3rd Side Slim – “Killin’ ’em With Ease” (Album Review)

When talking about lyrical versatility and consistency in the Florida rap scene, 3rd Side Slim officially needs to be mentioned from here on out. We’ve been paying attention since he released “Hottest on da Low” earlier this year, now he is following up his fast pace success with his new full-length album, “Killin’ ’em With Ease“. Taking pride in not following any trends, this new project proves that he is steadily paving his own lane as a full time solo artist from down South while also garnering a immense cult following nationwide.

After listening to “Killin’ ’em With Ease“, front to back, it’s difficult to highlight only a handful of songs since the whole project is filled with bangers. We covered his lead single “I Need Uhh” a few days ago, but to any new listener that is reading this review, if you want to know who 3rd Side Slim is as a independent artist, make sure you listen to “F*ck You Mean”. He breaks down his grind and how major labels over shadow him but it’s not a problem for him anyways since he doesn’t need a co-sign anyways.

Looking for that hit off the project, I debate whether it’s, “I’m That Nigga Pt.2”, or the last song “Forreal”. To be honest, both tracks will go down as those classics that take 3rd Side Slim to that level of lyricism comparable to legends like Three Six Mafia in our book. With the rise of so many new age trap rappers coming out of Florida, it’s hard to get impressed by any of them. 3rd Side Slim makes it easy for us real underground heads who are looking for dope music.

With many in the trap scene always sounding the same and redundant, 3rd Side Slim separates himself with this album because he is an actual lyricist and master of the craft. In relation to the project artwork and the song “Off da Muscle”, he fires shots to all the haters and competition on this one. “Killin’ Em With Ease“, gets a score of 8/10. Being that this album has no features, he proves that he’s definitely not reliant on anybody to prove to the game that he is here to stay for the long term as a true solo artist.