Prime Sinister shares new single “Barium”

UK rapper Prime Sinister is preparing to drop his sophomore album but in the interim, he shares his new single “Barium”. The self-produced track is punchy and somewhat moody with its layered sound design and punchy drums. As usual, Prime Sinister puts pen to paper to deliver his distinct rhyme schemes filled with internal lines, wit and wordplay as he continues his tradition of using Syllablism ( a technique where he uses syllables to rhyme)

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LaRussell, DJ Gutta Butta, & DaBoii Pull Out The Muscle Cars In New Video “All About Fetti”

Bay Area stars LaRussell and DJ Gutta Butta link up with MikeGBeatz behind the boards as they put their foot on the gas in the release of the new visual for “All About Fetti.” Co-starring red-hot new Bay Area rapper DaBoii, the stars pull the muscle cars out and parking lot pimp in the Lo-Fi blended new visual. The video pays homage to a longtime collaborator and shows off the one-of-a-kind scenery that is the Yay Area.

“The concept behind this song was paying homage to Young Lay,” shares DJ Gutta Butta. “The original song was all about my fetti that went gold in the 90s and features on New Jersey drive sound track Popular west coast artist LaRussell and Daboii gave me the perfect opportunity to bring this track to life LaRussell started it off with verse and hook and i new who just to go to to finish it off with Daboii.”

In the midst of new music and an upcoming solo project, DJ Gutta Butta is currently developing a new documentary on iconic Bay Area artist Mac Dre. Gutta Butta reveals in the press release, “I’m working on a documentary, book, and new EP, titled Thizz Nation Presents Mac Dre — late record label — starring DJ Gutta Butta with new 7 tracks.”

Excited to bring modern-day awareness to the creator of the “Thizzle Dance” and “Thizz Face,” DJ Gutta Butta promises the opportunity to open up doors for new artists to acclaim greatness by aligning themselves with the icon.

He continued: “More focusing on new rising artists like the work I do, and I’ll have access to exclusive sounds and vocals for sure.”

Along with “All About Fetti,” DJ Gutta Butta dropped an additional single, which features Young Lay and Mistah FAB, titled “New Era.” The Vallejo star found fame in 2018 with the breakout album Soul Snatcher.

LaRussell and DJ Gutta Butta new collaboration is available on all platforms via Purple Lane Entertainment. To stay up-to-date on everything DJ Gutta Butta on social media.

“All About Fetti” is directed by Suzy.

Watch “All About Fetti” here:

Black Sherif takes on the mantle of the “Soja”

Ghanaian singer/songwriter Black Sherif, who was born Mohammed Ismail Sharif Kwaku Frimpong built his reputation with his brand of music laced with social commentary and personal tales. His break-out song “Kweku the traveller” helped launch him into the mainstream conversation and he hasn’t looked back since. His new single “Soja” is a reflective tune that dwells on shaking off adversity and protecting yourself from your own demons. He gives quite a gripping performance ripe with heartfelt and emotionally punchy lyrics that detail his own failings and struggles.

Black Sherif will make his US debut this fall with a performance at Elsewhere in New York City on Sunday, November 6th. Purchase tickets here.

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Famoe shares “The Exiled” (Official Graphic Novel Soundtrack) [Video]

Stuttgart, Germany-based UK rapper Famoe (f/k/a Fantastical) of Italian descent kick-started his musical career in 2001 after he took part in a music video clip contest by MTV Germany. He proceeded to float his own label, Rap & Rhymes Records through which he releases his music. He released his debut EP on the label which also has producer Nino as the in-house recording and mix engineer. His debut album The Italian Stallion was released in 2006 and that was when he changed his name in 2009 he travelled to Boston,USA to work with Surefire Music Group which helped produced his album Xplicit. His latest single “The Exiled” sees him teaming up with actor/martial artist Wesley Snipes and Gifted Rebels’ forthcoming graphic novel The Exiled. The song is the official soundtrack and it is made up of a haunting and cinematic backdrop that blends with Famoe’s vivid lyrical schemes and animated flow.

The visual captures Famoe’s expressive performance style underpinned by moody and dark lighting with references to the graphic novel the song is based on.

The Exile graphic novel is an action-packed sci-fi piece that follows the journey of Niles Roach in a dystopian future. The Exiled comes with unpredictable layers and is filled with mayhem, murder, drama, and suspense.

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Sidders reminds us to “Live For Something” [Video]

North London rising singer/songwriter, Sidders  is back with his third and new single entitled “Live For Something”. The track produced by Mack Jamieson is an uplifting aspirational-themed tune that sees him celebrating life for all its worth. Written during the global lockdown and a dark patch in Sidders life, the record implores listeners to find purpose and savour every moment as nothing lasts forever. Sidders delivers his performance with a distinct melodic flow and heartfelt lyrics that aims to spur the passion in all of us. Throughout the single Sidders sings ‘If you stand for nothing you will fall for everything’ a famous quote from Malcolm X that rang true for Sid during that time and still does to this day. Staying true to his effervescent core, “Live For Something” is an ode to summer and is filled with colour and vibrancy as we see Sidders spread joy through his music.

