Bre Tiesi Is Being Sued By Former Employees For Alleged Mistreatment

Three of Bre Tiesi’s former employees have filed a lawsuit against her, claiming the “Selling Sunset” actress “harassed” and caused them to experience “emotional distress.” Lucy Poole, Amanda Bustard, and Kenneth Gomez reportedly filed a lawsuit against their former employer in a Los Angeles court last Thursday. They claim that while Breana Tiesi employed them, they allegedly endured persistent harassment and mistreatment. 

According to reports, “Plaintiffs were harassed, discriminated against, and/or retaliated against on the basis of their sex, gender, and/or sexual orientation, and for having repeatedly reported, and demanded cessation of the harassing, discriminatory and retaliatory conduct.” Poole, Gomez, and Bustard state that among other things, they “suffered severe emotional distress, loss of earnings, and loss of employment benefits” after quitting their jobs. The lawsuit looks messy, and the alleged misconduct is a bad look for Tiesi.

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Bre Tiesi Sued For Harassment

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 29: Bre Tiesi spotted Wednesday evening shopping in West Hollywood on November 29, 2023 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Handout/Handout/Getty Images for Pretty Little Thing)

In the complaint, Poole, who “suffers a mental disability” and worked as a nanny for Bre Tiesi and Nick Cannon‘s one-year-old kid, alleged that the reality star called her a number of derogatory insults. She said Tiesi called her a “short bus riding bitch,” a “dodo head,” and an “ADHD idiot.” According to court documents, Poole said that Tiesi mistreated her if a task wasn’t done to her satisfaction. Additionally, Tiesi had her throw away items from her son’s wardrobe that would be seen as “feminine or girly.”

Tiesi’s former social media manager, Bustard, claimed to have also been “subjected to inappropriate and violent behavior by Ms. Tiesi-Moran.” Gomez, who worked as Tiesi’s assistant and stylist, also had claims. Gomez alleged that “Ms. Tiesi-Moran would repeatedly make derogatory and demeaning comments about members of the LGBTQ community.” Each of the plaintiffs is requesting damages totaling more than $4,250,000 million. They also asked for a jury trial. Overall, the accusations are a big deal for Bre Tiesi.

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