Azealia Banks Continues To Taunt Beyonce Amid “Cowboy Carter” Controversy

Azealia Banks is someone who has always spoken her mind on a wide variety of topics in the hip-hop and music world. Overall, one of her biggest targets over the years has been Beyonce. Whenever Bey drops a new song or enters a new era, Banks has something to say about it. This was especially true a couple of years ago when Beyonce gave us Renaissance. The album had house music influences, and Banks felt like the superstar didn’t do it the right way. These criticisms were relentless, and Banks felt like Beyonce was copying her in a sense. Now, Banks has gotten even more critical of Bey thanks to the Cowboy Carter rollout.

In a scathing rant posted to her Instagram account recently, Banks went off on Beyonce and Jay-Z for her new album. Of course, Cowboy Carter is set to drop on March 29th, and fans are excited about this new era of Bey. But as Banks explained, it all just feels like a huge eye roll. “Ugh, I’m so saddened by Jay-Z and his over strategizing everything [Bey does] to the point where it’s clearly his influence and not the real Bianca Bardot… Someone tell Jay-Z his strategies are corny and Beyonce has better ideas… We would like to see her outside without him and his pound puppy dreadlocks breathing all over herrrrrrr,” Banks said.

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Azealia Banks Speaks

Yesterday, Banks continued to taunt Beyonce, this time with an image of Banks in cowboy gear from an old music video. In the caption of her post, she simply wrote “The OG.” It was yet another example of how Banks feels as though Beyonce has been watching her and copying her aesthetic. For now, Beyonce continues to ignore these criticisms, and it is doubtful that she will respond. Regardless, fans continue to look forward to Banks’ commentary.

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