SIM Calls On Tanerélle & ZAIA For “SAMSARA”

Arriving on Earth from the Sirius star-system, emerging star SIM enlists buzzing recording artists Tanerélle & ZAIA for an out-of-this-world new single, “SAMSARA.” Produced by SIM-himself, the single details love on a multi-dimensional level as he remembers past lives of romance. The song draws newfound fans into SIM really is and what he brings to the table.

“When SIM reached out to me about ‘SAMSARA,’ I was so overcome with joy,” said Tanerélle. “We got to create a song about a concept I believe so deeply in, our lives; this one, the ones before, the ones that’ll come after, and the love we encounter in each one. It’s such an incredible tribute to love in all its forms.”

“SAMSARA” follows SIM’s 2001 hits “WORMHOLE” and “KARMA.” The new single is the perfect origin point for the SIM bandwagon. After the stream, continue to follow SIM’s journey on social media. Stream the new single below.

K.Comedy Taps Key Glock & Mak Sauce For “Hit You With The Blick”

The “Hit You With The Blick” challenge is one of the popular viral trends in the world. Now, the challenge’s creator, K.Comedy, takes the social challenge to the dancefloor with the release of the new song, “Hit You With The Blick” featuring Key Glock and Mak Sauce. Capitalizing on the popularity, K.Comedy makes his formal introduction with slick-talking raps over the dance-friendly uptempo production. Key Glock and Mak Sauce adds star-studded presence in braggadocious wordplay.

The guests on K.Comedy’s new hit are a dream come true for the rising star as his track embarks on an undeniable pace to the top. He explained:

“Coming from Mississippi, it was already a dream come true to have Hit You With The Blick go viral but now that this remix is coming with Key Glock and Mak Sauce it takes everything to a whole new level..”

For newfound fans, “HYWTB” is the perfect origin point to begin following the new artist’s journey. After the video, you may continue to follow K.Comedy’s next move on social media. The new single is merely the beginning for the southern talent with the promise of more new music to come in the coming months. All preparing for an expected debut project. “Hit You With The Blick” is available everywhere via Run-It-Up Records.

Key Glock appears on the single courtesy of PRE/EMPIRE. Mak Sauce appears on the song courtesy of Run-It-Up Records.

Feel free to check out the viral trend-turned-music video below.

Alexia Jayy Glorifies True Love In New Video “I Need A Man”

Alabama recording artist with so much soul Alexia Jayy stars as a hopeless romantic in the finding mister perfect new music video for the hit song “I Need A Man.”

The follow-up to standout singles “Who Raised You” and “It Ain’t Easy” is a Abraham Poythress-produced love song that appreciates a southern gentleman. Alexia Jayy is courted by an amazing lover that appeals to all the buzzing artist’s desired requests. The song’s catchy wordplay and soulful vocals promote manifestation.

“This record is about manifesting the perfect man,” said Alexia on the video’s concept. “Making kings understand that they are needed and helping couples realize that they have a good one on their side.”

“I Need A Man” had a phenomenal summer that garnered over a million views on TikTok. The new visual is a perfect jump-on point to Alexia Jayy’s bandwagon where you may continue to follow her journey on social media.

“I Need A Man” is co-written by the talented James “Jay Lyriq” Cohen.

Watch the new video below, and you may stream it here.

Emilio Rojas Has The Beamer, Honeys, & Bars In New Video “Creep With Me”

Emilio Rojas is a long-time elite-level East Coast lyricist that continues to establish dominance and accrue a cult-like following with every slick word that comes out of his mouth. Not only an emcee but hip hop historian, Rojas remembers the classic cut from Bronx natives and hip hop superstars Fat Joe and Big Pun, “Twinz,” with the drop of his homage song and music video “Creep With Me.” On the DJ Hoppa-produced track, Rojas takes us on a ride throughout the city with neck breaking slick rhymes about pulling up on the opps, women, and showing out.

On the Pico Shaw-directed visual, Rojas and an entourage of beautiful women cruise the streets in old-school beamers. Rojas displays undeniable star power in the look and raps while vixen twerk around and deliver the necessary eye candy. “Creep With Me” is inspired by the Fat Joe and Big Pun classic; however, it was the original track by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg called “Deep Cover” that inspired the Bronx legends’ hit.

