50 Cent “Power” Lawsuit Escalated With New Preliminary Injunction Motion

Back in 2021, a man named Cory “Ghost” Holland filed a lawsuit against 50 Cent and Starz over the network’s show Power. In the lawsuit, he claims that the series, which features the character “Ghost” was unlawfully borrowed from his real life story. The lawsuit cites a CD sent out by Holland which reportedly told his own life story as a “cautionary tale.” Subsequently, he now believes that led to his story being turned into the show for which he’s now seeking compensation.

But recently, according to All Hip Hop, the stakes of the lawsuit were increased. That came as 50 Cent and Starz have begun promoting Power: Origins. The spinoff show seeks to tell the stories of characters like Ghost before the beginning of the original Power series. Consequently, Holland is filing a motion in the lawsuit for a preliminary injunction. He’s hoping to stop the promotion of the new series. He’s claiming that the new series, once it airs, will harm his right to a fair trial by influencing potential jurors. 50’s lawyers quickly responded against the motion though a judgement hasn’t been handed down yet. Check out the announcement of the new spinoff series below.

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New Motion Filed In Lawsuit Against 50 Cent Over “Power”

Fans looking to see 50 Cent perform will get the chance at J. Cole‘s Dreamville Festival later this week. The two day fest takes place on April 6 and 7 and 50 was just added to the roster. He was added to the lineup after Chris Brown had to drop out for unknown reasons. Some of Brown’s fans in the comments were hoping that the move was nothing but an April Fools Joke, but it appears to be true.

What do you think of the new motion filed to stop 50 Cent from promoting the newest Power spinoff? Do you think there’s any legitimacy to the claim that the character “Ghost” could be based on the man who filed the suit? Let us know in the comment section below.

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