MarlinBeats Unveil Their Debut Album Titled SINK or SWIM

Long Island-based production team MarlinBeats have just unveiled their most recent project under the form of an album titled SINK or SWIM, a record home to a collection of ten fantastic productions. 

Robbie, Henry, and Chris are the three members behind MarlinBeats. Since the beginning of the year, the ’triple threat’ have released four singles, “In My Head,” “Somersault,” “Run It” and “Doubted Me.”

Their inspiring vision is deployed in all its mastery in this new album offering a myriad of fiery collabs with skilled artists.  Driving inspiration from New York’s and Atlanta’s rap scene, MarlinBeats’ music delivers experimental sounds crossing over multiple urban genres, set to appeal to the masses of Hip-Hop fans worldwide. 

So far, MerlinBeats have collaborated with talented fellow artists including Zak Downtown, Safa Gaw, KG Picasso, K-Little, Slymtripp and LaDonnis.

Derek Minor Shares New EP, ‘I’m Lonely’

In 2020, he caught our attention with over 400k monthly listeners and buzzing singles “Clean,” “Fair” and “Pull Up.” Now, the award-winning recording artist Derek Minor brings the campaign down the home stretch with the release of the anticipated EP, titled I’m Lonely. Only including “Pull Up,” the five-song project introduces Minor to the mainstream landscape before he ascends to superstardom.

Enlisted Greg and Thicc James for creativity. Based on the project title, newly discovered fans expect a dark, moody, self-loathing collection; however, throughout the collective shows a multi-talented superstar with depth and huge versatility. And with “Pull Up,” the project includes breakout songs “Money On The Phone” and “Run A Check.” However, the project is a carefree, confident and feel-good impression debut. On the making of the project, Minor explains:

“I ain’t really worried about nothing. Everything’s good, I’m lovely,” say’s Minor when asked about the theme of the 5-track collection of records.

It’s the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan to discover what all the fuss is about with Minor and his already huge streaming following. I’m Lonely prepares for a promised full-length effort, which is scheduled to arrive early 20222. For the up-to-minute information on everything Derek Minor, follow the accomplished recording artist on social media.

Stream the new EP by Derek Minor below.

Chubbs The Dream ft. Chip & Esther – “This Is It”

Chubbs, mostly known as Chubbs The Dream, is the new generation of hip-hop urban artists with lyrics that impact and inspire the world. Preparing for his forthcoming project release, he unveils the lead single, titled “This Is It” featuring well-known recording artists Chip and Esther.

“ ”This Is It” is an anthem for the summer,” says Chubbs. “It will empower you to make moves happen.”

He continues: “You may never know what results come from your actions, but if you do nothing there will be no results.”

Chubbs is best known for his breakout 2017 EP, Time Well Spent. He became a ghostwriter, helping others find success in his hidden talent whilst writing and perfecting his skills leisurely. In 2020, he released his debut single, “W.O.W.” to rave reviews, which was produced by the hit-making producer, SHA MONEY XL (50 Cent).

“This Is It” is the first release from Chubbs The Dream’s new deal with Purple Rope Entertainment. In the works, Chubbs upcoming project is scheduled for a late-2021/early 2022 release. After “This Is It,” Chubbs promises more new music on the way leading up to the release. For more on Chubbs The Dream, follow the rising star on social media.

Stream the new single below.

LiveMixtapes Makes Triumphant Return With New OJ Da Juiceman Deal + Tape

The mixtape era is about to witness a rebirth thanks to LiveMixtapes. The legendary streaming platform introduces its new LMT Pro program with the reveal of a new partnership with legendary Atlanta recording artist OJ Da Juiceman, according to a press release. The new collaboration brings fans the long-awaited mixtape, Alaska N Atlanta 3.

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LiveMixtapes built a legacy on breaking some of the biggest names in this generation’s Southern Hip Hop. Hosting classic mixtapes for Gucci Mane, Future, Waka Flocka Flame, Migos and so many more. Now, with major label connections and their new LMT Pro extension, they are breaking more superstars from underground obscurity, connecting them with prestigious DJs and releasing their music to a worldwide audience on a global scale. First to prove the power and influence of LiveMixtapes is OJ Da Juiceman’s trend-setting mixtape series, Alaska N Atlanta.

Powered by LMT Pro, Alaska N Atlanta 3 revitalizes a classic mixtape series with nothing but straight drop on the beats. OJ’s return is ushered in by legendary mixtape DJs DJ Scream and DJ Swamp Izzo. The return showcases a vintage OJ Da Juiceman over modern heavily medicated trap productions, telling more of his glorified street gospel.

