50 Cent Trolls Diddy Once Again With Out Of Context Clip

50 Cent seems to wake up every single day motivated just to troll Diddy and his associates. While everyone came out to criticize the rap mogul following the recent Lil Rod lawsuit and federal government raids, 50 has been at it for months. Dating all the way back to Cassie‘s first lawsuit against the rap mogul last year, he’s been living rent free in 50’s head. Almost every day he takes to Instagram to post any kind of seemingly incriminating Diddy content he can find.

That was no different this week where he’s already posted about the rapper multiple times. He’s also made posts about Diddy’ associate Stevie J despite Stevie threatening to fight 50 over his repeated trolling. One of the videos 50 posted today is a clip of Diddy where he asks everyone who stands with him to make it known. The clip is also conveniently cut off at a deceptive moment specifically so 50 can make a joke. In the comments, fans are amazed at 50’s consistent hating. “50 the worst enemy to have , he never stops” a comment with tens of thousands of likes reads. Check out the edited clip he posted below.

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50 Cent’s Newest Attempt To Troll Diddy

50 Cent will have to take some time off of trolling Diddy later this week. That’s because he was just tapped to perform during J. Cole’s Dreamville Festival. The fest is taking place later this week and just made some last minute changes to its lineup. Chris Brown had to drop from the festival for unconfirmed reasons with 50 being elevated as his replacement.

50 is also dealing with new pressure in a lawsuit against his Power show. The suit that was filed in 2021 recently got a new motion filed attempting to block him from promoting the upcoming spinoff series. What do you think of 50’s newest post about Diddy? Do you think he should move on from just posting about Diddy repeatedly almost every single day? Let us know in the comment section below.

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