Beyonce Co-Signs Teyana Taylor And Victoria Monet’s BET Tribute

Usher was the main focus of the BET Awards. He was given the Lifetime Achievement Award, and several of the musical performances throughout the ceremony were covers of his classic songs. Teyana Taylor and Victoria Monet teamed up for a cover of Usher’s “Bad Girl,” and promptly electrified the crowd. The performance was widely praised by fans online. But the biggest co-sign came from an unlikely source: Beyonce.

Queen Bey shared clips from the performance on her Instagram Story. It makes sense, once you consider the fact that Beyonce and Usher performed “Bad Girl” together on the Truth Tour in 2004. Taylor and Monet used the same exact choreography as their predecessor, turning in a stellar cover. However, neither artist could maintain their composure when they realized Beyonce reposted them. “Everything she saidddd,” Teyana Taylor wrote on her IG Story. “Bihhhhh I’m speechless. & DATS ON QUEEN BEYYYYYYYYYYYY, I’m GAGGGGINGGGGGGGI!!!!”

Beyonce’s Posts Shocked Taylor And Monet

Victoria Monet was similarly blown away by the co-sign. She joined her collaborator Taylor in praising Beyonce for her shout-out. “OOOOH MYYYY GOD!!!!! na I AM SCREAMING!! WHATTTT,” she wrote in yet another IG Story. “CAN NOT GRASP AIR I AM UNWELL HOLY SH*T I did not expect to pass out today! GAGGEDD…completely. @beyonce WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!! THE ORIGINAL BAD GYAL I will forever honor you.” She even tagged Taylor add added: “WTFFFF PINCH ME.”

The performance by Taylor and Monet is even more impressive considering the time constraints they were under. In a separate post, Teyana Taylor revealed that she and Monet had less than 48 hours to get together and perfect the “Bad Girl” choreography. “We don’t regret one moment of it,” she asserted. “We had an assignment that needed to be OVERstood for one of the GOATS… We’d do it all over again and wouldn’t change a thing.” Taylor and Monet received praise from two GOATs that night. They have nothing to change.

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