In the song’s press release, Rojas explains: “One of my favorite moments in Hip-Hop is Big Pun’s flow on “Twinz.” As a latino artist, I was really inspired by Pun and Fat Joe coming-up; so I wanted to do that as an homage while also creating something that people can bump.”

“Creep With Me” prepares fans for the NYC stable rapper’s forthcoming project, Breaking Point 2, which follows his 2020 album, Recession Proof 2: Rob The Rich. Rojas released the sequel’s original in 2013 with DJ Green Lantern and Pharrell’s Billionaire Boys Club. For more on Emilio Rojas, follow the hip hop star on social media.

Watch “Creep With Me” below.

Music and Culture Journalist Tallie Spencer Launches “Show Some Love” Podcast

Music journalist and media host Tallie Spencer has launched a brand new podcast about love, dating, and relationships – within the entertainment industry.

Show Some Love is a podcast that invites guests to discuss love, relationships, and dating as it pertains to being a career-oriented individual in entertainment and/or media. Whether single, dating, or in a committed relationship, our audience includes career-oriented individuals interested in hearing new takes on relationships and dating from different perspectives — specifically from within the entertainment world.

Executive Produced by Bianca Bibbs and directed by Robert Thomas of Breakin Ground TV, ‘Show Some Love’ will feature “a series of open & honest conversations, with Tallie and her special guests discussing their personal experiences, covering everything from dating, to situationships, ghosting, gender norms, and other hot topics.”

For the first episode, Tallie is joined by rapper Seddy Hendrinx to define “situationships” and why they are so common in today’s generation of dating. The two discuss what defines a situationship and signs to know you’re in one.

Check out the podcast below.

Elsewhere in the episode, Tallie and Seddy discuss commitment, taking things to the next step, the blurred lines and expectations of situationships, and first date scenarios.

New episodes featuring a new guest within media and entertainment will be released every Wednesday. Listeners can stream and download ‘Show Some Love’ on all major podcast platforms.

Watch the first episode with Seddy Hendrinx below.

Shaun Milli & K Camp Drop New Single “Like Dat”

Shaun Milli, one of the year’s biggest breakout attractions in music, continues to establish a buzz with the release of the music video for the new hit “Like Dat” featuring K Camp. A direct follow-up to the TK Kravitz-featured hit “Soul Ties,” the song showcases luxurious black love. Stream it now on all platforms via  Milli Music Entertainment.

Directed by Todd Uno, the video shows the rising star at the PJ tarmac with his love interest, beautiful black dancers, and fascinating scenery while reflecting on what women want from men, such as experiencing new, fun, and happy times. The feel-good track is a song you can play alone in the car or dance to with your lover, enjoy at a party or club, and surely make you feel the positive energy and make you want to be in love. The new single is the perfect origin point for any newfound fan of the up-and-coming act.

“Soul Ties” and “Like Dat” prepares long-standing fans for the artist’s forthcoming project, which follows his 2020 debut EP, One in a Milli. The debut project spawned Shaun Milli’s early hit, “Love Me,” which racked up millions of views on TikTok.

“Like Dat” is currently in rotation on BET Jams. For more on Shaun Milli, follow him on social media. Watch the new video below.

ZAIA Brings Dark To Life In “Demons On Tuck” Visual

Fast-rising new artist ZAIA preps the forthcoming release of his breakout album American Psycho with the release of the audio-turned-visual hit “Demons On Tuck.” Produced by DealtByAce and Brain Tickle Studio, “Demons On Tuck” is a mind-bending mini-movie that syncs perfectly with hypnotizing production and leaves nothing to the imagination.

ZAIA’s latest release combines melancholy undertones and navigation through sorrowful situations. On the song’s creation, he shares, “I wrote #DOT for anyone that needs help pulling themselves out of dark spaces; people that help going through bad experiences a little easier.”

“Demons On Tuck” will appear on the Atlanta act’s upcoming album, American Psycho. Gearing up to ZAIA’s most impactful work yet, the upcoming release follows his 2020 project, Very Alone, which spawned the hits “DEMONS,” “JUMBO,” and “WINGZ.” Very Alone has surpassed over 23 million streams on Spotify since its release.

ZAIA’s song and video are available on all platforms via Delirium Records/AWAL. Check out “Demons On Tuck” below, and afterward, follow ZAIA on social media for daily updates and more.

