Bronny James Reveals Which Jersey Number He’ll Wear On The Lakers

Bronny James is going to be under a microscope from now on. He was already getting tons of attention for being LeBron James’ son, but now that he’s on the Lakers, things have been kicked up a notch. He’s going to be subject to the same scrutiny as his dad. Especially since the two of them will be on the same team. Bronny James was drafted on June 27, and sports media erupted a day later when it was revealed which jersey number he’ll be wearing on the court. Bronny will be rocking number “9.”

TMZ broke the news on June 28. Bronny James has worn a number of different numbers over the years. He rocked “0” when he played on Sierra Canyon, but that has already been claimed by Lakers star Jalen Hood-Schifino. He wore “6” during his time with the USC Trojans, but he was never going to be able to wear it in the NBA. The number “6” has been retired league wide, in honor of Boston Celtics legend Bill Russell. Bronny also shied away from rocking a number that his dad has worn, like “23.” He ultimately settled on “9,” which is a number he actually has tattooed on his body. Bronny James has a “999” behind his ear. The tattoo is a tribute to one of his favorite rappers, Juice WRLD.

Bronny James Has “999” Tattooed As A Juice WRLD Tribute

TMZ also confirmed that Bronny James will have a “Jr.” on his jersey name. The outlet did not clarify whether LeBron James will have a “Sr.” added to his jersey, however. Regardless of what happens with naming conventions, the Lakers are thrilled to have both James’ on their team. Rob Pelinka, the Lakers vice president of basketball operations and general manager, issued a statement following the draft. “In the history of the NBA,” he wrote. “There’s never been a father and a son that have shared an NBA basketball court. And that feels like something that could be magical.”

Bronny James has yet to discuss the historical significance of his situation. His father, who is rarely at a loss for words, has also been quiet. Sources close to the Lakers legend claimed that he was “emotional” following the draft selection. The only direct acknowledgment of the father-son achievement has been on Bronny’s Twitter account. He posted of him and LeBron on the court together, with the caption: “Los Angeles Lakers.” It’s going to be a special season for LA fans.

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