Kaekingkally Looks At The Past In Debut Hit “Partyin’ Was Fun”

Kaekingkally recently began his journey in the music world with a first track titled “Partyin’ Was Fun.” Filled with his creative genius, “Partyin’ Was Fun” also showcases his natural desire for blending genres, styles, and even eras within his own signature sound. 

These major innovations appear in the form of a fusion in which 90’s vibes blend in perfectly with the most modern and refreshing Hip-Hop produced today. Nas, Ice Cube, Jay Z, B.I.G, 2Pac, Easy E, Michael Jackson, and Usher are all the artists that Kaekingkally admired growing up. But it is Ice Cube that played a crucial role for Kaekingkally. It is when the young artist listened for the first time to “No Vaseline” on his mobile phone that he knew he realized he wanted to become a rapper

“Partyin’ Was Fun” is an ideal debut track for him because in many ways, it is unpredictable, fun and introduces him as a versatile artist capable of excelling in multiple roles. 

Cilo Links With Greatness For New Visual “Don’t B Bitter / 101”

Emerging superstar Cilo continues to build buzz on his new album, Los, with the release of the project’s third single, titled “Don’t B Bitter/101.”

Julian & Jen Garcia-directed music video links Kendrick Lamar instrumentalist Ging fka Frank Dukes and featured act Nikki Pararuan with the ascending recording artist who balances the soulful strings and floor-shaking 808s to make a standout hit. The hypnotizing production on “Don’t B Bitter” blends into “101” psychedelic guitar riffs and live drums perfectly under Cilo sharing his deep emotions in the song’s wordplay that allows fans to learn a lot about him and what he has in store.

“Working on this record I wanted to make a song that felt like an introduction to my world,” Cilo says in the press release. “It was a time capsule for my life, which explains why it’s a two part song. The first half was the aggressive energy of my youth and my environment growing up, I’m in the West, ain’t no dreams. I know life ain’t what it seems. The second half was the energy of me now, after I’ve left the city, seen the world, and made it out of that environment. I have new struggles now, but also new victories. Like I say in that verse, ‘My life is different.'”

Accompanying “Don’t B Bitter/101” are previously released tracks “Palm Trees” and “Shine” featuring Poet22, which will be featured on the new project’s 10-song tracklist. On Los, Cilo demonstrates his range of emotions and charisma with moments of humor, paranoia, confidence, pride, love, and so much more. Los is available now on all platforms via Pastel Studios/Venice Music.

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Watch Cilo’s new visual below.

Khemistry and The Boy Illinois remind us to focus on the “Finer Things”

Hinsdale, IL born, Chicago-raised rapper/songwriter Khemistry is slowly building her stats in the game and pushing against the odds in this male-dominated industry. She started making music at a young age, sharing with writing poetry to convey her innermost thoughts and using it as an outlet to escape her harsh realities. “Finer Things” serves as her newest release and it’s a call for celebration as she pens a heartfelt tribute to the love of life and overlooks the negative thoughts. Over a punchy and soulful soundscape, she reflects on some of her life experiences and how hard times made her stronger than ever. She implores her fellow kinfolk to focus on the bigger picture with things like focusing on mental health, eschewing materialism and building one’s legacy from the ground up. She is joined by fellow rapper The Boy Illinois who adds his own thoughts to the subject at hand.

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No Komment shares “Neiman Marxist Freestyle” [Video]

No Komment  is taking no shorts or losses in his new release “Neiman Marxist Freestyle” which also comes with a befitting video. The track sees the rapper carefully pouring out his frustrations on wax with much gusto. From his own flaws, and modern-day issues to social media virality and more, No Komment delivers a solid commentary that listeners can rock with. Lines like “Marketing over music, glorifying influencers and dismissing the students, honestly who can blame ’em” take stabs at the way important things have been put on the backend with people more focused on materialism and hedonism.

The visual goes straight to the point with a smooth performance driven approach.

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Kiseme drops ‘4DALove EP’

San Diego, CA-based indie artist Kiseme drops 4DALove EP, a 24-track project that blends soulful boom-bap sounds with various stylings including melodies and heartfelt lyrics. The self-produced project starts off with “Pu$hin” a piano-driven track followed by the sombre lofi-infused “Visions”. On “Get Dat Dough” we get to hear Kiseme’s go-getter attitude and on “Actions” he presents a true depiction of getting things done. He links up with rapper Shorty G on the haphazard “Gettin’ to the chicken” who delivers a short performance at the end. “Get Paid” continues in the same vein as Kiseme shares his candid thoughts on securing the bag in these dangerous times. “Luck Days” is as the title suggests and gives listeners a glimpse into a day in the life of the rapper. The soundscape gets a bit brooding and moody on “Invest” and Kiseme is still in his element.

