Angel Reese: “I Want People To Underestimate Me”

In a lengthy profile for ESPN, Angel Reese revealed the mentality that drives day-in, day-out. “I want people to underestimate me. I’m telling you, I have everything bookmarked for the right moment when everything just falls right into my hands,” Reese told Katie Barnes. However, for Reese – there is a fine line between being underestimated and being disrespected. “That game, that was one that was on my calendar, because when somebody tells me that they think that somebody else is better than me, and supposedly Kamilla was supposed to just dog-walk me all night, and mop me with the floor, and all this stuff,” Reese said of LSU’s regular-season matchup against South Carolina.

Additionally, Reese takes every scrap of hate as a new source of motivation. “They said I was too worried about social media, my GPA was low, I was pregnant. Yeah, my stats have gone down maybe four to five points because I’m on a way better team this year. But I’m still averaging a double-double every game. I think people don’t realize I can do 10,000 things and still be good at all of them. And I can’t wait till just everything just falls right into place,” she noted.

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Angel Reese Reveals Breakup, Says She’s “Not Ready To Mingle”

Elsewhere, Reese recently revealed that she has broken up with her partner, FSU basketball player Cam’Ron Fletcher. “I’m single. I don’t got no man. Don’t attach me to no man. That’s all Imma say. That’s it. I’m not ready to mingle. I am single, but I’m not ready to mingle. I’m just focusing on my college career. I’m focusing on school. That’s all I’m focused on right now and I’m focused on me. I’m not focused on nobody else,” Reese announced on Instagram. The couple had been together since June 2023.

However, Reese won’t have much time to be in her feelings about the breakup. Reese will lead LSU into March Madness this week, where they will look to defend their 2023 title as a three-seed. However, after they open their tournament against Rice on Friday, things will only get harder for the Tigers. Their quarter of the bracket includes UCLA as a two-seed and Iowa as a one-seed, teams that LSU will have to beat to progress to the final four.

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