Directed by Marcus Austin, the video follows Sidders as he traverses the town in a variety of locations searching for a sweet release which culminates in a house party with friends.

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Oya Baby Taps Trina For Militant New Video “Ride The Stick”

Flo-rida protege Oya Baby continues to ascend to superstardom with her magnetically seductive raps, gorgeous look and unstoppable hits. Now she the General of her own curvaous army in the new music video for her single “Ride The Stick”. In the new video, Oya calls on the Miami legend and upcoming BET Hip Hop Awards’ “I Am Hip Hop” receipent Trina to help get her squad into shape.

Directed by Alex Acosta, Oya Baby is on her G.I. Jane-ish as she twerks around boot camp rapping about being the baddest around and her product is addictive upon the touch. Trina co-signs with her signature raunchy style and appeal. Together, it’s a passing of the torch moment for Oya Baby who is set to take the South by storm in the coming months.

The end of the video sees the Baddest praising the rising star on her talent and bright future. “I wish you the best,” Trina tells Oya Baby on top of a tank at the end of the video. “Everything is going to happen. You’re a fuckin superstar. You’re going to kill it. You know I’m going to support you. So it’s time to live it up.”

The new single is the follow-up to her previously released single “Ca$h”. 2021 was a breakout year for the Miami native with the success of freestyles and singles “Try Me” and “Cinnamon”. Oya Baby latest single prepares for the new star’s forthcoming album, as-yet-titled, currently in the works and expected for a 2023 release. “Ride The Stick” is available across all platforms via International Music Group, Inc.

“Ride The Stick” is in heavy rotation on BET Jams. For daily updates on all things Oya Baby, follow her on social media.

Check out Oya Baby’s new video below and stream it here.

Eliy Orcko and S I M want her to “SHINE!”

Midwestern Hip Hop artist Eliy Orcko and U.K producer S I M caught our ears with their new collaboration titled “SHINE!”. The jazz-infused soulful track sees him pour adulations on his girl with heartfelt descriptive lyrics and a carefree demeanour. He details how they met and the experiences they share together and what the future may hold for their blossoming relationship.


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Fatlip Returns Out of “Torpor” on Long-Awaited Sophomore Effort (Album Review)

Fatlip is a 53 year old MC from Los Angeles, California who came up in the late 80s as a member of The Pharcyde. He eventually branched out with a solo debut of his own The Loneliest Punk the day after Halloween in 2005 & now coming fresh off his recent collab album with Blu this past spring called Live From the End of the World, he’s enlisting Sccit & Siavash the Grouch to produce a majority of his long-awaited sophomore album right here.

After the titular intro, M.O 99 & & RBX tag along for the first song “Wake Up” to jump on top of a funky beat talking about how partying so much to the point where they couldn’t get out of bed whereas “February” takes a more acoustic route getting on a more conscious tip lyrically. Sccit comes into the picture for the trap-laced “Energy” talking about being built to last & after the “Message #1” skit, “Dust in the Wind” dives into more jazzier territory thanks to Chris “The Glove” Taylor with Krayzie Bone joining Lip spitting some life shit.

“My Bad” by The Pharcyde goes into cloudier turf confessing that frustration got them going blind & after the “Message #2” skit, Sccit & Krazyie return for “The Way” to explain how it’s supposed to be over an upbeat instrumental. “DC” brings back the synthesizers talking about still being free & after the final “Message” skit, The Pharcyde returns for the wavy penultimate track “30 Minutes Late” confessing being a half hour late for rehearsal. “Fulla Flava” though is a rich closer talking about never being a fake mobster.

Now I know The Pharcyde has been celebrating the 30 year anniversary of their iconic debut Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde throughout 2022 & hopefully the trio puts out a new album through Rhymesayers Entertainment in the near future but if you enjoyed The Loneliest Punk like I did, then you’re gonna want to check out Torpor. Lip sounds recharged on the mic after his 17-year break from the spotlight & the production throughout is impressively slick.

Score: 7/10

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Pretty Bulli pays “Homage” in new single [Video]

It’s always a good day to share some new record from rising lyricist Pretty Bulli and this time she pays homage to the legendary femcees who laid the foundation for her to rock on. Bolstered by the bouncy backdrop provided by Kidd Called Quest who flips the same sample from MC Lyte‘s “Paper Thin”, Pretty Bulli shares how hiphop influenced her from a very young age and how it informed her personality till today. She packs a punch as expected and delivers vivid lyricism laced with wit, and punchlines and of course, she gave props to the forebearers who inspired her craft.


“Homage” is a new single available via Spotify and Bandcamp.

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