Bobby Shmurda Links With Norwegian Producer ORIO For “OVERSEAS” Banger

Bobby Shmurda is continuing his run of putting some of his fans onto some new artists with “OVERSEAS”. This is a collaboration with Norwegian/Moroccan producer ORIO. He has been in the industry for about four years up until this point. Overall, he has produced for a lot of lesser-known artists overseas. So, there is a good chance Bobby is the biggest name he was worked with so far. For the latter, this is following up on his previous R&B track with newcomer Eli called “On Something”. Overall, it was a major deviation from what we know the “Hot N****” rapper to be. It was a pretty unsatisfying team-up, but we can admire him for branching out. This time through, “OVERSEAS” pays off. It is a very nice improvement, as Bobby Shmurda is definitely more in his element.

ORIO gives the Brooklyn, New York native an intense and banging instrumental. The beat has a grand feel to it, especially with the string sections mixed in. It is pedal to the metal all the way through, as Bobby Shmurda raps with a lot of energy on “OVERSEAS”. The lyrics are not really the main focus here, as it is more about the catchy chorus and flows. So far, fans seem to be enjoying this one thoroughly so far and are hoping it gets more love. “Bruh someone needs 2 promote this song. I just randomly searched shmurda. This a Hit”. Since its release the single has picked up some solid numbers. On Spotify it is currently in the “Bobby B****” MC’s top five popular. Additionally, it has picked over 30,000 views on YouTube. You might want to check this one before it blows up, so run it up!