Kelyes Pours Subtle Magic Over New Single “Not Around”

American recording artist Kelsey Delemar, better known under her stage name Kelyes, is releasing a wonderful debut song titled “Not Around”. She has poured some incredible magic over this new single, from beginning to end, revealing her immense potential and unmatchable spirit when it comes to crafting heartfelt music that will touch the listener right in the heart and soul. Her art contains multiple layers of interpretation, and her background in film and theatre helps her find the right ways to clearly express and share her many messages that are beautifully conveyed via the powerful medium of music, sounds, and lyrics. 

The rising star is preparing a full EP titled Kelyes & the Wave, set for release this summer. Until then, dive into her unique soundscapes and hypnotic voice, to be enjoyed on “Not Around”.

Texas’ Curtis Mayz Turns Up At Demon Time

Dallas, Texas recording artist Curtis Mayz garners regional popularity due to his 2019 debut, “Fortune Lane.” After the debut’s long shelf life, Mayz returns with full-length anticipation in the new single, titled, “Dancin With Demons.” Equipped with a large draw and trendsetting wordplay, Mayz addresses his inner-demons to find divine tranquility.

Embodying the emotions of a current cultural climate, Mayz’s new single boasts confidence as he continues to rise up the top of ranks in the DFW landscape. Arising from the sunken place, he raps, “… gotta get high tryna get off the low, gotta get free tryna get off the boat.” Fighting his fears and helping others conquer do the same, Curtis Mayz’s skills earn him the title of “Next breakout star.”

“Dancin With Demons” is the lead to Curtis Mayz’s forthcoming project called Car Tunes. Scheduled for late-2020, the upcoming album explores the internal struggles we as humans face daily unbeknownst to the world.

Available on CMG, stream the new Car Tunes single below. Afterward, follow Curtis Mayz on Twitter for daily updates and more.

Fr6nco – “Late Night Mentality” EP

Originally from Columbus, Ohio, up and coming singer/songwriter Fr6nco releases his debut EP titled “Late Night Mentality”.  He displays his wide vocal range and genre bending abilities as he shares his real life experiences through his music.  Follow him on Instagram @fr6nco.

Jabee – “No Allegiance” (Video)

Following the recent release of lead single “Chec Mate” featuring Slug (Atmosphere) and Statik Selektah, Jabee has dropped his next single and new visual ‘No Allegiance’. The Nipsey Hussle inspired video takes the minimalist route, filmed in a Pizza Restaurant soon to be owned by Jabee, reflecting on what he feels Nipsey was about. The album title itself is very telling, having been thought up three years ago, it could not be more appropriate today.

NR24 – “Dreams From The Basement, Vol.1” (Album)

San Francisco, CA based underground Hip Hop producer NR24 drops his new album “Dreams From The Basement, Vol.1” featuring Mistah F.A.B., Semiautocec, Syfarii Babii and more!  Follow him on Instagram @noah.24x.

Layomi The Tampa Baes Deliver Sweet Hip-Hop In New Debut

See it above. The new lead single “Jump On It,” follows a string of buzzworthy hits by the new duo Layomi The Tampa Baes including previous releases, “No Apologizes” and “Dope Boyz.” As the center of attention in today’s music, the new Florida act makes a must-hear first impression in the release of their debut project, titled, You, Me & The 813.

Made during a pandemic, the new album captures the everyday life of the new act as they navigate through the unknown like the rest of the world during the COVID-19 outbreak. Not allowing their momentum to burn out due to the halt of live entertainment and interaction, the girls provide fans with a full-length effort that defines the act’s futuristic sound.

The new duo on the audio adventure:

“We created this project as a soundtrack to your everyday life regardless if you’re taking a walk in the park or going through a bad breakup, our ultimate desire is to bring happiness to you through our music. We come from a place where people are inspired to be in the entertainment business and actually have the talent but lack the resources. Tampa isn’t only what we would consider paradise, but a cauldron of untapped talent. The 813 means everything to us.

At a young age we learned that you have to leave the nest to make it happen and bring back the resources similar to Odysseus and the journey of the hero. The trials and tribulations of this journey are the driving forces behind the music of “You,Me & the 813.” We created this project as a soundtrack to your everyday life regardless if you’re taking a walk in the park or going through a bad breakup, our ultimate desire is to bring happiness to you through our music.

Truthfully, this is a great time for women and music and we feel our music is what the world has been missing.”

You, Me & The 813 is available now on Lunchbox Records. Stream the new project below, courtesy of Spotify and follow Layomi today on Twitter.

Westside KJ Previews ‘Bosses Never Worry’ with Social Distancing Party

The pandemic may have halted live entertainment; however, Hip-Hop acts both new and old have adapted to the current climate with various digital marketing strategies in support of the release of new music. Among the pandemonium is the rise of promising new artist known as Westside KJ. Not allowing COVID-19 stop his hustle, the rising star prepares for the release of his forthcoming project with a special preview as the life of the party.

In promotion of his forthcoming album, titled, Bosses Never Worry. KJ entertains fans with a social-distance themed gathering and unveils the cover art to his anticipated album arriving this summer. Shown above, the cover shows the new artist in the studio speaking with friends while wearing a sports jersey with his name on the back. Westside KJ has a bright future ahead of him as he is backed by several of the music business’s most prominent individuals.

Westside KJ is the son of established manager Kyambo “Hip-Hop” Joshua (Kayne West) and former Def Jam executive Erica Bowen. Bosses Never Worry is a direct follow up to the 2019 album, Who’s Coming In Second. KJ accrued a large social media following with his catchy flow on popular tracks, “Kobe & Shaq,” “Jefe Talk” and “Drip Set.”

Get familiar with Westside KJ’s music now on Spotify. Bosses Never Worry arrives June 29 on 629 Music Group.