Escovar Drops “Trio” Visual

Escovar is a “new generation” rapper that the ” former generation” can be proud of. His music is a reflection of the times. Mixing his own name with the “King of Coke“ Pablo Escobar, Escovar has his eyes on a more socially accepted throne. Hailing from the Mecca of Hip Hop, The Bronx NYC. Escovar also has much East Orlando Florida up bringing that adds to his lingo and style.

2020 is Big for Escovar as he dropped his first album “Stop Playing“ independently to all digital platforms. Also flooding the streets with hand to hand album sales. No wonder his name is Escovar he is a pure bred hustler!

I talked to Escovar and asked him what are his plans for the next year and he says that he will be dropping albums non stop!

So far he has dropped two Albums “Stop Playing” is the first one with the hit single “TRIO” streaming on all digital music platforms. He just recently dropped The “E50 Digi God” Album. Both albums are timeless classics.

Escovar! Escovar! Escovar! is the name you will be hearing in Rap music for a long time. Emerging out of one of the most frightening times from the epicenter of the Covid 19 pandemic, Fresh out of prison, battling covid 19 himself, all while producing this needed project shows Escovar isnt just a rock in a hard place more like a diamond in the rough waiting for his time to shine… If you ask Escovar the self proclaimed Digital God  he would say “the time is Now… So Be it!

“Lord Have Mercy” From Losk33 Featuring Foogiano Is The Kind Hip-Hop We Love

Losk33′s and Foogiano’s joint drop “Lord Have Mercy” is a fiery track with an even hotter music video. The attitude and artistic strength these two young artists show are inspiring and motivational. Their dedicated work mixed with their natural, raw talent, is evident in every bit of their music. Swag is not enough to describe their style. With openness and sincerity in their straight-forward lyricism, the artists make it clear that they are serious about what they do and are ready to go till the end to make the track sound perfect. The high-class production and sound design are only proving that Losk33 and Foogiano both pay attention to the quality of each detail and value their music enough to fully concentrate on every aspect of it. “Lord Have Mercy” sounds like the street-rap genre enthusiasts dig, and is home to a sophisticated blend between modern elements mixed with fine instrumentals. If that sounds spicy enough for you, check-out the music and visuals below:

Gangsta of The Comrads ft. Big Dutch – “Solid”

The one-and-only Gangsta of The Comrades and Westside Connection returns with a brand new single, titled “Solid,” featuring Big Dutch.

The song sees Gangsta in tip-top lyrical shape, delivering A1 bars while taking listeners on a journey through Lynwood, California over classic West Coast production, assisted by a soulful chorus performed by Big Dutch.

Stream and/or download the single below and stay tuned for updates as the Lynwood, Ca. emcee preps his 2021 campaign.

Zayzayy Drops Visual For Buzzing “G Shock” Single

After dropping the buzzing visual for the hit song “Poles Inna Whip” last November, emerging Maryland artist Zayzayy returns — with a promising 2021 in store — starting with the release of the new video to the new single “G Shock.”

The Justin Jacobs-directed video for the song, which also prepares fans for the forthcoming album Start of Forever as the lead single, sees the thriving rapper pull a large home invasion that results in a high-speed chase with an unknown ending. Lyrically, Zayzayy is starving for blue hunnits and delivers a couple of money-hungry verses by any means necessary like the first verse, he raps: “Mask down, searching for a lick till the sun up/Mask down, gotta move these pounds until I come up/I was 15, robbin the runners.”

One of the most popular watches in today’s fashion, G-Shock is a resistant military and tactical watches with outstanding water-resistant features. A brand that Zayzayy has been a fan of since childhood and the inspiration behind his new single, “I made the songs thinking about ways to come up,” Zayzayy said in the press release. “Growing up g shock was the watches everyone wanted and I remember days I could afford it. So we took risks to get it. G-Shock symbolizes me one a better life. Me wanting the best things in life.”

