Tuda – “DoorDash” (Official Video)

Tuda is an emerging Seattle recording artist with a crafty rhyme style and buzzing music. Already released four new songs this year, he continues the momentum with the release of his new visual for the new single “DoorDash.” Produced by Kas, Tuda takes his magnetic verses to-go as he stars as a restaurant delivery driver in the comedic visual.

As he raps about drop offs and orders, mayhem ensues. For newfound fans, it’s the perfect origin point for the Tuda’s bandwagon. “DoorDash” follows previously released “Can’t Separate.” All the new music is a lead up to a forthcoming album, slated for a late-2022 release, which follows his 2018 debut, Overdue.

“DoorDash” is available on all digital streaming platforms via Puget Sound Records. For more on Tuda, follow the new star on social media.

Check out the new video from Tuda below.

Auston Martin Brings The Heat To New Levels In “Up and Down”

American recording artist and singer-songwriter Auston Martin brings the heat to new levels in his latest release, the addictive single titled “Up and Down.” 

Music lovers will appreciate the blend of genres ranging from afro-pop, afro-beat, r&b and funk, a fusion concocted with huge amounts of love by Auston Martin. His passion and commitment to using art as a channel for positivity and empowerment is what enhances the appeal to his music, “up and Down” acting as a latest example of his masterful approach. 

This summer-ready anthem currently counts over 150K plays on Spotify and is accompanied by a remix version of the track, a perfect addition for bigger events. 

Auston Martin’s popularity has been growing exponentially lately, and “Up and Down” instantly shows just why Martin is becoming a sensational artist appreciated by the masses. 

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Jessie Haines Shares “The Way You Kiss”

Jessie Haines sounds the bell and drops “The Way You Kiss” just in time for nostalgic summertime reminiscing. Full of country charm that’s composed of a beautiful melody, the song immediately hooks the listener and lets the audience feel all the emotions Jessie is trying to convey. 

As she mentioned in a recent interview, “‘The Way You Kiss’ is a song that literally just popped into my head on a drive home from hiking in the mountains.  I think it was divine intervention. The song appeared in my head pretty much fully crafted with lyrics, melody and I even heard the fully finished product in my mind.  It’s about the dizzying feeling you get when you are totally hijacked by lust.”

“The Way You Kiss” kicks off a brand-new album for Jessie Haines, one that promises to sweep thousands off their feet through sincerity and reality, which is in truth the magic of music.

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ForMySkyz Shares New Visual “How To Heal”

Harlem-born, Bronx-raised artist ForMySkyz has struggled for years with feelings of loneliness and at his lowest moments, found refuge in his creative expression.

Taking to social media one day, he performed a song he penned that was so impactful, that he began to shed tears during the performance. The post resonated with audiences so much that it now sits at over 2 million views. The aforementioned track is titled “How To Heal,” which details the struggles of dealing with pain, hard times, and misdirection. 

Knowing that everyone heals differently, he asks the listening audience not to tell someone how to heal, but instead, just show love and support. Before the official release of “How To Heal,” the track has amassed well over 1.5 million plays and over 1.2 million streams on TikTok with no marketing push. Now, ForMySkyz unveils the official video for the track, which you can watch here. Check out the video and follow him on social media.


YKG Hotboy Is “Piped Up” In New Visual

YKG Hotboy is a red-hot high-energy new artist from Galveston, Texas spreading like wildfire throughout southern hip hop right now. Embarking on 2022 being the best year of his career yet, Hotboy releases the new visual for the hyper-active single “Piped Up.” Coming off the buzzing “Another Day” single, YKG Hotboy clicks up with the gang and run through the streets in the new single white he raps about turning up on the haters at a moment’s notice. Stream it here via 24/8 Music-The Orchard.

The 23-year-old lone star brandishes an exciting flow along with electrifying sonics. Making sure his presence is felt with every release, it’s only a matter of time before Hotboy takes his rightful place on the throne. “Piped Up” is a lead-up to a forthcoming project slated for late-2022. Directed by Made By James, Hotboy’s latest release is produced by the talented Rick Hertz.

After the view, for more on YKG Hotboy and what’s next, follow him on social media.

Take a look at “Piped Up” below.

GwalaBoy Phlyy Unleashes “Heavy Motion” Video

GwalaBoy Phlyy, a fast-rising North Miami act is a motivated multi-disciplinary with a buzzing Going Colossal album campaign, keeps the momentum going with the release of the project’s latest piece in the new music video for album cut “Heavy Motion.” A braggadocious track, in the visual, GwalaBoy Phlyy rolls around the city in the big boy drops, freshest designer fabrics and big bags of cash — in order to show fans just the way he lives. Directed by Ntro4k Studios, the visual for “Heavy Motion” finds the Florida-based rap act practicing what he preaches It’s the perfect formal introduction for newfound fans.

Going Colossal is an 8-song project spearheaded by the breakout collaboration with Roc Nation’s Bobby Fishscale, “Cartier.” And with the hit, the project features a buzzworthy roster of notable acts like FG Famous. “Heavy Motion” and “Cartier” join other breakout cuts, like “Smoke” and “Mr. Freeze.” The full album is available now via GwalaBoy Music LLC.

