Flowervillain shares “FRANK”

Producer and remix-artist Flowervillain returns with a brand new project titled FRANK which showcases his eclectic style. The project is a mix of sounds and samples culled from different sources such as Frank Ocean, obscure movies, and more.

Overall the sounds are dynamic and blend styles from lofi, chill, trip-hop and boom-bap.

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Tajh Spikes takes us deep into the “Jungle”

Baton Rouge, Louisiana raised emcee Tajh Spikes caught our ears with his new release “Jungle” which details the dynamics of the hood. From the ups, downs, and in-betweens, he gives listeners a nuanced perspective of his life in totality. The production has a moody and reflective feel and really fits Spikes’ impassioned flow and vivid lyrics.


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Tall Black Guy & Ozay Moore drop new single “Runnin Away” (feat. Malaya)

Tall Black Guy and Ozay Moore recently put out their collaborative venture but they also shared the final focus track “Runnin Away” which pays homage to the classic The Pharcyde song of the same name. TBG is at the helm of production and crafts a soulful and nostalgia-inducing backdrop for Ozay Moore’s insightful and vivid lyricism that dwells on the variables of life struggles and then some. He is joined by vocalist Malaya who peppers the track with her angelic vocals and soulful melodies.

“Runnin Away” is taken from the collab LP, Of Process and Progression. Get “Runnin Away” on all DSPs here.

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Jackson Whalan is “Still Different” [Video]

Jackson Whalan shares visuals for his song “Still Different,” a heartfelt piece that celebrates the idea of being different in all manner of ways. The self-produced track has a reflective feel that works perfectly with Whalan’s insightful lyrics and fiery flows which he switches up every now and then as the song progresses. Additional production comes from Ian Evans who plays the keys.


Get “Still Different” on all DSPs here.

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Indigo, Tha Blu shares “BNK!” and “WORK!” (feat. Jowy Webb)

Atlanta, GA rapper/producer Indigo, Tha Blu makes his entry on our site with a couple of material from his stash

The first cut “BNK!” is a rousing piece ripe with dark and moody textures and punchy drums. The rapper delivers an energetic and impassioned performance ripe with vivid and off-kilter lyricism.


The second cut “WORK!” sees him teaming with Jowy Webb for experimental collaboration. The beat is moody and mellow as well and blends perfectly with Indigo’s laidback flow and insightful lyrics.


Indigo, Tha Blu is a 22 year old artist from Atlanta, GA. His first body of work was the Dystopia.1 EP released in December of 2015. It was reviewed by a few blogs and since has garnered critical acclaim. His second body of work, i try drUgs N’ tha sumMErtime. was quietly released onto Soundcloud in May of 2017, and was released as one 35 minute track.


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OneZeno is going “For Gold” [Video]

Emerging rapper/producer OneZeno shares his new single “For Gold” which showcases his production and songwriting prowess. He crafts an ethereal trap production ripe with lush textures and delivers a melodic performance as well.  He is fully hands on with the music and he did everything from producing, recording, and mixing the song in his bedroom.

The Houston Texas rapper is slowly building his stats and has a large number of streams on platforms like Spotify and TikTok.

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es.cher and YT share visuals for “yoshi” [Video]

es.cher  and YT team up for this offbeat lofi infused experimental track titled “Yoshi.” The production is a mix of sublime and soothing textures peppered by sparse soft drums and samples from Yoshi the dragon. The dynamics of the beat is noticeable and as it progresses it gets a bit warped and the drum grooves change as well. YT performs a verse at the start too but the mix makes it feel like es.cher actually sampled the rapper’s vocals. It’s quite different and engaging to be honest.

Listen to “yoshi” on Spotify below.


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Top instrumental submissions EP3 Oct 2021

We at TWIB are tasked with bringing you the best of the best on our weekly lists. Submissions come from around the globe and trust when we say only the cream of the crop will be selected. As usual, sit back relax and enjoy the latest sounds from the most talented producers, and don’t forget to show them some love by following them on all social media platforms

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Kodiak Soul – “Unwind”

Atlanta-based producer Kodiak Soul makes his entry on our list with “Unwind.” A nostalgia-inducing beat ripe with sublime and reflective chords, soundscapes and a bass-heavy trap drum groove.


Get it on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer.



Vicstradamus – “Oasis”

Vicstradamus‘s “Oasis” is an atmospheric piece made up of layered textures like arps, strings, and a solemn piano chord amongst other things.

Get it on SoundCloud, YouTube, Deezer.



UNRTHDX – “All you gotta know is you can have it”

UNRTHDX delivers this melodic instrumental “All you gotta know is you can have it” on u list. It’s a nice mix of R&B with trap and downtempo sensibilities. It also has an angelic melodic run by a vocalist that runs through the track.

Get it on Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer.


Ryck Jane – “Slum City”

Ryck Jane delivers a good old lo-fi summer jam in the form of his new release titled “Slum City.” The track is ripe with moody basslines, dreamy textures and slick horns to match.



