The Kid | The Kid and Friends — Review

Back again with fresh beats and a new sound concept, The Kid is ready to dazzle his listeners with his latest album “The Kid and Friends”. Packed with 11 songs of different yet matching vibes, this album is a must-have for hip hop and rap lovers all around. 

Starting off with “Dark”, the heavy acoustic beginning sets you off into a deep trans of wonderment. The strings later fade away, only to make way for The Kid to spill some rhymes. The overall feeling that the song generates will truly get you hyped up on a day of exercise or hard work.

Next up on the list, “Oh Brothah!” portrays a feel of early rap and reminisces the good ol’ rap sentiments. For a chilled back gathering, this song is a definite replay. Among the favorites of many of his followers, The Kid pairs up with various artists—G Perico and Pineapple Jam–—to include the track “Stay Dangerous” on this album. The eccentric backdrop of electric guitar accompanied with dangerous lyrics from different artists, truly makes this song one for the crowds. For a calmer approach, “Blue” is the one to please many on the album. With the sounds of theMIND and Daddio Smoov, The Kid delivers a rather laidback track than the rest of his songs. Moving on to the song “Yeah”, the chorus start of this track will take the listeners back to reminisce his past song “In The Waves” in the album “The Kid” which dropped back in 2018. However, once the initial “ease-in” fades out, The Kid along with Michael Christmas and Blanco Black pout it out for their rap fanatics and hip hop enthusiasts.

The album ideally complements The Kid’s sound and attitude. With a mixture of relaxing tunes and upbeat tracks, this album is an unquestionable addition to any hip hop lover’s collection.

Emerging Urban Creative Drops Latest Joint With Visuals “2 AM”

KingAudi recently released his latest project, the track and music video titled “2 AM.” After launching his career in the game with the debut track “DaygoSuperstar,” in 2020, KingAudi is now giving fans a full picture of the wide range of his capabilities as an urban artist, rapper, poet, and performer, who can do it all and beyond. 

In just one track, “2 AM” takes the listener on a trip through multiple moods, with a soulful and catchy record displaying the rapper’s impactful flow, never straining for effect and yet fully authentic. Interestingly, he also listens to other genres of music such as renaissance music, and Mozart, Beethoven, or Bach.

“2 AM” is a song he wrote to convey the feeling he gets when cruising late at night in his hometown of San-Diego. When asked about the different tracks he created and his creative process, the rising urban artist says, “I feel like there is no difference because every song got my energy and mind put into it. It’s like ripping out a piece of me and putting it on a beat every track.”

Always creating his very own aesthetics blending urban culture with his personal life experiences, KingAudi is currently working on his upcoming full album. 

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Astrokidjay – “No Love No Trust Freestyle” (Music Video)

Fresh out the gate and receiving co-signs from heavyweights like Murda Beatz, up-and-coming Toronto recording artist Astrokidjay and his braggadocious style is quickly emerging as a hip-hop’s artist-to-watch in 2021. Today, the new star delivers a new visual to his best work yet with “No Love No Trust (Freestyle).” Stream it here.

In the new video, Astrokidjay flexes his exotic whips, floors of blue faces and pick of women for every day of the week. Along with the accessories, the newcomer drops a series of fresh verses filled with hustler’s ambition, extreme confidence and more. The kid shoots for the moon and lands among the stars on this one.

The new single is more of his fire sale of new music by Astrokidjay, which is a lead-up to the anticipated album. “No Love No Trust Freestyle” is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan. Stream the single everywhere via Karmaxwave.

Watch the new visual below and for more on Astrokidjay on Instagram.

Pitt tha Kid ft. Lil Wayne & Talaban Dooda – “Run” (Official Video)

The best rapper alive, Lil Wayne, helps usher in the arrival of platinum producer-turned-recording artist Pitt Tha Kid in the release of the juxtaposition visual to the debut single, titled “Run.” For the collaboration, Pitt, the man behind hits for Young Thug, Big Sean and 2 Chainz, brings Wayne and newcomer Taleban Dooda into his world, where nothing but pure mayhem ensues. Stream it here.

Directed by Thelonius Poon, the debut is an amazing first impression by the 5x platinum producer. Over the high-scale production of new wave elements-meets-classic hip hop boom-bap, Lil Wayne takes lead with a signature verse and hook with Taleban adding a catchy verse of his own to make the song a bonafide hit. And with one of the biggest names in music on your debut, Pitt Tha Kid is definitely a name we are going to see on the top of the charts in no time.

