2020’s Top 5 Emerging Music Artists


LoveLeo, with only one single to his name, deserves to be on this list thanks to his debut “BOYFREN” which became a viral hit. The track topped both Spotify’s US and Global Viral charts. It is released via GODMODE, the indie development label known for collaborating with artists like Yaeji, Channel Tres, and more. 


Virtual creator for the virtual world. As we live in the most digitalized era, the culture also becomes influenced by reality. Miquela proudly owns the title of the world’s first virtually-created pop star. The digital avatar Instagram influencer has it all to make virtual pop go viral. 

3.Stephanie Poetri

Jakarta, Indonesia – born singer and songwriter Stephani Poetri showcases her natural talent in melodic storytelling. Her breakout hit “I Love You 3000” is lovely and transparent, making you root for her and her future success. 2020 was definitely a successful year for the artist. Hopefully, we’ll hear more from her in the future. 


Talented multi-genre creator binki from North Carolina left the music industry in awe with her indie pop, indie rock, funk, and hip-hop sounding releases. With lighthearted songwriting and musically diverse releases, the artist will make you want to dance and forget everything but her music. 


Singer-songwriter Dasango from NC left us all jaw-dropped with his release “Lifted.” Filled with groovy vocal performances, melodically rich soundscapes, and inspiring honesty, “Lifted” instantly grabs your attention and inspires. The track was released in collaboration with No Breaks Entertainment label. Hopefully, the successful partnerships will continue, and we’ll get more from the promising artist in 2021.