Rel McCoy – “Because of You”

Rel McCoy comes through on our list with its splendid piece titled “Because of You” an ethereal piece riddled with atmospheric textures, off-kilter sounds, and sparsely arranged punchy drums.


Cuneyt Caglayan – “Faces”

Cuneyt Caglayan drops this smooth summer-tinged jam titled “Faces” on our list. The track has a summery vibe and soulful texture that exudes feel-good energy all the way.

Get it on Apple MusicYouTube


D’Eklipz – “Ekliptic Nostalgia (Take It Back)”

Cali-based producer D’Eklipz helps us relive the good old 90s with his new release “Ekliptic Nostalgia (Take It Back).” From warm textures, groovy boom-bap drum arrangements, and nostalgic keys, the track sure hits the mark.

Get it on Apple MusicYouTubeDeezer.

Pico Panesa x martin v – “Paradise”


“Paradise” is an alternative fusion-type instrumental from Pico Panesa and martin v. They use slick guitar riffs, reflective textures over punchy hip-hop drum grooves structured in their own special way.

Get it on SpotifyDeezer


Jupiter Island – “Don’t Eat Rain Off The Sidewalk”

Jupiter Island delivers this happy-go-lucky and somewhat somber beat titled “Don’t Eat Rain Off The Sidewalk.” The track is pretty solid and has so many players from the solemn flutes, warm basslines, and soft guitar riffs that remind one of the good old days in the 90s.
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Coujo – “sad but true”


Coujo’s “sad but true” is a melancholic beat that really taps into one’s soul with its somber riffs, reflective dark strings, and smooth drum grooves.

Pico Panesa x martin v – “Karma”

Pico Panesa sets us on a trip down memory lane with his new single “Karma” which sees him collaborating with martin v . The result is a guitar-driven nostalgic sound with deep basslines and punchy drum grooves
Get it on Apple MusicDeezer


Vicstradamus – “Withstand”


“Withstand” is a dark moody beat from producer Vicstradamus who makes use of an angelic harmonizing vocal, trippy synths, and sparse drum arrangements.
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Gruber Han$ – “Diesel #9”


Gruber Han$ raise the energy levels on his new release titled “Diesel #9,”where he blends hard-hitting drums with smooth acoustic guitars, dark synths, and somber piano riffs. It’s quite hard to define but the beat sure is dynamic from start to finish.


Justmusic20x91 – “Motor Boat”


Justmusic20x91 opts for something different on his new release “Motor Boat” where he makes use of bouncy drum grooves, airy strings, and pads with a lush guitar pluck.
Get it on SoundCloudApple MusicYouTubeDeezer

Ogi feel the Beat, Fonz – “FuzZebra”


The OG producer Ogi feel the Beat closes out the playlist with his new release titled “FuzZebra” which is a collaboration with Fonz. The mellow track is ripe with dreamy textures, dark moody strings, and silky horns to match.

Fresh Off Benny The Butcher’s The Burden of Plugs Tour, Loopy Ferrell Drops “Too Loopy For TV” Project

Loopy Ferrell, formerly known as Ferrari Ferrell, is back with a new project titled “Too Loopy For TV” that leans heavily into the Drill sound. The 15-track offering includes his takes/versions of Drake’s “Lemon Pepper Freestyle,” TLC’s “Creep,” and Styles P’s “I Get High,” as well as a bunch of original songs. Even though this release is definitive Trap music, the variety of flavors will surprise listeners. Features on the album include Asian Doll, PNV Jay, and Senzo.

I used a lot of harder drill beats on this one with that up north style. I picked the name of the project because of my lifestyle. It’s loopy, it’s crazy, it’s just too much going on to televise. This is just a warm up for me until I drop In the Loop We Trust, Vol. 1 next month. I’m just having fun with it right now.

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Karan Viegas, Bongi Duma , Smokey the Ghost and Arshaq Malik deliver “Circus Freestyle” [Video]

Eclectic producer Karan Viegas shares this conceptual posse cut titled “Circus Freestyle” which details the story of a leopard who was captured in the Serengeti and placed in a circus. The track sees Viegas recruiting the help of Broadway singer Bongi Duma, and Indian rappers Smokey the Ghost, and Arshaq Malik to help bring it to life. Smokey the Ghost assumes the role of the leopard while Malik plays the poacher in this engaging track. The production is quite off-kilter and experimental for the most part as it takes elements from soul/jazz, African rhythms, and some hip-hop into the mix. Both rappers do deliver the goods as they share detailed imagery of the situation bringing listeners closer to the action as we listen to find out the fate of the leopard.

The animated visual is crafted by Argentinian artist German Jorge, whose unique pictorial style gives it an authentic and eye-catchy feel.

Karan Viegas is a Brooklyn-based instrumentalist/producer with Indian roots.

Keep up with Karan Viegas | Catalogue: Facebook: Instagram

Keep up with Arshaq Malik | Website:  Instagram

Keep up with Smokey the Ghost | Bandcamp: Instagram

Keep up with Bongi Duma | Playbill: Broadway: Instagram