50 Cent Clowns Ja Rule Over Allegedly Cursing The New York Knicks

Ja Rule is alleged to have cursed the New York Knicks chances of winning their first NBA Championship since 1973. Ja was heard saying, ‘Champions only, baby. Go Knicks!’ as he raised and kissed the prized Larry O’Brien trophy before the game. This act left Knicks supporters quite concerned. Fans speculated that Ja Rule’s curse might have affected the game, as players like Jalen Brunson and OG Anunoby were injured despite the Knicks winning. The curse may have been real. 

50 Cent has joined the group of enraged Knicks supporters who believe Ja Rule cursed the NBA franchise. Ja lifted the NBA Championship before the Knicks did, which is seen as unlucky, and 50, who needs no reason to take a jab at his old foe, took notice. People are obviously running with the idea that Ja cursed the Knicks, and the growing injury list for the New York team suggests they may be right. 50 Cent tweeted his roast of Ja Rule on Twitter, knowing that his longtime enemy may have cursed the New York Knicks.

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50 Cent Trolls Ja Rule Over Cursing The Knicks

On social media, 50 Cent shared a video of Ja holding the Larry O’Brien trophy along with the caption, “Oh sh*t, don’t bet on the Knicks to win this next game.” 50 continued hilariously, saying, “This janky ass [ninja emoji] put his juju all on the team. Fuck that I’m bet my money on the wolves! LOL.” Knicks fans obviously gravitated to 50’s post, agreeing with the rapper and throwing more shade at Ja Rule. It’s an unfortunate turn of events for Ja Rule, who was just having some fun before the Knicks game. Now, unfortunately, he may get the blame if the Knocks don’t advance to the next round. 

The Knicks are currently up 2-0 on the Indiana Pacers. Jalen Brunson, the Knicks superstar guard who has been carrying the team, suffered a foot injury in game two. He was able to return after missing the entire second quarter. Knicks defensive stopper OG Anunoby suffered a hamstring injury in the fourth quarter and has since been ruled out of game 3 in Indiana. The Knicks injury report continues to grow. Ultimately, Ja Rule better hope they close out the Pacers. 

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