MrMMyish teams up with. Moelogo, RoxXxan and Lavida Loca to do the “Money Dance” [video]

MrMMyish, Moelogo, RoxXxan, and Lavida Loca channel the spirit of the popular Netflix series Heist on the new collaboration titled “Money Dance.”  Bolstered by the lush bouncy backdrop by Bayoz Musik and Footsteps, the trio of Moelogo, RoxXxan, and Lavida Loca bring their go-getter demeanor on wax with much gusto. Moelogo leads the pack with his smooth melodic chorus followed by RoxXxan’s gruff flow and Lavida Loca’s vibrant cadence. This is all put together by MrMMyish who acts as the A&R and executive producer of the track.

The visual is directed by Eric Myers who takes elements from the aforementioned Netflix series and puts the usual suspects in the hot seat. The movie-like concept features the full cast of contributors and sees them in a fast-paced heist. Like the artists in the video plot on how they will secure the money, the story unfolds and they are soon shown being interrogated, bringing new meaning to the lyrical content within the record. The energetic scenes, unique backgrounds, and styling all feed into the party vibe that is captured throughout the video making it a great watch!

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100kjai shares “Steady goin”/”God’s Call”

Emerging rapper 100kjai opens up on his journey as a young man in the hood on his new release titled “Steady goin” where he makes use of a guitar-laden trap beat. Armed with a melodic rap style and vivid lyrics, he gives the listener some revealing details laced with bravado elements.

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On the second cut “God’s Call” which is built on a somber piano chord, lush guitars, and heavy trap drum grooves, 100kjai delivers a heartfelt performance ripe with insightful elements. He shares his trials and tribulations on wax and it’s pretty honest and emotional.

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Dirty Needles raises the bar on “Kojima”

Cleveland artist Dirty Needles caught our attention with his new effort titled “Kojima” which sees him working with producer Kollectiv. The track has a moody and cinematic texture laced with punchy drums that Dirty Needles flows seamlessly over. The bravado-laden track is a pure showcase of his pen game and Dirty Needles has a lot from witty inner rhyme schemes, engaging cadences and ear-grabbing references.


“Kojima” is his lead single from the forthcoming EP entitled The Loot Box. The EP is produced entirely by Cincinnati beatsmith Kollectiv.

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Rome Streetz & Futurewave – “Razor’s Edge” (Album Review)

This is the 6th full-length album from New York emcee Rome Streetz. Breaking out in 2016 off his debut mixtape I Been Thru Mad Shit, he would make his presence known as one of the most skilled lyricists in the underground today off projects like Headcrack & the Noise Kandy mixtape series. His last album Death & the Magician that came out back in February is not only Rome’s magnum opus, but one of the best albums that I’ve heard all year with DJ Muggs’ production being a damn-near perfect fit for dude’s acrobatic lyricism. But after a 5 month break, Rome is re-enlisting Futurewave for a Headcrack sequel entitled Razor’s Edge.

The opener “Mud to Moet” operatically looks back on when his pockets were frail whereas “Most High” goes into boom bap turf talking about being made in the image of God. His wife Chyna tags along for the hypnotic title track touching down on maturity leading him talking about going through some things on the luxurious “Same Way”.

Meanwhile with “Emvy”, we have Rome & Daniel Son coming together for a morbid shot back at those who’re jealous of them just before he & Starker jump on top of an organ for “No Sample” to say they ain’t changing shit. “Dry Ice” opens up about having to learn the wrong turn burns on top of a tense instrumental prior to the bloodthirsty “Sage of Gunsmoke” with Ransom, which has some jazzy undertones in the beat.

“Bible or the Rifle” works in some heavy horns to say it’s game over for those who make the wrong moves while “Disconnected” jumps on top of a soulful instrumental to acknowledge how doubters wanna work with him now that his profile is increasing. The song “9 4 Judas” grimily proclaims the only thing you need to know is how to earn dough while the penultimate track “High Grand Strandz” with Plex Diamond devilishly calls out those who try to take shit from New York emcees. Then there’s “Rated R”, which works in a gospel sample to compare his life to the MPA rating of the same name.

If anyone puts Razor’s Edge over Death & the Magician, I wouldn’t be mad at it at all because this is just as spectacular. Wasn’t feeling a couple of the features, but everything about Headcrack from the pen-game to Futurewave’s production is being turned up to 11.