“G Shock” is the new release and apart of a new direction for the rising artist. It’s his first release under the new label All Season Records, which is in conjunction with the popular Create Music Group. The release of the video follows Zayzayy’s 2020 album release Beyond The Naked Eye. Now, he is setting up the drop of his next album — coming sometime-2021 — that fans can find daily updates on his Instagram.

Check out the new video for “G Shock” below, afterward, stream it here via All Season Records/Create Music Group.

Vallyre Self Produced The Music Video For The Unforgettable “Bloodsweat”

When an artist knows their vision and has the full picture of the final result in mind, nothing can stop them. Vallyre is an excellent example of an artist who knows what she wants and goes after it no matter what. She alone released a music video for her hit single “Bloodsweat,” a sweet and dark, simple yet captivating song with similar visuals. The 44-second video perfectly resembles the song’s energy and helps the artist demonstrate her acting and dancing skills. The mise-en-scène is in red and black as Vallyre’s clothing, creating a certain atmosphere through color. The video is beautifully shot and produced. The only problem with it is that it is short and leaves you wanting more.

Zerdle Bandz Shares New Song, “Wanted”

Buzzing recording artist Zerdle Bandz had a hella of a 2020 — in which his fans accumulated over 138,000 streams. Entering the new year, the rising star continues on last year’s momentum with the release of his new song, titled, “Wanted.”

Like most of his music, on “Wanted,” Bandz raps about dealing with drug addiction & the pull of the streets. Through the melancholy vibes you can feel the longing for connection in the midst of drowning in one’s demons. He continues delivering punchy introspective street bars intertwined with catchy heartsick hooks on top of melodic trap beats. The new song follows “Zwervin” off his PM2 project.

As the new year revs up, Zerdle and his new song are off to a great start in the race for the year’s best new artist. Let’s see how the new star directs his trajectory moving forward. “Wanted” is available on all streaming platforms. Stream it below.

After “Wanted,” want more Zerdle Bandz? Follow him daily on Instagram and Twitter.

Mace Syre Drops New Song, “Abandoned”

Emerging Chicago recording artist Mace Syre prepares for 2021 with an attention-grabbing new single called “Abandoned.” Enlisting the talented producer, Sighost, Mace explores the toxicity that comes from the fall-out of a romantic relationship. A painful R&B twisted track, the song touches on manipulation, self-destruction, and misery that just won’t let go of an individual once it attracts itself to them.

The song presents both the male and female perspective. On making the new song, Mace Syre reveals, “When I was writing “Abandoned” for the first 20 mins I started looking at the title and just remembered every song that had a title like that, and it always had the singer or performer being the victim, and it was someone else’s fault, and that got me thinking ‘what if someone left me, but I was the problem, and they were right?’ That led to the whole story.”

Syre continues: “‘Abandoned’ was honestly really fun to make; I remember texting Sighost (producer) about the space theme the song needed to have to get that claustrophobic feel on it, and while brainstorming ideas, he sends over this instrumental and it became the fastest song I ever wrote. I remember while recording in the studio with Jarrett, he kept getting blown away, it was our first time working together, and that was one of the best times in the studio for me. I honestly think there’s more to the “Abandoned” story, so there may or may not be a continuation to this. Who knows?.”

The new song follows a string of 2020 songs from the rising star that made a lot of noise, including “Perfect & Blind,” “Danger” and “Biao.” “Abandoned” prepares fans for the forthcoming album arriving 2021 on the thriving artist’s own imprint. Not much is known about Syre’s upcoming effort; however, it’s promised to deliver the emerging artist’s best work to date. For discovering fans, “Abandoned” makes for the perfect origin point to begin following this new artist’s undeniable rise to the top.

For more on Mace Syre, follow the new star daily on Instagram.

Check out the visualizer to “Abandoned” now.

Dasango Breaks All Stereotypes In Hip Hop On New Single “Lifted”

Fayetteville-bred artist Dasango, a promising No Breaks Entertainment signee, lately dropped his new track titled “Lifted.” The release is a chill and groovy song. It is filled with urban-spirited and elevating moods, and is home to smooth soundscapes. The artist demonstrates his harmonious flow and the ability to build feel-good and layered music. The lyricism is on point. 