“Run” is only the beginning for the Toronto artist. Pitt Tha Kid promises more new music in 2021, which will lead to a forthcoming album. Until then, Pitt’s debut is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan. “Run” is available on all DSPs via own imprint. For more on Pitt Tha Kid, follow him on Instagram.

Lil Wayne appears courtesy of Universal Music Group. Watch the new visual for “Run” below.

Clay James Taps G-Man On The Beat For “Hold Me Down” Visual

Not too long ago, emerging rhyme slayer, Clay James, went viral on Twitter for his unbelievable freestyle abilities. Today, he shows newfound fans that the bars weren’t just a fluke, he can make hit music too. For the upcoming film, Out On The Lim, James links up with G-Man On The Beat from Front Pierce to talk to the women for a little bit on the stylistic new visual, properly titled “Hold Me Down.”

Available via Playas Circle Music Group, the Reese Davis-directed visual stars Clay James as a man on a mission looking for one woman who will right beside him when he takes on the world. Linking up with G-Man On The Beat, James raps about being approached by the baddest of the baddests women and that the popularity, make-up and enhancements don’t impress him at all. But give him a woman with morals, goals and perspective, and he will love and appreciate her like the queen she is. The visual is a direct follow-up to James’ viral freestyle over the “Dogecoin” freestyle.

“Hold Me Down” is merely a glimpse of what Clay James has in store for the next generation of Hip Hop. Originally from Savannah, James was discovered by the Atlanta icon-himself Big Boi of the legendary duo Outkast. It was Big Boi who hand-picked “Hold Me Down” for the film’s soundtrack. James explains:

“Hold me down is a special record to me because it was produced by my little cousin G-man On Tha Beat, and this is our first released record together. On top of that for my music video, I was styled by my high school friend Christy Marshall. So this one is a real family affair.”

Along with supplying music, James is also set to co-star in the upcoming film as the character Tommy. Out On A Lim stars Jamal Woolard (Notorious). The coming-of-age drama is about an ex-high school football star who discovers that one bad decision can have dire consequences. Slated for this Summer, for more on the film and Clay James, follow the rising star on Instagram.

Watch the video for “Hold Me Down” below.

Sean Paul/Flo-rida Collaborator Trackdilla Drops “Someone Like You” Visual

Trackdilla is in full bloom on the release of his new visual, titled “Someone Like You.” A follow-up to his breakout hit “Spend My Money,” the international star brings his star power to the surface with a snappy love song about unexpectedly finding that special someone. It’s the perfect introduction to today’s mainstream audience.

For the new single, an eager Trackdilla shows off some fancy footwork to sweep the woman right off her feet with the help of some romantic gestures and love language. The song displays the new act’s dark smoldering appeal, magnetic vocal abilities and amazing songwriting skills. “Someone Like You” is destined to appear at the top of all R&B charts in 2021. Trackdilla’s star power is not something new, just finally recognized by the masses.

Outside the song, a brief backstory on Trackdilla, he traveled to the USA via Africa to pursue his musical dreams. While hanging out at Drake’s Yolo Estate he met and strongly connected with Dre London who’s behind Post Malone success. On October 20th, 2020 Trackdilla won the best new music video with the Hapa Awards. Definitely, a great addition to add to your 2021 playlist.

The new single is slated to appear on Trackdilla’s forthcoming EP arriving later this year on his own imprint. After the view, continue to follow Trackdilla and his superstardom on social media for daily updates and so much more.

Lavish The MDK Drops ‘33476’ Latest, “How I’m Living” Video

Florida rapper Lavish The MDK pulls out another hit from his breakout 2020 project 33476 in the new visual for the track “How I’m Living.” In the new release, Lavish takes a look back at the journey to the top. Raps about those who couldn’t be here, the darkest times and finally receiving the finer things in life. Fellow popular Florida recording artist Lunchmoney Lewis cameos.

A fan-favorite track. Lavish hits the water with his crew, draped in O’Neal racing apparel, raps about the friends who can’t be on the yacht and the next phase of his career, which includes platinum plaques and countless hits on top of Billboard. Lavish The MDK’s 33476 is filled with hit singles like “How I’m Living.”

