Double A.B., Napoleon Da Legend and Breeze Brewin dive deep into the “Rembrandt Death Chant” [Video]

Double A.B. teams up with NYC rap veterans Napoleon Da Legend and Breeze Brewin for this war-themed record titled “Rembrandt Death Chant”. The hard-hitting track produced by Parallel Thought is made up of punchy drum breaks and an ominous sample that serves as the perfect backdrop for the trio’s fiery lyrical display. Double A.B sets it off with a smooth, laidback drawl, reminding us of his subtle use of the art of war, followed by Breeze’s insightful and reflective bars, Napoleon closes it out with his commanding flow and graphic lyrics.


The song is featured on A.B.’s new album Devils & Drugs available on Man Bites Dog Records on May 27th, 2022 (Pre-Order Here).

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JIRI sounds “Offended” [Video]

Raleigh, North Carolina-based rapper JIRI shares candid thoughts on the clit chasers and overrated emcees in his new single “Offended”. The aptly titled track sees him pouring his frustrations on why real artists who put in the relevant work get overlooked while gimmicky rappers get pushed. He also shares his experiences with working with people who don’t put the effort into the craft and ultimately hold him back but now he knows better. The production here is crips and punchy and JIRI delivers a no holds barred performance ripe with detailed and relatable lyrics.

The visual is stylishly crafted and makes use of several performance shots of JIRI with eye-popping special effects and smooth visual transitions.

JIRI is an emerging emcee/songwriter hailing from Reading, Pennsylvania and he is now based in Raleigh.

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TANA shares new single “Supermodel”

Singer/songwriter TANA shares a new single “Supemodel” which dives into the lifestyle of a celebrity model whose presence got everyone lusting after her. Over Imad Salhi‘s guitar-driven soundscape, TANA delivers a smooth melodic performance laced with vivid lyricism and stylish songwriting that listeners can relate to.

TANA recently released the song “Savage” under Sony US & Babygrande records and besides music, she is also a champion for queer rights and uses her platform to further the cause.

Photo credits Michelle Devits and Artwork by Overdaux.

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Mac Foreign remind us that “God Works” [Video]

The visuals by David Rowlands capture Mac in his hometown on the island with his close relatives and show viewers a glimpse into the life down there.


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DunGud shares two singles “Amen” and “Motivate”

Emerging rapper DunGud comes through with two songs “Amen” and “Motivate” taken from his discography.

The first track “Amen”  is a mid-tempo soulful jam that sees the rapper reflecting on the ups and downs of living in the hood. From the temptations of the street life, family struggles and fighting inner demons, DunGud gives listeners a nuanced view of the situation and how things are not just black and white.

“Motivate” is the second track we have and it’s an uplifting track filled with aspirational lyrics and an anthemic chorus that aims to push listeners to go out and reach for their goals. The production is punchy and has a nice melodic vocal sample while the lyrics are thoughtful and somewhat personal.

Find more info here.

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harley mac/dude wit the beats share two tracks “Firestick” and “Nap”

 Harley mac/dude wit the beats share two tracks “Firestick” and “Nap” which blend off-kilter lyrics over bouncy trap soundscapes.

“Firestick” is the first track he recorded and it’s a blend of catchy hooks and stream of consciousness flows laced with some insight and passion.

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“Nap” sees the rapper delivering a laidback sparse flow over the dreamy and bass-heavy soundscape. His storytelling is quite vivid and unique.

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GwalaBoy Phlyy Unleashes “Heavy Motion” Video

GwalaBoy Phlyy, a fast-rising North Miami act is a motivated multi-disciplinary with a buzzing Going Colossal album campaign, keeps the momentum going with the release of the project’s latest piece in the new music video for album cut “Heavy Motion.” A braggadocious track, in the visual, GwalaBoy Phlyy rolls around the city in the big boy drops, freshest designer fabrics and big bags of cash — in order to show fans just the way he lives. Directed by Ntro4k Studios, the visual for “Heavy Motion” finds the Florida-based rap act practicing what he preaches It’s the perfect formal introduction for newfound fans.

Going Colossal is an 8-song project spearheaded by the breakout collaboration with Roc Nation’s Bobby Fishscale, “Cartier.” And with the hit, the project features a buzzworthy roster of notable acts like FG Famous. “Heavy Motion” and “Cartier” join other breakout cuts, like “Smoke” and “Mr. Freeze.” The full album is available now via GwalaBoy Music LLC.

“Heavy Motion” is one of the hottest songs coming out of today’s Florida Hip Hop music landscape and is anticipated to make GwalaBoy one of the hottest new artists in today’s hip hop. For more on GwalaBoy Phlyy, follow the new star on social media.

Watch “Heavy Motion” below.

Nathan-Paul’s new release “I LOVE BLACK WOMEN” is a homage to black women

Instrumentalist Nathan Paul pays homage to black women in his new release titled “I LOVE BLACK WOMEN”. The production is a seamless mix of jazz and hip-hop with r&b aesthetics. The sounds are layered, bright and each instrument ranging from the sax, funky bassline and lush keys stands out as the drum grooves help drive the energetic vibe to a plateau.

“I LOVE BLACK WOMEN” is taken from his new project titled Lofi DEEZY EP. Get it here.


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kBeats and Beyond moments team up for “i’m different”

Multi-genre UK producer kBeats links up with Beyond moments for this mellow experimental tune titled  “i’m different”. The production is mellow and made up of smooth sublime textures, moody strings, and soft drum grooves. All these elements are layered under a soft muffled melodic performance which adds a weird ominous vibe to it all.

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Rowlan made it “Feel Like Home”

Rowlan returns to our site with this heartfelt record titled “Feel Like Home”.  The guitar-driven tune is as somber as they come and showcases his singing prowess alongside his thoughtful lyrical prowess. He takes listeners deep into his life as he struggles to find inner peace with a lot of madness going on around him.


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