“Lifted” also has a music video that is nice and romantic, sharing the energy of the song. It is filled with smiles, eye contacts and spreads positive energy. Hip-hop has never been this kind and cute, probably in its whole history. No drama, no swag life appreciation, no violence: “Lifted” breathes fresh air into hip-hop and changes the genre’s perception for a broader audience who might still have stereotypes on what urban music usually sounds like.

Qumontae Shows Us”Dying Love” In New Music Video

Qumontae, a fascinating new arrival coming out of the region that gave us The Clipse, Missy Elliot and Pharrell Williams, plants his feet firmly in the 2021 buzzworthy conversation as he releases his latest visual about demanding his respect amongst peers. A first look for most but another fan-favorite for others. Today, he ascends from regional to everywhere.

In 2019, Virginia recording artist caught today’s music attention with his compelling self-titled project. The popularity of the notable mention spring boarded the rising star into the limelight to present us with a string of regional hits like “Wanna Be” and “Konnichiwa” in 2020. Now, Qumontae closes out the year with potentially his best work yet in the new visual for his latest single, “Dying Love.”

On the latest, the Suffolk native shows us his hunger, frustration and determination as he is ready to outgrow his surroundings and thrust himself into the limelight on a nationwide scale he’s predicted since the beginning of his career. The Cartaze FIlms-directed clip finds the soulful hip-hop vocalist detailing his grievances with being overlooked by local tastemakers and influencers. Witty, magnetic and ambitious, the signs are all there to identify Qumontae as one of the next artists to blow in 2021.

A resume that speaks for itself, the United Masters act is a protege of the accomplished producer, Drumma Boy (Gucci Mane, Plies). Formerly signed to the multi-platinum producer’s Drum Squad imprint, the Virginia native is now fully independent and ready to flex his music muscles to the max. “Dying Love” is a direct follow-up to Qumontae’s Beast Mode Vol. 2 EP which spawned breakout tracks “All My Life” and “All Night Long.”

“Dying Love” is perfect for Qumontae’s nationwide debut. Radio-friendly, aggressive and perfectly timed as he embarks on his biggest year yet. Now, this is the perfect time for newfound fans to align themselves with the new artist and his refreshing VA sound about to sweep the nation. After watching “Dying Love,” continue to follow Qumontae’s rise on social media.

Take a look at Qumontae’s new visual, below.

LunchMoney Lewis Unveils “Cheat” Lyric Video

For Miami’s Lunchmoney Lewis, 2020 was nothing short of phenomenal following the success of his quarantine-inspired project, Songs In The Key of Quarantine. As the year comes to a close, Lewis preps us for his forthcoming album with more music in the release of the lyrical presentation for his new single called “Cheat.” After supplying hits for others, LML focus on himself and drops a bonafide hit for the charts. A perfect title for the new star as he appears to have a cheat code to the sound right now because he can’t be stopped.

“Cheat” is the familiar fun-loving Pop sound grassroots fans are used to from Florida boy. For newfound fans, they won’t get enough of the Saweetie and City Girl collaborator’s light-hearted nature, diversity and limitless potential. The birth of Lewis latest came from his flirtatious side ready to get back out into the world and have some fun.

Lewis on the making of “Cheat”:

“Cheat is a record I did for fun that turned into a good idea. I like making people dance about things that are traditionally taboo. it’s a song you can 2-step to with your wife or girl and just forget about life worries, at least for a moment.”

The new single is a direct follow-up to LML’s 2020 wave rider which spawned hit songs and visuals “Toliet Paper” and “Thank You.” Upon the release of the new single, Lunchmoney Lewis announced his next album is coming 2021, titled, A Good Time For No Reason. “Cheat” is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan.

Directed by The Goldsmyth, the animation is created by Halatrax and Phil Phever. “Cheat” is produced by the talented Cristina “Cris” Jerome. For everything LML, follow the new star on Instagram for daily updates.

Watch the wordplay below and stream Lunchmoney Lewis’ latest project, Songs in the Key of Quarantine, here.