The third installment in the popular series features guest appearances by Koly P, Block 125, Fat Wissa, and production by Zaytoven. And with the guests, OJ’s new project includes the bonus track “Bout It Bout It.” You can stream the entire project only on LiveMixtapes via 32 Entertainment/LMT Pro/TSO Music Group.

LiveMixtapes will be on the campaign trail the rest of 2021 with industry meet-and-greets and showcases where they will speak to up-and-coming artists about all the benefits of releasing their music with the brand. Get reintroduced to the man with the “Aye” below and stay up-to-date on everything LiveMixtapes on social media.

DYLI’s Voice Shines With New Track “New Bag”

Coming from Stockton, California, with a positive urban feel and unparalleled vocals, DYLI has been raising the roof and creating a household name for herself. The track titled “New Bag” endures an all-encompassing lyrical masterpiece and multi-genre quality. The song is the perfect depiction of her talents and skills as a renowned artist in the field.

With infectious lyrics and contagious tunes, her latest work of art is a sure-fire hit to get talents across many playlists. She has the knack to blend in several genres to create a concoction of wonders. The track perpetuates through dark-pop, r&b, and hip-hop, while DYLI pours out her creative genius.

The artist has been excitedly presenting an awe-inspiring collection of sonic sensations for over a decade. Her debut single “Cotton Candy” placed her right in center stage for the world to see her talents.

Boosting smooth and cool vibes, DYLI’s delivering a home run hit. Additionally, the song is also accompanied by a soothing music video that perfectly captures the artist’s essence. The scenes are the best visuals to accompany DYLI’s vocals and the track’s overall allure.

Dxddy Mxxn – Dxddy World (EP)

Enter the world of the next big star in Hip Hop/R&B. Emerging NYC star Dxddy Mxxn capitalizes on his newfound fame with the release of a formal introduction in new EP, properly titled Dxddy World. Connecting grassroot followers with newly discovered fans, Dxddy Mxxn delivers a personal subject matter of R&B that’s been missing in the current landscape.

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Dxddy World is a six-song introduction that tells the rollercoaster lifestyle of the New York artist as he navigates his emotions, desires, vulnerability, and more addressing coming-of-age topics like manhood, love, heartbreak and survival. Including his lead single “Ride,” the project has notable mentions “Link Up,” “Latina” and “So Cold.” While still relatively unknown to most, the EP is arguably his best work yet.

“This EP, for me, consists of some of the most vulnerable music I ever made,” he shares in a press release. “The most comfortable I ever been in my style/sound. Sometimes we hold so many emotions in because we don’t want to show any weakness, especially as men. But it isn’t necessarily healthy for our hearts to do so. We have it to “Let It Sing.” Big ups to guys like Usher, Ja Rule, Drake, Bryson, Party. You know all the singing ni–as that came before me that created a space for an artist such as myself to live in the business. Moving forward I made a pact that I wanted to further allow the audience to know who I truly am aside from the dark moods, lust and heartbreak. I have big a heart and I love, love even though it hurts sometimes. I want every girl in the world no matter how insecure or secure she may be in herself to feel like my music is a safe space for her heart. It’s summertime we just beat up the covid everyone wants to let loose enjoy life and live it to the fullest so why not match that energy through the music as well. No matter how beautiful or unbeautiful the world may deem you, I want you to feel like the baddest chick, the sexiest when you tune into my sound.”

An artist-to-watch, Dxddy Mxxn first arose on legitimate radars with the popularity of the breakout song “Ride.” You can hear the pride in every word that comes out of the new artist.

Dxddy Mxxn is another promising star of the fast-rising All Season Records roster, founded by established tastemaker Shay Royale and Chris “DJ C-Stylez” Hylton. Gaining undeniable popularity this year for his real-life storytelling, unique sound, Dxddy Mxxn elevated the signature aesthetics through 2021 with “Ride,” followed by his latest single “Vibez,” after securing a deal with Create Music Group. Dxddy Mxxn self-made artistry and execution are paying off: the buzzing recording artist currently has a surge of new discovery streams after his debut single is spreading like wildfire via word-of-mouth.

“Ride,” “Vibez” and Dxddy World is the perfect origin point for any newfound fan as he ascends to the mainstream landscape. And with the success of Dxddy World, Dxddy Mxxn promises more new music coming late-2021 with the revelation of a forthcoming debut in the works. No official release date announced, the forthcoming debut is built on immense anticipation for the artist’s steadily growing cult-like fanbase.

