J. Kahlel shares visuals for “Young King” and “1950 Til’” [video]

Born in Broward county Florida, rapper J. Kahlel is slowly building his stats in the game with his brand of insightful rap music. Today he gives us two official videos for his songs, “Young King” and “1950 Til’”

The first cut titled “Young King” is a reflective tune that sees him digging deep and sharing his thoughts on being a rebel against the system, self-growth and the ideals of spreading positivity and standing on one’s principles regardless of the odds. The visual uses cinematic and well-crafted motifs that showcase J.Kahlel’s demeanour and beliefs.


The second track “1950 Til’” is the rapper’s own statement regarding racism and white supremacy as it has worked in America since the beginning of time. Over a punchy soundscape, he details the inner workings of the system with an unfiltered performance. It’s quite thought-provoking and vivid as well.

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Teon Gibbs finds it too “Easy”

Canada-based rapper/singer/songwriter Teon Gibbs returns with his new single “Easy”. The mid-tempo bouncy tune blends hip-hop with dance and R&B in a unique manner. Inspired by the true meaning of love, Teon reflects on the different stages of blossoming relationships where friends have evolved into full-blown lovers and the transition was seamless. It might seem like a fairy tale to most but to others, things like this come easily.

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Davy Fresh reviews all the “Beauty Marks” [Video]

Davy Fresh is currently working on his forthcoming album Richmond Highway but in the interim, he shares the visuals for the single “Beauty Marks”.  The song is a heartfelt and reflective tune that sees Davy Fresh in retrospective mode. Over the soulful and somewhat nostalgic soundscape, he pens an ode to the hustle and his journey as an artist and a new father trying to make history while balancing fatherhood and his legacy.

The visual is handled perfectly by director David Johnson who makes use of a cinematic aesthetic to capture Davy’s world in all its glory. It’s shot in different spots including Davy’s childhood neighbourhood of Gum Springs and there is also a cameo from the rapper’s 7-month-old son.

Richmond Highway is set to be released on January 6, 2023, via Fresh Kids Music Group & Dallas Austin Distribution. The album is set to be a biographical take on Davy Fresh’s upbringing on Richmond Highway in Alexandria, Va, right outside of Washington, DC.

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XIXI presents “800 Avanti Place”

Producer XIXI is currently working on his BOOG instrumental series but in the interim, he shares the single  “800 Avanti Place” which gives listeners a glimpse of what to come. The production is varied, bouncy and punchy and the way he chops up the samples are brilliant and surgical.


“800 Avanti Place” is the 3rd track taken from XIXI’s instrumental concept album series Boog Vol. 2.

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Mister Lovemore returns with “Peace Signs” feat. Stewart Hidalgo

Mister Lovemore‘s latest release “Peace Signs” is a PSA to the world to open its eyes and heart in order to make life better. Over a rousing guitar-driven soundscape, the emcee delivers an energetic and rousing performance laced with inspiring and uplifting bars. He lays emphasis on the concept of peace and the need for unity to forge ahead in these crazy times we live in.


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  • 11/16/22 – Canna Biz After Party at Backstage Bar & Billiards; Hosted By Cannabis Talk 101 (Powered By iHeart Radio)
  • 12/2/22 – First Fridays in Venice, CA at Ispire


  • 12/2/22 – “You Got It”


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DNY$3 Is A “Better Man” Who Won’t Settle (Audio Ft. Stepasmooth)

DNY$3 releases his new single “Better Man” through Potland Ownagun Productions. The record also features Stepasmooth for a captivating nuptial between vocals and rhymes.

A smooth, sexy backdrop with body-swaying melodies encompass DNY$3’s gentle, yet confident vocals. Today he is a better man and continues to strive to be even better.

In his past, so many women claimed to love him but left. Now DNY$3 desires a woman who lives out the definition of being down. He poses certain questions such as; if he was to get locked up will she hold him down, when he needs a queen will she wear the crown, and if he lost it all would she still be around?

Stepasmooth comes in to deliver his verse, backing up DNY$3’s message. If being with a man who’s bettered himself is not in the plan, well then ladies find yourself another man.

