Bobby Burnham – “Means To An End” (Album Review)

When you think about artists who portray stuff in their music they can’t actually relate to, there are plenty of them in the waters. But for those artists who actually talk about true substance and paint pictures in your head while listening to the music,  they come one in a few, and Bobby Burnham is one of them. As a needle in the hast stack type of artist out of Manchester, NH. His name combines his dad’s first who passed away in 2018 and the town that he spent most of his childhood. Bobby produces, writes, records and engineers all of his music. Today, we will be covering his debut album “Means to an End”.

In his own words, Bobby Burnham says “The album represents the goal of ultimate freedom. It touches on social issues, addiction and the hip hop industry.”  Before hitting the play button to the intro self titled track, I actually looked forward to this project since it’s a full-length debut. Many debut project are either a “hit” or “miss” in our books, and it’s a foundation to what the future lies ahead for this upcoming rapper.

I can totally tell he is a young artist who is still mastering his craft with tons of potential room to grow as an emcee. Hit beat selection is average, in hindsight he does have songs that suite the mixture of underground heads, and the club/party scene.  I usually hit the self titled songs first since those songs usually define the whole project. On “Means to an End”, he talks on the future goals he wants to achieve by overcoming many hurdles and obstacles. For you deep thinkers, I recommend listening to “Money Happiness and Love” as he pays respect to some of the fathers of Hip Hop, 2Pac and Biggie. Bobby also covered the “love song” category with “Ride or Die” which anybody who has a compatible companion can relate to.

“Swift Left”, out of all the songs off the album, is the one where Bobby Burnham shines the most. His flow really matches the tempo of the beat, and I enjoyed the positive vibe in the tune. Lastly, I noticed he named a song from his actual stage name. The outro song, “Bobby Burnham” is also ranks high on the album, and is the perfect song to end the project. This song shows his seriousness for the craft of Hip Hop.

With most of choruses on this project I feel need more polishing, I feel this debut project wasn’t a “miss”. Bobby still has a slot of room to grow on his next project, and I’m honestly looking forwards in whats to come from him in the new future. I rate this project a 6/10. Nobody’s debut project is their best, but it’s def a foundation to grow as an artist.