June Popi – Mayday (LP)

Oklahoma recording artist June Popi has spent the majority of 2020 developing an irresistible buzz for himself with breakout hits like “Dirty Birds” and “Calvin Klein.” And with a couple of hits and accrued following, the new sensation makes his formal introduction in the strong debut album, titled, Mayday. In the debut, Popi answers all the proposed questions from critics. Dedicated, he cements his arrival and become the breakout star he self-proclaimed to be in previous songs.

Impressive. Alongside the hit singles, the 26-minute debut includes, 10 new songs with breakout cuts “Round Here,” “SKR SKR” and “90s Baby.” Apart of the new school of Dirty South artists, June Popi displays charisma, grit and excitement in every verse he raps. Mayday makes June Popi a big draw in the current landscape and while trending, he will ascend to be one of the most sought-after prospects in the majors. Available on 5150, the debut is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan. Stream it here and follow June Popi on Instagram.

Triple R BabyBoy – Bottom Boy (LP)

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only altered the music industry, but it has also created a leveled playing field for all artists to start and ascend to the top equally. Established stars set to compete against new artists like Maryland recording artist Triple R BabyBoy for dominance. And with catchy new music like the Baltimore-native’s debut album, Bottom Boy, the new artist isn’t making the fight for Hip-Hop an easy one.

For the debut, BabyBoy delivers 13 new tracks that showcase the rising star’s diversity. Here he is able to display his street-smarts on tracks like “No Cap” and “Get To The Money,” and the vulnerable side on tracks like “Dream Girl.” Overall, the project is the perfect origin story for newly discovered fans as he is set to become one of the 2020s most popular new artists.

Watch “Dream Girl” now.

Rowdy, captivating and magnetic, Triple R BabyBoy credits a lot of his newfound success to his creativity and strong following on social media. Bottom Boy features guest appearances by @LuckyTheOne, @XLIBand, @ThatBoyPoppa and @BoxCheckEverything.Triple R BabyBoy’s debut is streaming now everywhere on Silent Entertainment, exclusive license to Beatroot, LLC.

FSG Rell – More Than A Rapper

FSG Rell, an intriguing new Pottstown, Pennsylvania artist, has arisen from obscurity in 2020 with an aggressive street flow, crafty wordplay, unique charisma, and an undeniable grassroots following. In the underground, Rell built an unstoppable presence from the ground up with a collection of popular songs like, “Win,” “Fed Up” and the latest track “Big Money Shit.” Acknowledged by Hip-Hop in 2017, the rising star has released five albums which include last year’s breakout project, Ambition Over Fear. Today, the thriving star releases his anticipated new album, properly-titled, More Than A Rapper.

Rell’s new album follows his 2019 effort, Lil Schwenko, and regarded as the new artist’s best work yet. “More Than A Rapper is an album that I sought to showcase more of my lyrical side of music instead of just trying to make hits,” FSG Rell explains. “More Than A Rapper tells my story in life, I give insight into my street life, my love life, what I think is missing and also how my confidence about myself came about. This album also has more videos on this project than any of my other projects with four of them. I upgraded my features from other projects to more well-known artists such as battle rapper K Shine, more well known upcoming artists such as Ahna Mac.”

More Than A Rapper includes 13 new songs with new fan-favorites, “For You,” “Double 9’s” and “Partners in Crime.” Stream it here on FSG The Label. For more FSG Rell news, follow the new sensation on Instagram.

Lourdiz & Jon Z Take Off From “Ground Control”

After making a statement with a string of hits in “I’m Pissed” and “Suicide Down,” fast-rising 18-year-old sensation, Lourdiz, keeps the momentum coming with her experimental new visual for new single, “Ground Control.”

The SLEEPxTITE-directed video pulls from Lourdiz’s family’s heritage and bilingual upbringing, the genre-bending Mexican-American showcases her signature style of experimental Hip-Hop. Jon Z, a new bilingual star known for his breakout performance on YG’s “Go Loko,” adds star power to the track with a magnetic verse.

On making “Ground Control,” Lourdiz says, “When I wrote the song I wanted to find a way to blend elements from the music I grew up listening to with the artists I love today. My family’s Mexican culture is a big part of my identity, it’s who I am and where I came from, so it’s all about blending my past and my future. I’m very grateful for the experience of writing this record with Jon Z. It was a very grounding process and bringing in his vibe was the key.”

Lourdiz’s new single builds up anticipation for her forthcoming new project, slated for late-2020. And with Jon Z, the new project will feature Lil Gotit and many more. For daily updates on everything Lourdiz, follow the rising star on social media.

Jon Z appears via Chosen Few Emerald Entertainment, Inc/EMPIRE.

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Aisha Nicole is Edgy & Beautiful In “Missed Out” Video

After drawing attention with her amazing voice, irresistible looks and hot song “Say Less.” Sensation new recording artist, Aisha Nicole, keeps the momentum going with another breakout hit in the new single called “Missed Out.”

In the new visual, Aisha plays a new woman, fresh off a break-up, ready to have some fun with her girls; however, the past continues to haunt her as her ex makes fable efforts to get her back. Tired of the drama, the new sensation shows him what he lost and what he’ll never have again. “They always try to come back around after you have moved on from the situation after they realize what they had could’ve been a good thing,” says Aisha about the song’s concept.

