and Beli has sustained a grassroots following of 7,643 monthly listeners.

Get familiar with Hip-Hop’s emerging star today. “Juice Her Up” is currently streaming on all DSP.

Loserlik – “The Green Tape” (Album)

Loserlik out of Clifton Forge, Virginia drops his self produced project symbolizing both getting high and coming down, “The Green Tape”.  This tape is a shining example of how Loserlik got his name, and his style which is un-alike.   He is also holding a contest, whoever can video themselves spitting the best verse over “When the Smoke Clears” will receive $100 via PayPal. The contest starts today and ends April 11th.

Kayzure Sakar – “A Thugs Prayer” (Album)

Los Angeles based underground Hip Hop artist Kayzure Sakar (member of the hip-hop collective Krazy Vibez) releases his new highly-anticipated album titled “A Thugs Prayer”.  Follow him on Instagram @therealkayzure.


Kevin Artairus – “Almighty Doofisity” (Album)

With a dope unorthodox style, rising underground newcomer Kevin Artairus delivers his debut full-length album titled “Almighty Doofisity“.  Follow him on Instagram @kevinskranium.

Noa James – “OrcaMania 30​,​000” (Album)

Jump into the ring with this bombastic, positive new OrcaMania 30,000 record from Noa James and his wild-ass friends. Got bars?  Be sure to peep the final track, the extendo mix of OrcaMania 30,000 and submit your verse for the open slot! Winner gets on the remix which will be on a special Noa James remix album!

Butta & Risskant – “Hele Dikke Joint” (Video)

Australia’s very own Butta & Netherlands native Risskant join forces releasing this amazing new single/video for all us weed smokers titled “Hele Dikke Joint“.  This is definitely a must watch and really absorb some really good underground Hip Hop.

The Hele Dikke Joint is like the Boogie Man in the Netherlands. Story goes, if you burn too much of the ol’ Dutch dank in the daytime, you risk unleashing the Hele Dikke Joint on the streets. Not being superstitious, Butta and Risskant sparked the Dutch forestry 5 grams at a time until … BOOM! … the Hele Dikke Joint!  Follow them on Instagram @risskant @buttamon.

Prettyboy Col – “side effects of youth, round 2” (Album)

Rising St. Petersburg, FL based Hip Hop artist Prettyboy Col releases his new self-produced EP titled “side effects of youth, round 2“, an album like no other with sounds of Memphis & Cloud Rap interlaced with a new wave direction.  Follow him on Instagram @2kcol.

24:OURS Presents… “Noise Ctrl: World Tour”

24:OURS, a Creative Agency that focuses on music, media and art — where culture and community verge, has travelled across the country maintaining the pulse on emerging artists they’ve established with their exclusive events, especially in NYC. 

Their most popular event Noise CTRL highlights talented artists, the ones who stand out from the rest.. The ones who create their own sounds.. The ones who are aiming to disrupt the industry. To date, they’ve had artists such as Coi Leray, K Sace, ABG Neal, A$AP Ant, Abby Jasmine, N.A.O Quelly, and many others touch the stage, just before they acquired indie success. 

With the 2020 COVID-19 quarantine slowing things down, 24:OURS & their Noise CTRL platform have launched a digital world tour tapping in with DJs on a global level.. and don’t worry, there will be no passport needed. 

Noise CTRL is uniting followers and fans as they are discovering new sounds from the dopest DJS across the world, without leaving their homes. As of now, Noise CTRL is the only brand tapping in on a global level like this. For their last activation, they worked with DJs from NY, LA, CLE, Jamaica, Lagos and Vancouver.  For their next activation, they have DJs confirmed from London, Sydney, New York, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and are currently in the midst of locking in South Africa. 

Noise CTRL will be launching this activation this weekend, April 4th & April 5th via their Instagram account at @24ours.co. Be sure to tap in for the exclusive world tour brought to you by 24:OURS! It’ll be one for the books.

Isaac Castor – “The Sickness” (Video)

“The Sickness” is the second single off of Isaac Castor’s upcoming Foul Mouth-produced album, The Rabbit Hole. Filmed months before the COVID-19 outbreak, the visuals tell the story of Castor contracting a zombie-like “Sickness” from a 40 oz bottle of malt liquor & going on to wreak havoc around the city. The Rabbit Hole is set to drop on April 20 under Middle Finger Music.