BossMan Dlow Drops Off Two Pack That Includes A Lil Baby Feature On “PJ”

BossMan Dlow is already star, and it only took him a few months to accomplish this. Yes, he has been rapping since for a few years now, but fans are really starting to take notice in 2024. However, it seems like every time he drops, the song is a hit. “Get In With Me”, “Mr Pot Scraper” “SportsCenter”, and “Finesse” are just a small fleet of his bangers. Overall, these examples are why we can see BossMan Dlow having more heaters on his hands with “PJ” and “ION WANNA HEAR IT”.

These two songs are a part of a two pack and it is clear that the Florida MC wants to waste no time. Just four months ago, BossMan Dlow put out Mr Beat The Road. However, he might be working on another project because “PJ” and “ION WANNA HEAR IT” are the second and third releases since then. The former of them features first-time collaborator Lil Baby. He is the latest star to spit over Dlow’s instantly recognizable skittering productions. Overall, both songs are flexing bangers in some capacity. Whether it being beating the odds or money talk, Dlow raps about both topics to perfection.

Quotable Lyrics From “PJ”:

I came a long way from lunch trays and eatin’ rice, huh (Yeah)
Phone ain’t got no service, I’m on a PJ shootin’ dice (Yeah)
Went from fifty dollars to my name to 50K a night (N****)
You wanna f*** with Big Za, baby, you can’t be scared of heights
I wanna take you to the sixtieth floor and fuck you in a pent’ (Come here, bae)
Move them bags for me, baby, I’ll pay your rent (Come here, bae)