Leah Harris shows off her “New Man”

Canadian singer/songwriter Leah Harris returns with her new single “New Man”. The single is released under the independent record label Pitch & Prose she recently signed to. The guitar-driven tune is a sublime love ballad made up of pulsating basslines, guitar plucks with warm textures and soft drum grooves to boot. Leah delivers an exciting and refreshing performance here as her soft honeyed vocals seamlessly engulf the backdrop and rise to a crescendo on the chorus. She holds nothing back as she pours adulation on her new man and shows him off to the rest of the world. Blending the old and new, listeners are afforded a sound that takes elements from classic Motown records and contemporary pop sounds. This track was recorded in Nashville and produced by veteran producer Sal Oliveri.

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sOuL from the O reminds us to “Come Back”

Emerging rapper sOuL from the O sure knows a thing or two about the essence of hip-hop and music in general. His latest release “Come Back” is a blend of funk and breakbeats underpinned by his smooth flow. Over producer Headnodic‘s rousing drum grooves, pulsating basslines, and funky horns, the rapper delivers aspirational and uplifting bars that aim to pump up pure positivity in minds of the listeners. Inspired by 80’s PSA cartoons, the track is a throwback to HipHop in the park and music that would inspire the uprising of the imagination for a better world, in the face of the darkest moments.

“Come Back” is the 2nd single from the forthcoming Queens and Pharaohs album.



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Katana Da Don is all about the “Move” (Prod. by Cassieopia) [Video]

Emerging rapper/songwriter Katana Da Don pours her heart out on wax in her new release titled “Move”. Over an upbeat and bouncy soundscape provided by Cassieopia, she reflects on the ups and downs of a rocky relationship, negative thoughts, and finding the light within the darkness surrounding her. Armed with a commanding flow and knack for penning insightful bars, the track sure dives deep into relatable themes that listeners can easily latch on to.

The song comes with an animated visual that follows Katana as she finds the energy within her to get out of the doldrums.

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White Smoke shares new single “Supernova” feat. Sydney Storey

Williamstown, New Jersey raised rapper/songwriter White Smoke makes his debut entrance on our site with his new single “Supernova” which sees him teaming up with singer/songwriter Sydney Storey. The somber and reflective record dives into the concept of chasing one’s dreams even though naysayers and detractors overlook you. Bolstered by melancholic piano riffs and soft drum grooves, White Smoke gives an emotionally punchy performance ripe with candid and heartfelt lyrics that draw from his own life experiences. he tops it up with aspirational elements imploring listeners not to give in to the negative forces but push on and achieve their goals. Singer Sydney Store adds a sublime melodic touch to the track as well.

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Tay Da Crown Ft. J-Ro (The Alkoholiks) “Sober” Video x Vell x Cee-One

Established Hip Hop artist Tay Da Crown releases the official video for “Sober.” The record features J-Ro of The Alkoholiks and Vell with production by Cee-One.

The video with knocking bass and innovative textures exudes a blended west coast and east coast vibe. The video begins with Tay Da Crown in an AA meeting filled with bottles of liquor. He suggests that even as an alcoholic and smoke-aholic he can out-rap all these plastic rappers, “…and then I grab the mic and start spitting out all this rocket fuel.” 

J-Ro comes in heave to pose a question about sobriety. Will the ladies still swarm around, will fans continue to fill arenas shoulder to shoulder, or will careers end?

One thing can be said and resonates, once an Alkoholik always an Alkoholik. Watch the official video for “Sober” and connect below.


Instagram –  https://www.instagram.com/taydacrownttg/

YouTube Channel –  https://youtube.com/channel/UC1eGXoSWlsp8VCaAXPp-UXw

Facebook Artist Page –  https://m.facebook.com/100063590917555/

Website – https://taydacrown.com/

Gbeke gives us great memories in “Afro Bells” [Video]

US-based up-and-coming R&B/afrobeat star Gbeke gives us a taste of Christmas in Nigeria as she flips the classic “Jingle Bells” song into her own “Afro Bells”. The track is a happy, fun-filled feel-good jam that shares good memories in Nigeria with her family. From weddings, house parties, concerts, and other types of fun, Gbeke gives listeners a glimpse into her life back in West Africa and it’s all fun and smiles.

The visual is bright and blends her performance scenes with clips and photos from time spent with her friends and family that truly mark and portray the important components of the time of year in Naija.


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Mark Vasquez and Matt Nye Reassure “Everything’s Good” (Audio)

Mark Vasquez shares his new single titled “Everything’s Good” featuring Matt Nye. The song hits heavy with hard truths spun with positivity. Vocals that exude a blend of soul and blues raise neck hairs and are heightened by an infectious mix of instruments.

It doesn’t matter that he’s broke, as he says “I ain’t tripping.” It doesn’t matter that he’s a bit broken and hopeless because he still makes it through the days. A million dollars wouldn’t alter his mindset, he’ll still have the same problems just with a little more change in his pocket.

Potent rhymes in the middle of the record sum up the ability to find love and fun amid what feels like an endless road of darkness. “Stream “Everything’s Good” above.

Lord Willin returns with “Rebel Loop” ft. Tony P, Geko Rbn & Json7 [Video]

Providence artist Lord Willin teams up with New England Based, Colombian-born MCs, Tony P, Geko Rbn, and Json7 for this Bilingual Hip-Hop street banger “Rebel Loop” produced by Redd Rebel. Over an ominous and brooding soundscape, the emcees proceed to do what they do best with their no-nonsense flows and unapologetic rhymes. The visual is shot and directed by Geko Rbn who blends performance shots and clips from different spots in the city.

Stream “Rebel Loop” on all DSPs here.


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Mych looks deep in “Heart Of Mine”

UK emcee Mych‘s new single “Heart Of Mine” is a heartfelt and insightful piece that dives deep into emotions, vulnerability, and the societal pressure of being a man in the modern world. Over a somber piano loop and soft drum grooves, Mych gives an emotionally powerful performance ripe with candid lyrics that explores his own manhood and self-growth as he comes to terms with who he is.

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Noware Fast reminds us that it’s “cold open”

Massachusetts-based rapper Noware Fast reflects on winter memories in his new release titled “cold open”. The record produced by dimvinci has a moody and melancholic vibe and fits Noware’s unassuming and laidback flow as he ponders on what the future holds for a young black man.

“cold open” is the opening track from his forthcoming third album.

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