Score: 9/10

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Dave East & Harry Fraud – “HOFFA” (Album Review)

This is the sophomore album from Harlem emcee Dave East. Breaking out in 2014 off his 8th mixtape Black Rose, this resulted in the man signing a joint deal with Def Jam Recordings & even Nas’ independently owned Mass Appeal Records as well as a spot in the iconic 2016 XXL Freshman Class. However, his full-length debut Survival wouldn’t come out until 3 years later & was very disappointing in the sense that he tried appealing to a more mainstream audience that just didn’t exist. But when Westside Gunn announced that Hoffa was being produced entirely by Harry Fraud, I went into this album wondering if it was gonna be his best yet.

“The Disappearance” is a jazzy, soulful opener addressing those who’ve been asking him what’s up with the music whereas “60 for the Lawyer” is a bluesy follow-up saying he hope someone ain’t informin’ on him. “Diamonds” has a bit of a funky feel in the production & a chipmunk soul sample for Dave to say he been legit leading into him going at his competition for the bassy trap cut “Just Another Rapper”.

Meanwhile on the guitar-driven “Go Off”, we have G Herbo tagging along to snap on their nonbelievers just before the woodwind-infused “Uncle Ric” serves as a lethal prelude to his upcoming collab EP with Benny the Butcher entitled Pablo & Blanco. Things take a more atmospheric turn for him to say he’ll take a fight to pick up “The Product” prior to Jim Jones coming into the picture to talk about their accolades for the slick “Money or Power”.

“I Can Hear the Storm” is a heart-wrenching look back at his life before making it in the music industry whereas “Dolla & a Dream” brings in a glossy trap beat to talk about doing shit cats never seen. “Count It Up” with French Montana of course serves as a sumptuous ode to stacking paper, but Cruch Calhoun’s verse on “The Win” is wack as fuck despite the celebratory tone of it.

The penultimate track “Yeah I Know” with the late Kiing Shooter is a piano trap ballad about not needing any further reminders of both of them being the shit & then the album ends with “Red Fox Restaurant”, where Dave East & Curren$y come together to express gratitude for where they’re at now in luxurious fashion.

To me, this is what Survival should’ve been & quite possibly Dave’s best work yet. Westside Gunn helps him stay true to his street roots rather than trying way too hard to appeal to wider audience in terms of his lyricism & the production that Harry Fraud brings to the table. Really hope Dave continues to travel further down this road.

Score: 8/10

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Hologram & DJ Muggs – “American Cheese” (Album Review)

Hologram is a 36 year old MC from New York who came up as a part of The Outdoorsmen collective alongside his older brother Meyhem Lauren & Action Bronson under the original moniker Jay Steele. He’s been featured on a plethora of the latter 2’s projects in the past such as Bon Appetit……Bitch! & Gems from the Equinox, but is finally being treated to a full-length debut of his produced entirely by none other than Cypress Hill’s very own DJ Muggs.

After the intro, “No Off Season” is a hair-raising opener saying he always keeps the heat on him because he’s so cold whereas “Don’t Ride with the Drugs” enlists Action Bronson is a luxurious boom bap cut about thinking like a G. The title track is a rock-flavored cut saying the limit’s the sky but he’s gonna go higher just before the murky, self explanatory “Smoke Weed & Figure Shit Out”.

Meanwhile on “You Know My Name”, we have Hologram bragging on top of a cinematic instrumental leading into him saying if the gun ain’t on him it’s around him with the bell-heavy “Black”. He later tells his detractors their out their mind on the jazz-infused “Duck & Cover”, but then “808” is a 1-minute trap banger getting on his hustler shit.

“S.T.F.U. (Shut The Fuck Up)” works in a slowed down vocal sample for him to say he hustles for a sense of urgency & paper while “Moon Rocks” with Big Twins & Meyhem Lauren finds the trio proclaiming themselves as them front row cats over a lurid boom bap beat. Meyhem sticks around as he, Bronson & Hologram talk about wearing black on the gruesome “Colors” just before the brothers jump on the bleak “P.C.H.” by themselves to speak on smoking a couple pounds & hitting up Malibu.