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Luzzey Delivers Emotional Performance In “Darkside (Like I Do)” Video

UK-based artist Luzzey announces the release of his new single “Darkside (Like I Do).” The record awakens a tribal vibe looped with Pop & innovative R&B melodies, driven by guitar riffs.

The esteemed artist says this about the record, “The record expresses how you will do anything for the one you love and the reality of a relationship when one person goes and the other can’t let go. Especially knowing no one else can love them like you.” 

The video begins with an emotional Luzzey in a field vocally reminiscing about a past love, a love that is not easily erased. Images of the two dancing, smiling at each other and enjoying a tranquil picnic intermittently fade in and out of the video.

Although she left him, Luzzey will still wait for her return. “Oh I’d face the dark side of the moon If it means I’d be with you (Oh Oh) You know he can’t, he love you like I do I’ll be waiting here for you Even if days are De Ja Vu (Oh Oh) You know he cant love you like I do.”

Anyone who’s lost love,  or let that one forever love slip away, will grip onto Luzzey’s tale with a racing heart and shaky soul.  Watch the video for “Darkside (Like I Do)” and connect below.

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Luzzey – Darkside (Like I Do) (ffm.to)






London, UK-based multi-faceted rapper/spoken word artist and visual artist Apex Zero returns with a compelling piece of art in visual form. Entitled “DRUMMER WARRIOR STORYTELLER (PART ONE)”, the piece is a 14-minute epic body of work that explores the dynamics of life from different viewpoints. The overarching theme of the project encapsulates Nigerian author Chinua Achebe’s perception of storytelling. Starting with the drummer who calls and gathers the people to the warrior who experiences the horrors and victory of war to the storyteller who collates and recounts the history and embodying the memories of those who survived. The record is a blend of spoken word laced with dark brooding hard-hitting soundscapes that blend perfectly with Apex’s visceral rhyme schemes, thought-provoking subject matter, and insightful approach to delicate real-time issues.

The visual film is as thrilling as it gets with its seamless storytelling that blends music, and art with expressive dance and somewhat abstract motifs that threads each track together. There is quite a lot to unpack here as well we get to experience a myriad of sounds and cultures from the motherland with a profound and nuanced lens.

Drummer Warrior Storyteller (Part One) is produced in collaboration with Steph Be, Theo ‘Godson’ Oloyade, Alethia Antonia, FUBUNATION, 3000CeanHill, Chiba Visuals, Informotion Worldwide, Village 101, GlobalFaction, Breakin’ Convention, Charlita ‘Lita-Styles’ Hall, Ekua McMorris, Dora Lam, Anna Beel, Ukombozii Ancestral Drums, Micall Parknsun, Al Lawson, In:Theory, Crazy Haze, Mazzi & S.O.U.L. Purpose, Nilotika Cultural Ensemble and is supported by Arts Council England.


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4200Kory pens something reflective with “Her Joint (A Poem)”

Emerging rapper 4200Kory caught our attention with “Her Joint (A Poem)”, a short heartfelt tune inspired by someone close to him who deeply inspired him. Over a smooth soulful soundscape, he pours his candid thoughts on wax and shares heartfelt adulations on the individual, Hopefully, she would hear the song and appreciate for what it’s worth.


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Pure Order share visuals for “Sons of Belial” [Video]

Pure Order is an Oxnard, CA duo made up of God’s Gift and Nemesis who are pushing the envelope with their unique style of rap. Their debut visual “Sons of Belial”, showcase their blend of insightful, poignant, and bravado-laden raps over dark, cinematic soundscapes. The track dives into real-time issues as the duo proceeds to connect with their fellow human brothers and sisters and address what they see in the current social landscape with the aim to enlighten and wake up sleeping minds. Over the eerie and cryptic soundscape provided by veteran producer/rapper Oh No, Nemesis opens the floodgates with her fiery rap flow and vivid lyrics that grip the ears, followed by God’s Gift’s laid-back flow.  In every verse, Nemesis and God’s Gift each spit fire bars, calling things as they are and digging deep into what is under the surface level. Ultimately, “Sons of Belial” is the first step in Pure Order’s agenda to restore human interaction and original and individual thought through their music.

The visual directed by Jayson Vaughn blends dark ominous motifs with various clips from around the globe showing how the world is alongside the duo’s animated performance.

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