Artist Spotlight: Big Steilo: “Critical” & “Trenches”

The press release accompanying Big Steilo’s new track “Critical” described it as a ‘true artistic act, deeply moving and equally inspirational, thanks to Steilo’s honesty, truth seeking and illusion-breaking approach. He talks about his spirit and energy, and how many have disappointed him, pretending they love him, when in fact it is quite the opposite.’

The music video can be described in a similar way, as Big Steilo deals with his truths, describes the way he feels, and circles around his problems by explaining them to himself. The visuals display him talking to his reflection in the mirror, cruising around the city at night, and visiting a cemetery – all those elements put together into an emotional video of a man who tries to move on with his troubled mind. 

Let’s talk about Big Steilo’s style for a second. We are hooked with the way he slothers all over the microphone; both of the tracks feature a real killer flow, sharp lyrics, and some pretty dope punchlines. Even when he raps about his downhills, being at the bottom and fighting his way up – he stays focused, and doesn’t let himself lose it. 

On “Trenches,” he continues on delivering what he showed on “Critical” –   big charisma, good performing skills, smooth rhymes, and captivating storytelling. The plot again focuses on his way to jump up and build himself a household name. Despite continuing a very similar theme as the one he used for “Critical,” on “Trenches,” Big Steilo’s attitude changes. He speeds up, is more aggressive, but articulates his lyrics in a passionate and emotional way paced by faster and more bumpy beats. 

According to HipHop1997: Both ‘Critical’ and ‘Trenches’ are going to be featured on Big Steilo’s upcoming album Dogpound 2, so stay tuned! 

Chicago’s Hip-Hop Scene Can Be Proud To Count Black King Savior Among Its Talented Artists – “Going Crazy”

The Chicago Hip-Hop scene can be proud to count Black King Savior among its talented artists, representing his community and supporting the BLM movement with his latest release, “Going Crazy.” Black King Savior has dedicated his energy during many years to strengthening the unity and organization of the afro-american communities in their fight against police brutality, long before the BLM movement. 

However, he reached a tipping point when watching George Floyd’s video, and out of despair, wrote “Going Crazy.” This track can and will be the anthem of the millions of people fighting for equal rights in the United States, and that’s a well-deserved fact knowing the honest, and raw authenticity Black King Savior has been proving during the various projects he led for many years. Lyrically aggressive and brutally honest, “Going Crazy” is a debut masterpiece by one of Hip-Hop’s brightest Chicago-based artists.  

Actor/Artist Aubrey Omari Shares Debut Tracklist, ‘XXI’

After generating interest with previously released singles, “Aston Martin,” “Work” and “Cold.” Well-known Brooklyn recording artist Aubrey Omari makes his debut with the release of his inaugural project, titled, XXI. Today the new artist Omari — best-known for his starring role as Cloak in the popular Marvel/Freeform series, Cloak and Dagger — unveils the tracklist for his anticipated debut. The announcement comes paired with self-directed music videos for “Cold” and “I Waited / Benz,” which features a clip from his Breakfast Club interview as well as still images of Breonna Taylor and childhood friend Pop Smoke.

XXI features buzzworthy acts Mduduzi Madela, NAJ, Féras Chatila, and Lamii. Critics call Aubrey Omari’s sound: futuristic, eclectic and magnetic.

XXI tracklist:

  1. I
  2. Aston Martin
  3. Work
  4. Cold
  5. Good
  6. Benz
  7. Talk Ft. NAJ & Feras Chatila
  8. Koto Night Lights
  9. Bliind Interlude
  10. I Waited
  11. Dangerous Ft. Lamiii
  12. Nobody/Home
  13. XXI

Watch the self-directed video, “Cold” below.

XXI by Aubrey Omari is available everywhere this Friday (July 24).

KI Back At It – Just Getting Started (EP)

Introducing KI Back At It, a new sensation hailing from New Jersey, with a slick flow, undeniable charisma and brand new sound. After establishing himself the past few years with a must-hear collection of projects, most notably includes, Destroy and Rebuild New Jersey and Signed to Myself. In 2020, the rising star delivers his best work yet in the release of his latest project, titled, Just Getting Started.

The perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan. Just Getting Started is a seven-track collection filled with snappy bars, heavy bass production and a feel-good vibe that hasn’t been heard from a new artist coming out of the East Coast since the early part of the decade. Ki Back At It is electrifying on street-smart tracks like “I Want It All,” “To Cocky” and “Think They Want War.” His standout track on the project is the explosive cut, “World on My Shoulders” which he claims responsibility of bringing the East Coast back to the forefront of music with his refreshing street presence. Clearly exhibiting the hustler’s mentality that has given us legends before him like 50 Cent, Fat Joe, Nas and so many more.

This is Ki Back At It’s defining moment to-date. A rabbit hole project that will send fans researching previous works within in catalog and learn the complete history of the up-and-coming star. Another noteworthy project to review the following Just Getting Started is last year’s money-motivated effort, titled, Getting to the Bag.

Just Getting Started features a guest appearance by the talented recording artist, Choose Quality. Ki Back At It’s new project is streaming now on his own imprint. After the stream, for more on this hot new artist, follow the star daily on Twitter and Instagram.

Take a listen to the new project now, courtesy Spotify.

WishGranted – P.W.R.R. (EP)

From gifted underground sensation to promising triple threat, Baltimore’s WishGranted navigates the grind, pressures, late-nights and early mornings of his music career told in the new project, titled, P.W.R.R. (Produce Write Record Repeat). A project perfect for these trying times, WishGranted creates an underdog project that connects worlds through a similar story drawn out in five all-new songs.

A follow-up to his 2019 debut, Wishful Thinking. For his second effort, the writer/producer/engineer delivers a deeply personal project that shares intimate thoughts, stories and emotions. Everything on the project self-made, WishGranted proves his incredible abilities as a recording artist and foreshadows his presence at the top of the charts that awaits him. On tracks like “Eagle Vision” and “My Word,” the rising star shines brightest with slick wordplay, catchy production and realism. “A lot of this project is focused on self-confidence,” he says about making the album. “This is for people like me that’s out here struggling but they got dreams. A big part of why I make music is I just want to help somebody. This is my way of giving back in these crazy times.”

P.W.R.R. is set to bring light into other’s life and hope into their hearts during a world that needs it most. WishGranted wrote in the album’s press release, “The goal is to give people hope and relief from the normal day to day stress. The first song is Never Stress and that’s the energy I want people to walk away from this EP while also getting a glimpse of my view of the world. I hope y’all enjoy.”

P.W.R.R. features Lydia Zeller and The Rap Game’s Deetranada. For everything WishGranted, follow the climbing artist on Instagram and Twitter for daily updates.

P.W.R.R. is available now on all DSPs via WishGranted Music.

King Beli Goes Swimming With Renni Rucci & B.W.A For “Juice Her Up”

King Beli is an inevitable new artist destined to reach the top of the genre in 2020 with his popular songs like “Smackdown” and his newest single, “Juice Her Up.”

As the song creeps onto airwaves nationwide, Beli and the crew invites us to an NSFW swim party for the new visual of his new single, “Juice Her Up.” Swim good, the snappy and street-smart new rapper is drowning in women at the party which can’t get enough of him. Powerfully stylish Renni Rucci and B.W.A appear in the visual for their guest verses with fiery raps and iced-out jewelry.

Watch it below. “Juice Her Up” is King Beli’s breakout single and sets up his highly-anticipated new debut album, arriving late-2020 on Derty North Entertainment. Beli’s new song is produced by Dee Money. For more on King Beli, follow the new sensation on Instagram.

Renni Rucci appears courtesy of Wolf Pack Global Music Group.

