Blueface’s Sister Kaliwae Wants All The Smoke With Natalie Nunn In New “Baddies” Preview

Baddies Caribbean made a stop in Barbados for some more antics, and it seems like they wasted no time in throwing punches left and right for some spicy storylines. Moreover, Natalie Nunn and Blueface’s sister Kaliwae traded blows after various verbal insults about looks, age, and the like. As far as what caused this animosity, readers may remember that through previous Zeus Network cast members like Chrisean Rock, his name popped up pretty often in ladies’ disagreements with those associated with him. Of course, we’re sure that things will eventually develop in heated ways without that context in mind, and there will be fresh reasons for scuffles and showdowns.

Elsewhere, it seems like the usual Baddies antics: some more fights here and there between cast members, a dinner gone awry, and easing up on so much tension with even more partying. As usual, Natalie Nunn seems to be at the center of it all, and this is far from the first fight she faced for this Caribbean run so far. As the show goes on, we’ll see more conflicts turn sour, more alliances forged, and a lot of conflicting tales as to what’s really going on. If this is your cup of tea, it seems like it’ll be hot and ready for you for any given episode.

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New Baddies Caribbean Episode Preview: Watch

Meanwhile, it’s been a long time since the days in which Kaliwae was dissing her brother, and the family dynamic remains quite hectic. Still, there’s been a bit of a downturn when it comes to new updates and such given his current jail stint. As far as other family members to consider like Karlissa Saffold, the antics haven’t been out of the ordinary. A lot of fans hope it stays this way, but we’ll see what that saga holds in the near future.

Perhaps Baddies Caribbean will stay in its own world for now, but we know that at least Natalie Nunn is even bigger than that. After all, she recently caught strays in the rap world from Fivio Foreign, which is definitely one of the oddest crossovers of the year so far. We’ll see whether more of those are in the chamber for the year. If not, we’re sure these scuffles will keep us entertained.

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