The penultimate track “Traditional Bull Shark” brings in an organ & a guitar telling us he goes through life imitating art, but then “Murder at 5” finds Meyhem Lauren coming back into the picture to end the album by letting us know they’ll be counting money ‘til their hands break & I really dig the forlorn tone that the instrumental gives off.

If anyone out there is a fan of Meyhem, then you definitely gotta check out American Cheese because his lil bro Hologram proves that he can hold down an album of his own. His songwriting is at it’s best & the sounds Muggs goes for is a healthy variety ranging from boom bap to rap rock.

Score: 8/10

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Scum – “Dyin’ World Chroniclez 2: Red Groundz” (Album Review)

This is the 13th full-length album from Russian-American horrorcore veteran Scum. Coming up as the founder of the local independent powerhouse Lyrikal Snuff Productionz, the man has literally dropped dozens of projects either on his own or with side projects like M.M.M.F.D. & the 4 Horsemen. Dude just dropped Dyin’ World Chroniclez: Grey Skiez about 5 months ago & after a couple of new singles following that, we’re being treated to the sequel Dyin’ World Chroniclez 2: Red Groundz.

After the intro, the title track works in some violins for him & King Gordy portraying their own versions of Hell whereas “Beyond Comprehension” is a trap banger talking about how his intentions are clear. Smallz 1 tags along to let people know they’ll remain underground on the frosty “My Damnation” just before trapping cats into a “Lion’s Cage” with a demented instrumental.

Meanwhile on “We the Onez”, we have M.M.M.F.D. jumping on top of a skeletal trap beat to talk about parents warning their children of them leading into “Wonder” continuing to delve into that sound except it has more meat on the bone & Scum pondering what’s going through his victim’s mind. “Groundhog (Fri)day(13)” is an aggressive, high-tempo anthem to murder whereas “Intrauterine Cannibalistic” with Hex Rated goes into trap metal territory talking about making cats bleed when they catch ‘em.

The song “Humpty Dumpty” speaks on cracking people’s heads over a nocturnal instrumental while the penultimate track “Keep That Shit” works in some keyboards & hi-hats to admit that he’s sick in the head. Then it rounds out with “Nevaendin’ Story”, which is Scum talking about murder being addictive accompanied by a misty beat.

Scum has been putting it down for the underground wicked shit scene for a very long time at this point & the whole Dyin’ World Chroniclez series that he’s been doing lately turning out pretty hard. In comparison to the previous installment, I think this one sounds darker & rawer in terms of production choices & pen-game.

Score: 7/10

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Regina Divot confronts her fears on “Boogeyman” [video]

Indie singer/songwriter Regina Divot   shares the visuals for her heartfelt single “Boogeyman.” The track is a blend of rap and soul and it’s ripe with a punchy drum groove and somewhat moody textures that fit Divot’s laidback melodic runs and evocative lyrics that dwell into her inner demons. She recognizes that the biggest threat to her growth is herself and with that, she is determined to overcome the hurdle by embracing it to the fullest.

The visual is a nice mix of performance shots of Divot in different spots and it’s quite stylish and engaging.

Get “Boogeyman” on  Spotify.

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$cholah lays out the “Problems”

Emerging Canadian rapper $cholah delivers this genre-fusing track titled “Problems” where he delivers a melody-soaked performance over a bouncy Afropop infused backdrop. He dives headfirst into the issue as he acknowledges the many issues he is facing but nevertheless he is determined to solve it by any means necessary.


The production is lush and ripe with smooth guitar riffs, punchy Afrocentric drum grooves, and engulfing textures that blend seamlessly with his laidback melodic runs.

“Problems” is taken from his forthcoming EP.

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K*Ners teams up with Bristol’s finest on “Time is Counting Remix” [video]

K*Ners teams up with Grim Sickers, Tanya Lacey, Genesis Elijah, and Blacksmith for this energetic collaboration titled “Time is Counting Remix.” The all-star remix is chock full of different styles from the featured artists as it showcases the best from his borough and beyond. Each emcee comes through with their respective add-on from insightful to bravado-laden flows layered seamlessly over the upbeat but soulful beat provided by Self Taught Beats.

The visual is as dynamic as the song and makes use of solid performance shots of each act doing what they know best and also splicing it with different spots showcasing the organic vibe of the collaboration.

“Time is Counting Remix” is taken from K*Ners’ K*Star EP Vol 2. Get it here.


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