Who is Aisha Nicole? Hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina, Aisha Nicole represents the region that has produced today’s biggest acts in J. Cole, DaBaby and Rapsody with a demanding persona, lusty vocals and phenomenal songwriting abilities. Nicole developed a following with breakout song, “Out of the Blue,” crediting her influences legendary singers Lauryn Hill, Aaliyah and Erykah Badu. The emerging star has been featured on several high-profile publications and recognized as one of 2020’s breakout stars by multiple award-winning tastemakers.

Like “Say Less,” “Missed Out” builds anticipation for Nicole promising debut, arriving late-2020. Following “Missed Out” is Nicole’s fiery quick follow-up, titled, “Realist.” Aisha Nicole’s new single is streaming now on Enigma Entertainment. For new fans, “Missed Out” is the perfect origin point for a skyrocketing ride to the top. To stay up-to-date on everything Aisha Nicole, follow the amazing new artist today on Instagram and Twitter.

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Kahri 1k & Lex Luger Create VA Magic That’s “Out The Way”

Kahri 1k, the new sensation signed to Pusha T’s new Heir Wave Music Group, teams up with multi-platinum superproducer Lex Luger for potentially his biggest hit yet in the new song, titled, “Out The Way.” Ahead of his anticipated new album, the two Virginia stars display undeniable presence with heavy bass and street tales. Showcasing chemistry that can easily transform into a future collaboration project.

Directed by Tim Rice, Kahri 1k creates his own quarantine isolation, including a couple of beautiful women and all the homies. Living in a lavish mansion, Kahri 1k plays around all-day with big boy whips, stacks of cash and so much more. “Out The Way” is a new essential for the rising star.

Available on Heir Wave Music Group, the new single follows Kahri 1k’s recent release “Fort Nite.” All the new music and recent surge in popularity sets up an anticipated new album, coming late-2020. For updates and everything else Kahri 1k, follow the new star on social media.

Watch “Out The Way” now.

Meet Rising Multi-Instrumentalist And Rapper Hipster Conspiracy

Hipster Conspiracy has just dropped new music. Her debut album is called Dysphoria, and tells the story of her experience regarding the acceptance of her sexual identity, a path filled with obstacles, substance abuse, depression, and anxiety. However dark her past is, her debut record is proof that hope prevails, and that is thanks to the healing power of music, sound, and self-expression. 

A determined and ambitious soul, Hipster Conspiracy is finally able to share Dysphoria, an album which took years of her life to create and polish, without forgetting to mention that since she is a multi-instrumentalist, she has recorded each instrument of the soundtrack. 


A new visual presentation that delves deep into the mind and story-telling of the fresh new recording artist OnlyJahmez, as well as the futuristic flow and highly influential persona in today’s hip hop he is currently breaking out in. In the video, the Sloppy Vinyl act takes us on a walk on the wild side and shows us the light in the dark that will ascend him to superstardom. “Dark Promises” is inspired by Lil Uzi Vert which is shown in the student Jahmez’s innovative vocal style.

Hailing from New Jersey, OnlyJahmez has built a stunning catalog that includes features from big names Fatboy SSE, Yvng Swag and many more. “Dark Promises” follows the previously released “Diana.” “Dark Promises” is available now everywhere. For more OnlyJahmez, follow him on Instagram.

Watch the new video now.

Solemn – “Hometown”

Solemn, a compelling new rapper/producer act, has become one of the much-talked new artists with his refreshing sound, dramatic backstory and consistent hitmaking. After capturing fan’s hearts with the popular song, “Nowhere,” Solemn keeps fan’s in suspense with the release of his new single called “Hometown.” Solemn’s new song is displays the emotional return to your hometown as a successful and changed person. A relatable theme, Solemn captures the essence of realism using a true story background and creating his second hit in a promising career. “Hometown” is written, produced and arranged by Solemn-himself.

The new single is available everywhere on Thrift Soul.

After listening, for more Solemn music news, follow the rising star daily on Instagram.

June Popi – “Calvin Klein”

A Valch Vallav directorial. The new Oklahoma City rapper June Popi drops the audio-turned-visual presentation for “Calvin Klein.” In the dark visual, June Popi hits the block and things get bizarre. A solo cinematic feature, June displays an undeniable street persona that matches the mood of the music perfectly. Nothing fabricated about this new star coming from the unknown. The latest visual follows previous videos “NAWF” and “Racks.” “Calvin Klein” is a perfect transition into the anticipated late-2020 project on the way. 
Referencing the iconic fashion brand, on “Calvin Klein,” June Popi raps about fashion drugs, serving the fiends and enjoying the fruits of his labor, showcased within his lavish lifestyle.  Produced by Atlanta’s DJGQthekid, “Calvin Klein” is a dark, disruptive and ambitious song that epitomizes Popi’s real-life trapper image. June Popi prides himself as “The Big Trapper” which he often hashtags on social media. Popi heavily indulges in coded wordplay in majorly of his content which fans have come to adore and recite proudly.

Check out the new video below and follow the rising star today on Instagram.