Pnpmar Shares Complex Introspection On New Singles “Fire” & “Pain”

Rapper-songwriter Pnpmar shares his complex introspective process on his two latest tracks, “Pain” and “Fire.” The skilled artist recorded both songs in his bedroom during the pandemic, and spent his time analyzing his feelings of depression and pain, trying to figure out the root of his issues. From toxic people surrounding him to experiences of betrayal, Pnpmar cleanses his soul by identifying the problems in order to heal and move forward. The urban poet makes a strong statement by releasing these two songs, and builds a solid foundation from which to propel himself into the higher dimensions of the rap game in 2021, so stay tuned!

“Lord Have Mercy” From Losk33 Featuring Foogiano Is The Kind Hip-Hop We Love

Losk33′s and Foogiano’s joint drop “Lord Have Mercy” is a fiery track with an even hotter music video. The attitude and artistic strength these two young artists show are inspiring and motivational. Their dedicated work mixed with their natural, raw talent, is evident in every bit of their music. Swag is not enough to describe their style. With openness and sincerity in their straight-forward lyricism, the artists make it clear that they are serious about what they do and are ready to go till the end to make the track sound perfect. The high-class production and sound design are only proving that Losk33 and Foogiano both pay attention to the quality of each detail and value their music enough to fully concentrate on every aspect of it. “Lord Have Mercy” sounds like the street-rap genre enthusiasts dig, and is home to a sophisticated blend between modern elements mixed with fine instrumentals. If that sounds spicy enough for you, check-out the music and visuals below:

Vallyre Self Produced The Music Video For The Unforgettable “Bloodsweat”

When an artist knows their vision and has the full picture of the final result in mind, nothing can stop them. Vallyre is an excellent example of an artist who knows what she wants and goes after it no matter what. She alone released a music video for her hit single “Bloodsweat,” a sweet and dark, simple yet captivating song with similar visuals. The 44-second video perfectly resembles the song’s energy and helps the artist demonstrate her acting and dancing skills. The mise-en-scène is in red and black as Vallyre’s clothing, creating a certain atmosphere through color. The video is beautifully shot and produced. The only problem with it is that it is short and leaves you wanting more.