Icebeatchillz Release Latest Music Video For His New Single “Area”

Multi-genre music producer and upcoming Nigerian artist Icebeatchillz, formerly known as Ice Beat, announces the release of his brand new self-produced Afro-dancehall single titled “Area” featuring Dancehall genre legend Beenie Man whose reputation couldn’t be beaten up till this day.
According to the story, immediately after hearing the beat, Beenie Man found himself in the studio freestyling to the song, which gave birth to “Area.Thus a swaggering, electric, and passion-fueled production was created that lives up to the towering persona standing behind its creation. “Area” is a splendid jam, a very warm and emotional production that never sacrifices its bewitching groove.
When rethinking Icebeatchillz and Beenie Man together, we simply can’t ignore their talent and charisma that provides such rich diversity to the sound. That is what makes this duo stand out and this track so charming.

TwoCeez Unveils New Groovy Track “One Of A Kind”

Las Vegas-based rapper TwoCeez has been generous with music releases lately. Now he announces the release of his latest project along with a music video titled “One Of A Kind.”

TwoCeez represents everything we love about hip-hop in 2020, and stays as close to his lane as possible. The production on “One Of A Kind” comes with top-notch quality, great samples, sounds, and timeless beats. But his strong point is definitely his verses. As an urban poet, he is so consistent that we can not come up with a single verse that we would consider as a bad one on any of the tracks.
“One Of A Kind” sees his bars hard, as usual, his flexing unyielding while he is as convincing with his flows as ever.

Check out this dope project by hitting the play button below!

Mic Pro – “Staring Thru My Rearview” (Album Review)

Mic Pro releases his 1st debut album “Starring Through my Rearview” inspired by the Hip-Hop Legend 2Pac Shakur. At 1st Glance you see the Cali influenced cover as the beach and palm trees bring you right to the scene. The 2nd track on the album “Life Lessons” was like a breathe of fresh air. Not enough artist in todays climate are creating educational stories within their music, Listening to Mic Pro was like a blast from the past. The sonic vibration and delivery reminded me of Ahmad the Los Angles legend who’s hit single “Back in The Day” took the world by storm.

As the album continues “Come Fuck with me” which was pretty dry sonically but still reminded me some what of Dj Quik. I can see potential in Mic Pro but his delivery needs to be more compact. “Windows Down” was for sure a g-funk vibe but the hook was incredibly simple and Corny, Now as for the feature verses from Micheal Antonio & Den Rock which were solid west coast vibes. “No Juice” was actually a catchy song and melodic vibe, I like the Chucc Dizzle fast pace flow and how it compliments the slower pace hook.

“Hand In Greed” started with a horror musical vibe with Hip-Hop overtones I like the creativity behind the production and look forward to seeing a video to this record. The Horror death rap scene is a mobilizing movement within underground Hip-Hop, I can see Mic Pro working within the niche. The production behind “Ego” was very dope I caught on to the hook instantly sound like an island collaboration of sounds. This would also be another fun interactive music video.

“Tippin” right off the back gave me an early 2000s feel of smooth productions, Even some of his lyrics felt like they were pulled from the Bad Boy aesthetic. The cruise vibe and P-Diddy vibes is like homage in todays climate. “Cherilyn Monroe” was a prostitute origin story who becomes part of much larger dark spectrum. This is a common theme in poverty because of the easy access to funds in a chaotic economy. What most people don’t know about Marylin Monroe she grew up in the city of Compton notorious for prostitution and poverty.

“Gurella Pimpin” was one of those raw Hip-Hop records with that high energy lyrics and animation. The production was gritty and matched the deliveries as I can see this being a good workout track. Mic Pro has an assort of different styles on this album  and we can’t wait see his growth within music. For more news updates and musicals campaigns follow Mic Pro on Spotify and keep up with the latest.

Rate 5/10

Manzu Beatz & DJ Flipcyide – “The Lost Gems” EP

Manzu Beatz teams up with DJ Flipcyide to bring you “The Lost Gems” EP featuring Hip Hop Legend Kool G Rap and Wu-Tang Affiliate Legends: Prodigal Sunn, 12 O’Clock, Thea Van Seijen, Bronze Nazareth, Solomon Childs, JoJo Pellegrino, T-Ross, Kevlaar 7, Heaven Razah aka Hell Razah, Timbo King & Darkim Be Allah

K1ng Zoe Drops Wanted “B1g Thangs” Music Video

Hailing from Miami, rising recording artist and radio owner K1ng Zoe gears up for a breakout Fall with the release of his buzzing single, titled, “B1g Thangs.” Produced by The Lamb’s Bigg D, the song displays an emerging sensation in savage mode. As a formal introduction to most, Zoe raps lethal bars about his arrival and what he has in store for Hip Hop.

The perfect introduction for newfound fans. “B1g Thangs” appears on Zoe’s latest project, Season of Revenge. The project has garnered over 500,000 streams on Spotify. After the stream, continue discovering everything about K1ng Zoe on Instagram.


Wish Master – “Write Pages” Prod. By Van Dam (Video Premiere)

One of the dopest lyricists out the UK, Wish Master‘s new single ‘Write Pages’ takes things to a Dickensian level, as the viewer is presented with a snapshot into the Bristol emcee’s past, present and future.

With a concept reminiscent of the classic novel A Christmas Carol, we hear Wish’s depth and artistry in his lyricism, which has helped support his rise in prominence over the past few years.

Supported with a life journeying video showing his progression from a boy to a man, Wish Master flows poetically over a flute-laden head-nodder produced by Van Dam.

‘Write Pages’ delivers a wholesome and uplifting message around being ‘the author of his own life’.

Filmed in part at the world famous university in his home town of Bristol, the video, as directed by Patch Up productions paints a vivid picture of Wish recreating some of the most memorable stages in his life. From a child to teenager to his present state and even a flash forward to Wish in a stately setting.

Released to coincide with Black History Month, this song ‘Write Pages’ aims to show how dedication is needed to reach your goals, inspiring others to see how anything is possible if you focus and put your mind to it!

Describing the themes of the track, Wish explains how the levels transcend his artistry…

“If life’s a journey this is about my growth from a child at school to finding my current path as an artist in adulthood.

But there is one common theme that links it all together – the power of the pen. Writing can be powerful, expressive, unapologetic.. and always honest.”

‘Write Pages’ is released one week after featuring in a series of appearances on BBC World News and the BBC Sunday Politics show. Following his appearance on the plinth which once held the Edward Colston statue, Wish Master was invited to a discussion with a counter-protestor, in order to see if the can find common ground…