50 Cent Doubles Down On Trolling Stevie J Over Gay Accusations

As things get increasingly turbulent for Diddy, one person is taking an extended victory lap. 50 Cent has spent months blasting the rap mogul on social media sharing any kind of negative stories he can find about Diddy. He’s been posting about Diddy nearly every day dating all the way back to the original Cassie lawsuit that broke last year. That has also extended to some of the other people who have been pulled into the rap veteran’s orbit in the wake of new allegations, like Stevie J.

Stevie J was hit with accusations that he was gay from one particular lawsuit filed against Diddy by producer Lil Rod. The allegations also aimed at Meek Mill, and neither took them particularly well. Stevie J hasn’t been shy about how the allegations make him feel. He even publicly refuted them and threatening to fight 50 for spreading them. But that didn’t stop 50. He just made a new post to Instagram today featuring the names of various videos and headlines of stories about Stevie. The suggestion is obviously that the rumors have more legitimacy to them than Stevie would like to admit. Check out the full post 50 made below.

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50 Cent Still Coming After Stevie J

While 50 has seemingly spent most of his time on social media in recent months, he’s also still a performing artist. Earlier today he was revealed as a late addition to the lineup for J. Cole‘s Dreamville Festival. The two-day festival takes place later this week and was originally due to feature a performance from Chris Brown. But after he backed out of the festival for unconfirmed reasons, 50 was booked as a replacement.

Earlier today, 50 got some potentially bad news on the legal front. A new motion was filed in an already existing lawsuit. It aims to stop him from promoting the new spinoff series of Power. What do you think of 50 Cent continuing to attack Stevie J over alleged gay rumors? Do you believe Stevie J’s threats to fight him will ever come to fruition? Let us know in the comment section below.

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