A must-hear you don’t want to miss. Dxddy World is available now via All Season Records/Create Music Group.After Dxddy World, for more on Dxddy Mxxn including new music and daily updates, follow the rising star on Instagram.

You can stream the new project by Dxddy Mxxn below.

Daymo – “Drink in My Cup”

Riding the success of his last single “Drink in My Cup,” Daymo returns with “These Days” featuring Nikki Paige, showing fans the vulnerable and emotional side of the Southern California artist’s composed and meticulous image.

Flexing his falsetto while wailing for connection, Daymo tells the tale of two lovers estranged by time on “These Days”, where listeners learn how time can unravel the false truths we conceive when enamored in young love. “These Days” features fellow California artist Nikki Paige, whose flawless vocals covering lyrics identical to Daymo’s creates uncanny parallelism on the track, where two singers express the same feeling yet fail to establish a connection due to their memories and expectations. With careful production from Lou Xtwo, “These Days” gives listeners a full immersion into the wavering world of melancholy affection, all the way from Daymo’s varying vocal techniques to the tension-building tremolo in the synths.

“These Days” (feat. Nikki Paige) is out now on all streaming platforms.

Backwood Brat ft. P1 – “Changes” (Official Video)

Fresh off the release of her debut project, Backwood Brat returns with the music video to her latest, “Changes (feat. P1)”.

With lyrics detailing her humble beginnings, the Black Lives Matter demonstrations, and drug addiction, “Changes” gives listeners a balanced view of Backwood Brat with the vulnerable yet fierce side of the rapper pouring out over this cut-off Give n’ Take. The “Changes” video, shot by Nikonkwame and edited by Zammer, gives viewers a fresh perspective of BACKWOOD’s life, showing the world that there’s more to the self-assured and eccentric artist than what meets the eye.

“You gotta listen to my lyrics. I know my flow cold as f**k but to understand you gotta hear it,” BACKWOOD raps on the girlNEXTdoor production, asserting her dominance before detailing her struggles with relationships, existentialism, and establishing herself in the rap game.”

“Changes” also features a verse from fellow Treacherous Records rapper, P1, who showcases his critically acclaimed lyricism with bars that echo Backwood’s cutthroat demeanor.

“Changes” featuring P1 was released on BACKWOOD BRAT’s debut project, Give n’ Take, on June 22nd. Stream the project today, available on all DSPs.

Watch Lil $o$o Hot New Video, “Better Life”

Lunchbox Records’ Lil $o$o is quickly ascending to the mainstream radar with her undeniable look, sound and fanbase. Preparing for the release of her anticipated project, $o$o World, she releases a must-see visual for the lead single “Better Life.” In the new visual, the South Florida native takes fans into her world and shows us, if you believe in yourself and work hard, you can build your own world where all your wildest dreams come true.

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Produced by the all-star trio of Toju, TheOnlyDiet and Lunchmoney Lewis, Lil $o$o wrote the song to showcase her journey and where she plans to go. “I’m proud of this one, I wrote it by myself and got in a zone,” she says about making the debut track. “I’m focused on a mission to provide a better life for my son. Ain’t nobody stopping that.”

Signed to Billboard chart-topping recording artist Lunchmoney Lewis (Nicki Minaj, Doja Cat), Lil $o$o debut single is but a teaser of what to expect from the forthcoming album. The project will explore her transformation into a fiercely independent woman. “Better Life” is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan with her project slated to drop late-2021. In the meantime, enjoy the new video.

After watching “Better Life,” continue to follow Lil $o$o on social media for daily updates and more.

Experience $o$o’s World now. Check out the next big star in Hip Hop below.

Derek Minor & Friends Have Some Fun In “Pull Up” Video

With his new project, I’m Lonely, dropping this Friday, fast-rising recording artist Derek Minor gives fans a preview of what to expect with the release of the hilarious new video, titled “Pull Up.” Directed by Ronye Brown & Brandon Boone, this feel-good visual stars Minor as a mysterious Lyft driver who “pulls up” on friends and we watch the jokes ensue throughout the entire car ride. You can stream the new single now on all DSPs via Reflection Music Group.

Between the calamities, Minor shines with slick humor and creative subject matter in the lyrics, which will have newfound fans amazed, intrigued and excited for the new project coming soon. Fans of the star will find the track appeal to be familiar to his 2011 work on Wiz Khalifa single “Taylor Gang” from the classic Cabin Fever tape.

Ahead of the project, Minor showing a different side of his artistry is perfect for newfound fans to explore his catalog and being their Oregon trail with I’m Lonely. For more on Derek Minor, follow him on social media.

Take a look at the new visual for “Pull Up” below.