R&B To EDM Jessica Peros’ “Wildest Dreams” Hits Different

Meet Jessica Peros, the Greek and Puerto Rican multi-faceted artist who brought all the vibes with her new single “Wildest Dreams.”

Peros, who over the summer dropped an R&B-based EP ‘Should’ve Known Better’, decided to try something new and tap into the EDM world. And all we can say is.. SHEESH.

The record “Wildest Dream” was inspired by releasing trauma and breaking free from toxicity, Jessica says in a recent interview. The beautiful songstress is no stranger when it comes to sharing her heartbreak and emotions about her past relationships. The new record embraces the beauty after salvaging what’s left after breakups and proving that by healing with self-love, changes your inner peace and soul for the better.

Jessica Peros is here to show that moving on is necessary for growth, finding your authentic self is key to leveling up and it all starts with one person, YOU. We can tell whoever hurt this diva will regret it because Jessica Peros won’t be looking back, not even in her wildest dreams.

Check out the record “Wildest Dreams” below and follow Jessica Peros for more updates and releases.

 Global Kingz Marketing

Steven “Thurough” Thauriaux started Global Kingz marketing in 2019. Realizing there was a need for honest, genuine marketers in the Hip Hop industry. Thurough is no stranger to the entertainment world, at the age of 18, he was signed to an independent record label with Sony distributorship.

After his arrest, he voided his contract, and the record label dropped him. Eager to get back into the rap game, he kept on making dope music, gaining recognition locally.

He started paying for his own marketing and growing his fan base. He also started a family and rapping wasn’t paying the bills. Thauriaux had plenty of friends that made music and continued to see them struggle.

From his experience, he knew most marketing opportunities would just be someone selling you a dream and telling you what you want to hear just to take money from you. No one cared for talented, struggling artists. Thurough’s love for music just couldn’t let him stop being involved. Thurough recorded his last song in 2016.

Took 3 years off, but would still ghostwrite for many artists. He saw the need for legit marketers. So as a rapper with over 12 years of experience, he decided to start helping artists get out there and learning how to use Google ads and other forms of marketing. He is one of the very few legit marketers in the hip-hop industry. He doesn’t do marketing for money, although there is a cost involved.

He only works with artists he hand-picks because he believes in their music. He believes any marketers that will promote garbage music are scammers because they should tell you your music isn’t worth promoting.

Thurough has worked alongside plenty of artists and, honestly, too many to mention. He focuses on young talented artists that genuinely need support because they’re not sure what to do next or what’s a scam or not. Thurough has a huge advantage being that he himself rapped for years and has first-hand experience with most of these scams; evidently, he knows what works vs what won’t work.

Most marketers tell you what you want to hear just to take your money. Thurough is one of the only few marketers that will tell you the truth whether you buy a service or not, he’s here to help artists. Thurough focuses on teaching artists how to run their own youtube ads so they can save money in the long run, he’s truly changing the music marketing game one artist at a time. He works with artists one on one for the best results.

He is very open and honest with his strategy and will not keep any secrets like most marketers. If you’re an upcoming artist, model, or influencer, don’t look any further for the realest marketer. He has been on both sides of the fence, so he truly does what’s best for his clients regardless if he makes money off of his advice or not.

ZAIA Releases Eerie New Song “Demons On Tuck”

Atlanta recording artist ZAIA and his buzzing new sound have accumulated over 356,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. Today, he returns with a magnetic new single called “Demons On Tuck.” Reminiscence of early Kid Cudi, ZAIA’s new release negatives listeners through dark times with hypnotizing production, a mix of melancholy undertone, and harmonizing vocals. The perfect introduction for newfound fans eager to discover the next big star coming out of the ATL.

On the song’s concept, ZAIA explains, “I wrote #DOT for anyone that needs help pulling themselves out of dark spaces; people that help make going through the worst experiences a little easier.”

ZAIA’s new single is the direct follow-up to the artist’s 2020 project, Very Alone. The previous release featured nine tracks, including standout songs “DEMONS,” “JUMBO,” and “WINGZ.” Very Alone features a guest appearance by Valee (“Womp, Womp”). “Demons On Tuck” is a prelude to ZAIA’s forthcoming project, as-yet-titled, which is currently in the works.

For more on ZAIA, follow him on social media.

Feel free to stream the new single below.