Ace the Legynd – “Skar Tissue” (EP Review)

Ace the Legynd is a rapper from New York and Raleigh, Californa. Recently he released his brand new EP “Skar Tissue” which is available on all major streaming services. With a chance at expanding his name to new levels, can Ace seize the moment?

When it comes to Ace’s performance, he certainly brings the fire. From the passionate tone-setter “Kasino” to the chaotic closer “High”, he’s always changing up his style and showing off his versatility as an artist. Aside from his vocal unpredictability the subject matter being excreted from his mouth is fairly potent as well. Being able to craft well-structured rhyme schemes and talk about topics such as come up and aspirations as a rapper are skills that others in Ace the Legynd’s weight class cant do. On top of all these talents, his ability to tap into his melodic side and vibey bangers is showcased on highlights like “Aceito Flowz” and the Alpha Rellix collaboration “Enemies”. Out of all these moments, “Nothing Makes Sense” was the surefire highlight of the bunch as Legynd’s passionate flow and clever wordplay dissing those who are against him makes for one of the most inspiring cuts I’ve heard in a while. Summed up on the emotional ballad “Die Alone”, Ace the Legynd is a well-rounded Mc whose skillset will take him very far in the near future.

Behind the boards, there’s a pretty straightforward soundtrack of simple trap beats but they get the job done. Whether it’s the guitar riff loop on the entirety of “Aceito Flow” or the deluded vocals warped all over “Die Alone”, there’s a ton of minor details that do their best at spicing up each soundscape. While these patterns make for a fun first listen, beyond that they come as pretty forgettable. This principle certainly doesn’t reside with the orchestral “Enemies” which fuses an array of classic patterns and rhythm lines which culminate into an unforgettable epic banger. If there were more instrumentals like this, I’m sure the project would already be halted into true hip-hop greatness but with what’s given, we are left with a solid but forgettable experience. 

Overall, “Skar Tissue” is a good EP that only further proves Ace the Ledynd’s a star in the making. His vocals were super energizing and with his array of styles used, it makes Legynd an all-around threat. With all of these pros, the only gripes come with the soundtrack which is only hurt from being painfully average. If you’re like me and want to see what this talented up and comer does next be sure to follow @acethelegynd on Instagram!

Rating: 7/10

Highlights: Lyrics, Vibes, Versatility