“Heavy Motion” is one of the hottest songs coming out of today’s Florida Hip Hop music landscape and is anticipated to make GwalaBoy one of the hottest new artists in today’s hip hop. For more on GwalaBoy Phlyy, follow the new star on social media.

Watch “Heavy Motion” below.

Pop’s Next Rising Star Found: Mafalda Almeyda & Her Debut EP Crowded Room

It’s very rare to come across artists who immediately evoke some kind of emotion into the hearts of their listeners – which is exactly what Mafalda Almeyda managed to do with her amazing debut EP called Crowded Room, a collection of the artist’s best work so far that’s full of love and tragedy.

Unlike most singers, Mafalda Almeyda has developed a unique approach to her songwriting and it’s as fascinating as the results. She drives inspiration from real life experiences that have managed to make her emotional, happy, sad or angry. Then, she takes her feelings and comes up with some of the most emotionally-triggering tracks and it’s simply sublime. 

Her EP is full of timeless songs, aligned like an emotional journey through the lens of the artist’s experiences. A major artist in the making, Mafalda Almeyda is set to become a household name thanks to her latest EP titled Crowded Room.

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Joony Drops “Drifting In Tokyo” Visuals

Maryland’s own Joony (@joonyoftv) is “Drifting In Tokyo” in his visual. “Drifting In Tokyo” serves as his first official single off his forthcoming LP, Pretty In Black. The Fast and Furious-inspired clip shows the “Baby Joon” rapper swerving around the city while dripped in designer clothing. As always, Joony can be seen sharing screentime with beautiful women while they make donuts in an empty parking lot. 

The DMV-bred budding rap star has been making significant waves in the industry over the last few years. His impressive work ethic and consistent output have landed him support from many, including GRAMMY Award-nominated R&B superstar Brent Faiyaz. Moreover, his newest single comes on the heels of his highly anticipated performance at the Broccoli City Festival in Washington, DC. Joony will be sharing the stage with some of music’s biggest stars like Lil Durk, Summer Walker, and DMV legend Wale. 

Over the years, Joony has received acclaim from top outlets like Billboard, Lyrical Lemonade, and DJ Booth. With over 10 million streams collectively to date, the “Say My Name” rapper is showing no signs of slowing down. With Pretty In Black on the horizon, it is safe to say Joony is preparing for a big summer. Be sure to follow him on social media to stay updated on his next moves.

For now, watch Joony’s new cinematic visual for “Drifting In Tokyo,  executive produced by GRNDZRO Entertainment today!

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Hunni Drops “Every Now and Then,” Ft. Asherbee Music Video

There are many different ways to approach hip-hop music: this is one of the many reasons why this genre has been able to soar to the top of global music culture, becoming the king of innovation in music for quite some time. Some artists have a more melodic approach, while others bring more energy to their sound. Hunni managed to find the sweet spot, somewhere in between, as shown on her most recent release, “Every Now and Then. The song also features Asherbee, who brought a unique twist to the track, enhancing its diverse appeal. The song kicks off with a vocal part, which beautifully straddles the lines between rap and poetry, bringing motivation and inspiration to the audience. Hunni’s lyrics throughout the song are personal and intelligent, combining catchy vocals with an extra twist and very immersive musical soundscapes.

In addition to the great performance value, you’ll immediately appreciate how this song blooms and bursts out of your speakers with so much depth and clarity. Every element in the mix seems tailored to jump out of your stereo (or headphones) and you really get a nice sense of punch and spatiality with every note. This release is a strong insight into Hunni’s work, and it is very promising as an indicator of a bright future ahead for such a talented recording artist. In other words, “Every Now and Then” is an impressive milestone that deserves people’s attention!

Find out more about Hunni, and check out “Every Now and Then”, which is now available on some of the best digital streaming services online.

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grey prince Drops New Bass-Driven Hit “charity”

Meet grey prince, the fast-rising new artist with a big hit tearing up the dancefloor right now called “cory in ya house,” ready to keep the hits coming with another big hit in the follow-up single, titled “charity.” Released on his own imprint, he sticks to the script and returns to the dancefloor with a clear perspective in what’s next.

For another hit, the San Francisco-based sensation sticks to the same formula as before and provides fans more of the same party tricks that brought them to the dance floors across the globe in the first place. On this track, monks chant over a booming, distorted sub-bass, as crisp snares punch, hi-hats rattle, cowbells ding. Using an almost mocking baby voice, grey prince attacks the beat with rapid, braggadocious, bars naming himself the pope of his own compelling style of rap and production. As the song reaches its halfway point, the beat slows down, and the sub-bass is replaced with rapid staccato kicks.

Outside the production, grey prince displays a wide range of vocals that goes from hypnotizing nassle start to high-pitched natural delivery. Overall, the song is hard-hitting, infectious and, most of all, a bonafide hit. It’s the perfect origin point for newfound fans and the perfect setup for the rising star’s anticipated forthcoming project. Until then, find out more on grey prince and the upcoming project via the star’s social media. After “charity,” if you want to hear more of grey prince, check out the artist’s complete catalog, here.

Available everywhere via own imprint. You may listen to “charity” below.