L.A. P1 Says The World Ain’t Ready with “Hold Me Down”

Before his highly-anticipated project, World Ain’t Ready. New Los Angeles recording artist P1 dabbles with his romantic side on the new visual for the project’s lead single, titled, “Hold Me Down.” The song delivers a signature style of melodic hooks and raw raps by P1, while essentially seeking reassurance the leading lady in his life won’t fold under pressure.

Shot by Brainztem, the intimate visual shows fans a softer side of the new artist as he and his leading lady embark on a deeply passionate sexual encounter, connecting them on more than just a physical level. Maintaining a hardened exterior, P1’s grown and sexy approach resembles a similar classic by West Coast legend Nate Dogg and 50 Cent called “21 Questions.” Perfect jump-on point for newfound fans as we prepare for P1 full-length best yet.

“Hold Me Down” follows the previous street hits “Street Niggas” and “Big On Big.” The new single is streaming now on Treacherous Records. World Ain’t Ready arrives late-2020. For more on P1, follow the rising star on Twitter.

Watch the new video today.

Colorado Skies – “Motion”

With a cultlike fan base waiting a patient 2020 for the lyrically magnificent yet southern-fried trio’s Summer project, Colorado Skies are finally putting the finishing touches on their new collection and feeding fans an appetizer in new song “Motion.” A group composed of North Texas’ artists @Tr4pwolf, @ogxice and @okaybigjay, ahead of the anticipated untitled project, the new song displays a crafty concept about the hustle. Together, from beginning to end, Colorado Skies is powerful, swift and outstanding.

A bonafide hit. Colorado Skies is bringing the song to life in a stunning new music video coming soon. Shot in Dallas by the legendary Dance Dailey, “Motion” sets up the trio’s forthcoming project, slated for late-2020 on the group’s own imprint. “Motion” follows the group’s 2019 effort, Glo, a 12-track project which features fan-favorites like, “Test 1,” “Roadrage” and “Midnight in Paris.” For more on Colorado Skies, follow the new act today on Instagram. “Motion” is streaming now everywhere.

June Popi – Mayday (LP)

Oklahoma recording artist June Popi has spent the majority of 2020 developing an irresistible buzz for himself with breakout hits like “Dirty Birds” and “Calvin Klein.” And with a couple of hits and accrued following, the new sensation makes his formal introduction in the strong debut album, titled, Mayday. In the debut, Popi answers all the proposed questions from critics. Dedicated, he cements his arrival and become the breakout star he self-proclaimed to be in previous songs.

Impressive. Alongside the hit singles, the 26-minute debut includes, 10 new songs with breakout cuts “Round Here,” “SKR SKR” and “90s Baby.” Apart of the new school of Dirty South artists, June Popi displays charisma, grit and excitement in every verse he raps. Mayday makes June Popi a big draw in the current landscape and while trending, he will ascend to be one of the most sought-after prospects in the majors. Available on 5150, the debut is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan. Stream it here and follow June Popi on Instagram.

Triple R BabyBoy – Bottom Boy (LP)

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only altered the music industry, but it has also created a leveled playing field for all artists to start and ascend to the top equally. Established stars set to compete against new artists like Maryland recording artist Triple R BabyBoy for dominance. And with catchy new music like the Baltimore-native’s debut album, Bottom Boy, the new artist isn’t making the fight for Hip-Hop an easy one.

For the debut, BabyBoy delivers 13 new tracks that showcase the rising star’s diversity. Here he is able to display his street-smarts on tracks like “No Cap” and “Get To The Money,” and the vulnerable side on tracks like “Dream Girl.” Overall, the project is the perfect origin story for newly discovered fans as he is set to become one of the 2020s most popular new artists.

Watch “Dream Girl” now.

Rowdy, captivating and magnetic, Triple R BabyBoy credits a lot of his newfound success to his creativity and strong following on social media. Bottom Boy features guest appearances by @LuckyTheOne, @XLIBand, @ThatBoyPoppa and @BoxCheckEverything.Triple R BabyBoy’s debut is streaming now everywhere on Silent Entertainment, exclusive license to Beatroot, LLC.