Please Wait’s “Flight 99” (feat. Ta-ku & matt mcwaters) gets a Your Cousin Avi Remix

Please Wait, matt mcwaters and Ta-ku‘s “Flight 99” gets a new life from Your Cousin Avi who flips the original into a smooth eclectic R&B/soul piece. Made up of rich guitar riffs, sublime horns, nostalgic textures and punchy drum grooves that exude the live feel of a musical band. Your Cousin Avi Remix of “Flight 99” is one of the three remixes on the new EP. While the original, timeless instrumental remains on this EP as the focus track, the remixes, sourced from within 823’s Hopes and Dreams Club – a digital community of musicians and photographers – stand on their own. “Flight 99 (Remixes)” arrives on Oct 21st, via The Hopes & Dreams Club, courtesy of Jakarta Records & 823.

The visualizer is put together by Hopes & Dreams Club collaborator Danien (IG @danienberends).


Growing up, Avi developed his talent as a musician through singing in Synagogue, playing bass in a blues band, and learning several other musical crafts in his free time. In high school, he discovered a strong passion for dance, and through his time spent performing musicals, there was no denying that he was indeed a triple threat. During his time in college, Avi took a short hiatus from music to continue pursuing his passion for dance, but after just a couple of years, found that dance was bringing him full circle back to music. Now with his focus set, his skills fine-tuned, and his determination to continue growing at all costs, Avi is starting to turn heads and make a unique impact on the music world.

Stream “Flight 99” on all DSPs here.
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Darby O’Trill & Devereaux Prelude “The Tomb” in the Form of ”Amputate” (EP Review)

This is the 5th EP from Floridian emcee Darby O’Trill. Coming up in the fall of 2018 off his full-length debut Blood, Guts & a Whole Lotta Love, he would go on to follow it with Fester almost a year later & has extensively been working with Chapter 17/Psychopathic Records in-house producer Devereaux by bringing him into the cut to fully produce his 3rd album Piecemeal to critical acclaim during the COVID-19 pandemic. His last full-length Gully came out this past spring under Lyrikal Snuff Productionz & instantly became a modern day wicked shit classic so when it was announced that Darby & Dev were giving us Amputate as a prelude to The Tomb on Halloween, the anticipation was most certainly there.

“Carcass in the Car Wash” kicks off the whole EP with a synth-laced trap beat taking aim at all the knock-offs while the penultimate track “Take a Shower & Clean Your Clothes, You Smell Like Complete Garbage” has a more haunting atmosphere to it talking about drinking bleach. “I Hate Rappers Who Only Rap About Rapping” though sends Amputate off with an operatic loop, some hi-hats & Darby describing the sick world that we all be living in.

You know for a 3 track/5 minute EP, I think it’ll hold off just fine until we enter The Tomb a little over a month from now. Devereaux’s production continues to elevate, Darby lyrically continues to push himself as one of the best newcomers in the underground right now & the Jugg-A-Holics tags throughout are a fresh homage to DJ Trap-A-Holics.

Score: 7/10

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Brandonrxse shows us what happens at “6am in Arizona”

Emerging rapper Brandonrxse caught our ears with this off-kilter track titled “6am in Arizona” which showcases his storytelling skills. Over a sublime and moody backdrop provided by Georenaux, the rapper shared a vivid tale filled with various characters trying to get ahead while their loyalty is being tested constantly.

“6am in Arizona is the second song off of Brandonrxse’s most recent release The Kid.
Get “6am in Arizona” on Apple Music.


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Nomi Ruiz and NEMS take us through “Alphabet City”

NY native Nomi Ruiz is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, actress, essayist and the first Puerto Rican trans woman to perform on prestigious stages such as Montreax Jazz Festival, Glastonbury, LoveBox, O2 Arena, Hammerstein Ballroom and more after appearing on Hercules & Love Affair’s debut album. After completing a 2-week residency at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival with Hess Is More, she returns with a new single titled “Alphabet City” which sees her teaming up with famed underground lyricist Nems.

The record really showcases Nomi’s unique style as she blends that gritty hiphop vibe with edgy soul/R&B elements. Over the bouncy and cinematic backdrop, she takes us deep into the city and how every wrong step can lead to disaster and she gives listeners some lessons to abide by. Nems comes through in the last verse with his own alphabet-inspired rhyme couplets laced with vivid lyricism and his distinct gruff vocal tone.

“Alphabet City” is taken from Nomi’s R&B/Hip Hop Soul album Hi-Def Femme.

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Fredro Starr Refines His Production as SmooVth Travels Down a ”Project Near You” (Album Review)

This is the 14th full-length album from Hempstead emcee SmooVth. Coming up as 1/2 of the duo Tha Connection alongside Hus Kingpin, he would also build an impressive solo discography for himself along the way with my personal favorites being just about everything that Giallo Point has ever done with him: Portrait of a PimpMedellin, the sequel to the latter Medellin II: Don Fabio Amongst Wolves. But when it was revealed that Fredro Starr of the revered Queens duo Onyx was gonna behind the boards for Project Near You from beginning to end, my anticipation for it was very high considering that Q started making beats recently as well as Onyx vs. Everybody being the best thing that he & Sticky Fingaz have done together since the Snowgoons-produced SnowMads nearly 3 years back.

