Carla the Poet stays “Active”

Carla The Poet newest release “Active” is a celebration of some sort as she reflects on overcoming hurdles and obstacles through the years. She makes use of a bright and uplifting backdrop but the message she delivers is quite solemn and reflective in many ways. She runs through the bad times and how her inner resilience allowed her to accomplish seemingly impossible goals.

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GodModeJay is “The Dirtiest Bastard”

Maplewood, NJ-based emcee GodModeJay is in full bravado mode in his new single “The Dirtiest Bastard.” Over a smoky and hazy backdrop, he delivers a solid performance ripe with insight, evocative lyrics, and off-kilter rhyme schemes. He also pays homage to the late great ODB on the chorus section.

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Buddhakai , Gallo Locknez and MC Uriah “Take Off”

Buddhakai teams up with Gallo Locknez and MC Uriah for this go-getter anthem titled “Take Off.” The production is punchy and anthemic which fits the premise perfectly as each emcee brings their unique perspective to the forefront. Each verse is laden with uplifting elements and the flows are commanding with no exceptions. MC Uriah also provides the melodic chorus as well.

The song is a prelude to the forthcoming collaborative project from Buddhakai and Gallo Locknez.


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Dan Harris drops new single “What the Funk” [Instrumental]

“What the Funk” is a jazz-infused instrumental from Kent, England-based musician Dan Harris. The track is a piano-driven piece that showcases Harris’ virtuoso on the keys, he makes use of a series of progressions and improv with the instruments alongside the bass. He is joined by trombonist Michele Fortunato who layers the track with some smooth arrangements while drummer Lorenzo Grangetto holds the house together with a mix of live and programmed drums. The result is a groovy live jam that listeners can rock with and it’s more than ideal for that evening relaxing playlist.

“What the Funk” is taken from Dan Harris’ 9 track body of work entitled Cold Turkey.

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MOAN starts off the year with some “Gratitude” [Video]

MOANs new single “Gratitude” sets the tone for the rapper’s 2022 music campaign in many ways. The JCKSN SWBY produced track has a somber and soothing feel that ties into MOAN’s insightful lyrics that explore his past addiction and near-death experiences in 2021. MOAN doesn’t filter his thoughts and pours it all on wax and gives listeners a complete exposé as he reflects on his journey through the darkest times in his life and his slow return to the norm.

The video has long shots and performance cut scenes of MOAN as he runs through several emotions and past experiences.

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Monica Para and DiabloPablo MTL share new single “Amargo”

“Amargo” is Monica Para’s debut single.

Monica Para is a singer-songwriter of Indian and Armenian origin while Diablo Pablo MTL is a Montreal-based MC, Bboy, and social worker, of Ecuadorian origin.

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Shadee Clarke is the original “Low King”

Shadee Clarke is preparing to put out a new project but in the interim shares this new single “Low King” which sees him in retrospective mode. Over a sublime and nostalgia-inducing backdrop, Clarke gives listeners a glimpse into his life as he reminisces on different things that afford him the energy to get through the hard times.

“Low King” is the lead single from Shadee Clarke’s new album Flowers Bloom. The album is produced by Grammy Winner Like, Underground-hero ohbliv, Norwegian Grammy-nominated Fredfades, and french producer Creestal. A thematic release, full of love, insight, reflection, and different perspectives on life. The album is due to drop in February.

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