AnonAmis (Mr.Nobody) – “Chaos Theory” (Album Review)

AnonAmis (Mr.Nobody) is an underground rapper who’s built quite the name for himself. Over the years, he has put out an array of albums, including “Enter The Chaos: Nobody Chambers” and “MiSSiNG LiNX”, which have all been revered in some right. Recently, he has just put out his newest body of work, “Chaos Theory”. With the intention of impacting listeners all over the globe, can AnonAmis (Mr.Nobody) create his most mind boggling release yet?

Going through each track, I was wondering why AnonAmis (Mr.Nobody) isn’t as big as the Roc Marciano’s and Ras Kass’s of the world. Why I thought this was due to the profound skillset, he possesses and masterfully displays throughout the record. AnonAmis’s raw voice is grimy and hard-hitting, which causes cuts like “Handle The Facts” and “Leave Em Humble” to feel like the perfect embodiment of modern boom-bap. No matter the moment, Amis doesn’t let up as he continues on these lyrical tangents at any given moment. Whether it’s the relentless “Up For 4 Days” or the energetic “Lets Go Get It”, Nobody can willingly apply his style to any vibe. While some may be worried that Amis may sound repetitive with his approach, the vast array of topics he covers are truly admirable. From diving into spirituality on “Mornings & Evenings” to his drug-dealing past on “Diamonds & Go”, it’s clear Mr.Nobody is one of the more knowledgeable rappers out right now. “Candle Light Vigil” is the albums ultimate highlight as its emotional monologue from AnonAmis showcases his human decency, which many rappers lack these days. Overall, AnonAmis (Mr.Nobody) delivers a full-fledged experience that encompasses all sides of who he is. 

Sonically, there is a solid soundtrack reinstating everything that comes out of AnonAmis’s mouth. From “Handle The Facts” trembling baseline to the victorious guitar on the outro “Candle Light Vigil”, every moment is crafted to perfection. Most importantly, no moments truly mesh together, which elevates the overall experience as no moments feel too long or repetitive. Whether it’s the soulful “Diamonds & Guns” or the glorious “Stories”, this is one of the most integral displays of authentic hip hop I’ve seen all year. A definite sonic standout was “Leave Em Humble”, as its mellow piano clashes with crashing symbols for an emotional storm. In an industry that’s suffering from repetition and shortcuts, AnonAmis (Mr.Nobody) makes sure his music stays persistent with his artistic guidelines. 

In conclusion, “Chaos Theory” is a beautiful experience that any underground hip hop fan should check out. AnonAmis (Mr.Nobody) is a bold MC who isn’t afraid to talk abut anything in order push his vision forward. On top of his artistic integrity, his skill set is off the charts as he can rhyme in an array of pockets and styles. Sonically, the production is marvelous as it’s glossy, grimy, and everything in between. Going forward, I hope Mr.Nobdy continues to expand his catalog, and if you are to be sure to follow @_anonamis_mr_nobody on Instagram!

Rating: 9/10

Highlights: Lyricism, Boom Bap Style, Versatility