“Project” is a soulful opener vividly describing how it be in Hempstead whereas “The High” works in some pianos to talk about making a band. “That’z Us” brings some stellar vibraphones in the mix so that both parties can give it to you raw & uncut, but then Tha Connection links up for the piano/boom bap hybrid “Niggary” with both MCs spitting some gritty ass gangsta raps.

Meanwhile on “17 a Key”, we have SmooVth over a drumless loop getting on his pyrex shit leading into J.D. Era tagging along for the dreary “100 Up” talking about how no one can fuck with them even though J.D.’s verse has to be the weakest feature on the album with all respect. Fredro himself comes into the picture for the title track lacing some acoustics & dusty drums advising that they’ll be pulling up to a hood nearby just before “Straight A’s” brings back the keys looking back on being told he can’t get paid or laid.

The song “Imagine” shoots for a more tranquil aesthetic instrumentally providing food for thought while the penultimate track “Corner Pockets” returns to grimier territory talking about how ruff & rugged shit can get. “Sad & Blue” however ends the album with glossy beat & a sample of “La Di Da Di” by Slick Rick as SmooVth tells his audience that’s exactly how he’s feeling.

Now, if you happen to be a fan of both of these guys like I am, then I highly recommend giving Project Near You a listen because it’s one of my favorite SmooVth albums to date. The lyricism from him & nearly every feature takes you through the harsh realities of the Big Apple with Fredro’s continuing to refine his production game, as the shit he cooks up here is even better than what I heard on the last Onyx EP.

Score: 8/10

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Barny Fletcher is entranced by the “Intergirlactic”

London singer/songwriter/ rapper Barny Fletcher debuted in 2019 with his unique blend of hip-hop, soul and R&B style preceded by the singles “Christ Flow” and “Blu Skyes,”. This was followed by 2 solo projects CANVAS2033, and its follow-up, BOZO, which garnered him some buzz and led to him performing at the BBC Introducing Stage at Radio 1 Big Weekend. and performed at festivals such as Lollapalooza Paris, Reading & Leeds, and The Great Escape. His latest single “Intergirlactic” sees him fusing soothing pop melodies with fiery raps over a The Neptunes-inspired soundscape made up f rich guitar riffs, lush synths and punchy drums. The chorus is catchy for sure and his lyrics are engaging and expressive as well.

 “Intergirlactic” is a precursor to Barny’s forthcoming mixtape project, due out in October.


Stream on YouTube and SoundCloud.

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L.O Heemz looks for answers to reverse the “Father’s Curse” [Video]

The visual concept depicts the dynamics between an alcoholic father and his child and how it all adversely affects the kid.

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Kengdom breaks off the “Vices”

Kengdom‘s new single “Vices” is a reflective and revealing track that dives deep into the rapper’s inner demons and flaws. Over a soulful backdrop made up of vocal samples, warm strings and punchy drum grooves, Kengdom gives listeners a sneak preview into his life as he digs deep to clear out the proverbial closet. He acknowledges his flaws and makes moves to rectify them.


Stream “Vices” on SoundCloud, Apple Music, YouTube, Deezer.

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Done Wright is off to “Aruba” [Video]

David Wright Jr., aka Done Wright, is a man of many talents. From songwriting to producing and managing his own business, he has shown consistency in whatever he does and gets the much-needed results. Although he was born in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, NY, his sound was influenced by Queensbridge icons such as Nas and Mobb Deep. Beyond that, he also grew up on classic R&B and soul which added an extra layer to his style. His latest record “Aruba” is a euphemism for an escapade far away from the craziness of the city and taking time to rest and unwind with all the good things in life. Backed by a dreamy and summer-tinged backdrop, Wright delivers a stylish cadence ripe with vivid and evocative lyricism detailing his perfect getaway spot.

The music video directed by Escobar Entertainment highlights the song’s warmth through its colour pallets and visuals, with Done Wright surrounded by jewels, money, and beauties. Soaking in the good life, Done Wright shows how hard work and pure hustle can take you to incredible heights and access to the finer things in life. Take a trip out of reality and let “Aruba” inspire all your dreams.


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Trust’N & Bkwds Talk Humble Beginnings In New EP, ‘Neverland’

Rising Wisconsin group Trust’N & Bkwds takes us on a magical journey to the well-known Neverland in the release of their new project. The five-song project combines different elements of Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B, the artists showcase their versatility from beginning to end. And with the combination of elements with talented producers, like Milian Beats, Era Lake, and NextLane Beats. Over the crafty beats and blends, the duo address touches the topics of humble beginnings, heartbreak, and the lavish lifestyle their hard work has afforded them.

Trust’N & Bkwds on the project’s significance:

“Neverland is important because it brings a unique, self-crafted sound while still delivering musical elements as well as songwriting that meet the industry standard. After working on the project for two years, we are finally ready to share our art with the world. The EP is full of both happy and sad moments, capturing some of the emotions we felt during the pandemic. Coming from where we are from we never get the proper respect for what we’re doing because it’s never been a place for Hip-Hop artists to thrive.”

Entering music in Trust’N & Bkwds, the duo has always bet against the odds coming from an industry-less midwest city. Madison, Wisconsin has had a rough past with promoting hip-hop events, generally frowning upon organized Hip-Hop performances in the city. The latest EP follows the duo’s 2019 chart-topping EP, Lapse

Neverland is available now via Lost Boy Entertainment/Create Music Group.

Feel free to check out #Neverland below.