A1 NWG x Aaron P – “La Cava” (EP Review)

A1 NWG and Aaron P are two rising artists who have come together to give us their ep “La Cava“. The two have completely different backgrounds as A1 is Puerto Rican rapper, and Aaron is a New York based producer. With contrasting upbringings, will the two be able to create a cohesive body of work?

A1 NWG displays all of his talent in a short amount of time. “La Cava” is built around fusing Latin and American hip hop into one powerful force. The way NWG went about this was by rapping four of the tracks in Spanish and the other two in English. While I thought that would be his selling point on the record, it’s honestly just the brim of everything A1 can do. He can make vibrant bangers in “No la Dejes Caer”, and he also has the ability to make smoother laid back tracks like “No Sé”. The English side consists of the cuts “On My Mind” and “I Don’t Know”. The ladder of the two happened to be my favorite song on the entire record as NWG’s writing and wordplay was on par as he recites a compelling story. Overall, A1 NWG shows he can be a worldwide musical force on this record.

Sonically, Aaron P fuses the two different continents’ worth of styles under his intricate production. Whether he’s making a more electro beat on “No la Dejes Caer” or something more trap oriented like “No Sé Que Pasó” P appears to be able to do it all behind the boards. “On My Mind” was a definite standout with its accessible and soulful instrumental. Creating a soundtrack that competently follows a project with this much versatility is challenging, but Aaron P does not shy away from the task.

In conclusion, “La Cava” is a one a kind project which displays the unique talents of an upcoming rapper-producer duo. My only real complaint with the project was its short length and its lack of depth. Both artists have the potential to build up reputable names in this business if they can expand and grow on the lane they are paving right now. If you’re like me and want to see what this duo will do in the future, be sure to follow @a1nwg on Instagram!

Rating: 7/10

Highlights: Versatility, Production, Vibes