Blueface’s Dad Using Chrisean Rock For Clout, His Mother Karlissa Saffold Thinks

Karlissa Saffold is always the first in line to defend her son Blueface and speak on his legal situations, his relationship trouble, and a whole lot more. In fact, it’s basically a prerequisite of her Instagram Live sessions, and to no one’s surprise, she used her most recent one to comment on his ex or current girlfriend; it’s all a bit too weird and back-and-forth to call right now. Regardless, Saffold claimed that the California rapper’s father is using Chrisean Rock for clout. For those unaware, he’s apparently living with his son’s volatile partner (and their child together, Chrisean Jr.) and staying together for the time being.

“That man literally sat in my face and told me he couldn’t stand that girl,” Blueface’s mother began. “She was going to take his son down. That’s why he up over there now. Tell the lady the truth. You don’t like her, you don’t like what she stand for. Tell her what you told me and Jaidyn when we went over there. Stop faking and stop lying before I start posting your real-a** text messages letting her know how you really feel about her, why you really up over there.

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Bleuface’s Mom Thinks His Dad Is Clout-Chasing With Chrisean Rock

“It’s just becoming a nuisance,” Blueface’s mom continued. “Now, if you wanted some clout, you could’ve just asked for it. I would’ve just gave you some. You ain’t seen them other daughters of yours or them other grandkids of yours in a month, a year, or Sundays ’cause you don’t give a f**k about them ’cause they ain’t got no clout, and they ain’t got no money. Who have a whole daughter and don’t f**k with that grandbaby, but you over there with Riri messing with her? Good job, Chrisean, not giving him no clout, girl, ’cause as soon as you give it to him, he gon’ rob your s**t just like he did his own son. Good job not posting his page and giving him what he want.

“‘Cause I ain’t posting it neither, I would’ve just gave you the s**t,” Karlissa Saffold concluded. “When my son graduated high school, he was on my husband’s -– my husband’s. Make sure y’all get this now. Because if I got to go pull the records, I will. On my husband’s medical and dental insurance. Now why the f**k are you anywhere near anybody asking for anything if my husband, that you say is getting ready to leave me, had your child on medical and dental? Paying for your son’s medical and dental.” For more news and the latest updates on Blueface, Chrisean Rock, and their families, check back in with HNHH.

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