Available on LunchBox Records, the 12-track project includes guest appearances by Tia and Tamera, with notable mentions like “Getting To The Bag,” “Sister Sister” and “Bout That Life.” Watch the new video below, afterward, follow Lavish daily on Instagram.

Take a look at the new visual for “How I’m Living” below.

Watch A.Chal’s New Visual For “Tappd’n”

A.Chal is the frontman of the hottest new act in music, Gazi World. Preparing for his solo campaign, the emerging star introduces himself to the mainstream landscape as his own star with his debut release, titled “Tappd’n.” For the visual, the Peruvian star reconnects with the streets and shows the fame hasn’t changed him and displays the undeniable star power that grassroots fans have adored as the frontman.

In the Sammo Fidel-directed visual, A.Chal hits the streets of New York in a green Lamborghini and taps in with his community and keeps his ears to the streets. The video displays the artist’s authenticity as he drives home the motto: “determination outweighs lack of resources every time.” It’s the perfect introduction to any newfound fan unfamiliar with A.Chal and Gazi World which allows him to shine and for us to explore his background with the group.

On the visual concept, A.Chal says, “I needed to make a video that inspired everyone to tap in. Raise your head, stick your chest out, and get work – no excuses! This video cost no money to make but took hard work to accomplish. Everything is possible.”

A must-see. “Tappd’n” sets up more hot new music to come from A.Chal in 2021. The latest single is available everywhere courtesy of Gazi World Inc. “I needed to make a video that inspired everyone to tap in. Raise your head, stick your chest out, and get work – no excuses! This video cost no money to make but took hard work to accomplish. Everything is possible,” A.Chal adds.

Stream it here and follow A.Chal on social media for daily updates and more.

Motown’s Cam Wallace Drops Celebration Track, ‘We Made It’

Cam Wallace cherish all the hard work that led up to his recent signing to the iconic Motwon Records on his first official release, titled “We Made It.” Last month, Motown and the Houston artist announced their new partnership, today, Wallace links up with popular producer, Triza, to tell the fans how the new deal transpired. The perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan of the rising star.

For the first drop, the Texan reflects on the journey to Motown. Remembering the late nights, early mornings, the ups and downs that made him the man he is today. Between the cheers, Cam remembers those he lost along the way and those who doubted him while giving out advice to those to never give up on their dreams. “We Made It” will inspire all of us during these times of transition following a year-long pandemic.

When asked about the inspiration behind the song, Wallace states: “We made it in a complete mood. Really embracing that moment of finally arriving at your destination. Reaching the goal, whether big or small.”

“We Made It” accompanies Wallace’s recent re-release of his EP, 6Rings. The six-song 2020 project includes popular Cam Wallace singles “Retail,” “The Rulez” and “All The Way.” His new single sets up the promising debut album expected late-2021. Motown has been very supportive of Cam Wallace on social media promotions, like the one shown below.

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Stream “We Made It” below.

Boston’s glvsshouse Drops Official “Games” Visual

Life is a game for the new sensation glvsshouse. Today, the Boston native tries his luck at love in the video game-inspired new visual release for his breakout song “Games.” After racking up huge numbers on Soundcloud, the genre-bending recording artist takes a pocket full of quarters can battle for as many extra lives he can get that will win the heart of his love interest. Stream it here via Olympus Projects/Ashtray Mgmt.

The Logan Gardener-animated showcases glasshouse catchy songwriting abilities and magnetic appeal as he jumps over hoops, flying planes, trains and automobiles to win his love. For glasshouse, the song is a surprise hit made on a whim, he explains: “Games was a record I made hungover in my LA apartment in about 30 minutes. I had no idea it would grab f*g Pharrell’s attention and be one of my biggest songs to date. Having the Pharrell cosign really gave me full confidence in my music, it’s kind of like I was sure all along but having that man tell me my song is good just made it a fact.”

The song originally appeared on the Pharrell Williams’ Covid-19 relief project, titled IAm Other Vol.1 and was the track that got him noticed by well-known music manager Peter Robinson. The song’s popularity has drawn a whole new fanbase to the rising star, all anticipating his next release in 2021 which also promises a full-length collection, currently untitled. Until then, “Games” will hold fans at bay as it continues to draw high value on all platforms. For more on glvsshouse, follow him on social media.

Watch “Games” below.