Overall the theme of using piano loops keeps the cohesiveness in order and Kiseme’s off-kilter , nonchalant approach to the raps is quite unique as well.

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Welcome to TWIB’s Weekly Top 5 Videos. This is a segment where we will be looking at some exceptional visuals from various acts from around the globe. The music video format has been around for decades and through the 90s and 2000s, it has really taken flight from multi-million budget music videos, to mid to low-budget videos with exceptional features. In this section, we will not discriminate but rather highlight some of the creative visuals that pop up on our radar.







DRIX RIKS – “Skate Clinic”

Madrid-born rapper DRIX RIKS opens up the list with “Skate Clinic”, a rousing hard-hitting track that sees him dropping verbal bombs with much gusto. Armed with his distinctly gruff vocal tone, he holds nothing back as he engulfs the punchy boom-bap soundscape laid before him. The visual pays homage to the 90s as well and makes use of varied performance shots of the rapper who has roots in Geneva.



Da Break x Pab The Kid – “Fine”

The duo of Da Break and Pab The Kid gifts us with the visuals for their song “Fine”. The track is a bouncy soulful uplifting tune that is perfect for a summer cookout. Over the bright and fun-filled backdrop, Jen delivers smooth melodic runs that aim to remind us that regardless of what we may go through, everything will be fine. Director Loic Mabily goes the extra length to capture the feeling of going back to simple things. Shot in a natural French decor, half rural, half industrial, the grainy image, the mood, and the “vintage engines” takes viewers back to the late 80s / early 90s.  The track is produced by French funk/groove producer BrunoPatchworksHovart,


Mr. Monkei – “Good Morning America”

Mr. Monkei makes his entry on our list with this thought-provoking and reflective record titled “Good Morning America”. The record dwells on the daily struggle of everyday Americans, which is what the rest of the world doesn’t see. The production is guitar-laden and sombre and sees the rapper detailing the daily struggles of the everyday man who is trying to survive to see another day. The visual is motif driven and makes use of cinematic aesthetics and an overarching theme that ties into the cycle we all are trapped in with no way to escape.


SSY – “Holy Ghost

South African rap artist SSY  drops the video for his song “Holy Ghost“. The bravado track shows his off-kilter style as he flows smoothly over a horn-driven bouncy soundscape.The visual is quite engaging and makes use of weird glitchy effects and eye-catching special fx. He is also 1/3 of a collective known as The LGNDRY.




West London-based artist KYRO help close out the list with his video for the song “I’M TIRED”, a bouncy trappy track that details his mindstate during the pandemic. He details his frustrations and the feeling of being stuck in one place. The visual makes use of performance shots and quick-cut scenes to emphasize the rapper’s changing mind state.

MoCity Jones is ready to “Face The Beat”


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Ja’Vell is feeling “EYE-CONIC”

Chicago-born, Carolina-based artist Ja’Vell returns with an anthemic tune titled “EYE-CONIC” which sees him embodying the spirit of a go-getter and an artist trying to make a mark in the industry. Bolstered by a classic vocal sample and bass-heavy trap soundscape, Ja’Vell delivers an energetic performance ripe with a vivid lyricism that keeps listeners locked in from start to finish.

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Zenodro drops new single “Who Ya Know”

New Jersey rapper Zenodro showcases his rap prowess in his new single “Who Ya Know”. The upbeat bass-laden soundscape sees him flexing his verbal biceps on wax and throw subtle darts at the naysayers while having fun with the bars. The beat is also well-spaced allowing his commanding vocals to truly shine through.

“Who Ya Know” is his second single in 2022.


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Dobey Dobe feels fine after “5 Shots”

Dobey Dobe continues his hot streak with his new release “5 Shots” which shows him in storytelling mode. Over a guitar-laden and bouncy soundscape, he shares a tale of blossoming love and having a good time with the right company. The chorus is memorable and the verses are relatable and show listeners his laidback and fun-filled nature.


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