Cardi B Beefs With TikToker Over 50/50 Relationship Advice, Says Offset’s “ALWAYS BEEN RICH”

It’s become evident that drama in any capacity leaves Cardi B feeling stressed out. Still, she’s never had a problem calling out internet trolls and people challenging her beliefs. Most recently, tension has been stirring around the topic of equal partnerships, or both people splitting expenses 50/50. After Cardi spoke out saying she’s all for finding balance within unions, social media users who felt differently began lashing out, particularly noting that her tumultuous past with her husband, Offset, is enough for some not to take her opinion seriously.

“Cardi B trying to give us relationship advice is CR*ZY,” one TikToker wrote earlier this week. “(Also, retire the 50/50 argument),” they added. When she came across the Gen-Z user’s rant, the “I Like It” hitmaker had plenty to say. “But, this wasn’t about me,” Cardi wrote. “Sooo, you saw my life but you ain’t saw the part about my parents? Or the part if you both college students, will y’all split the bill?” the femcee asked beneath the OP. “Like, I’m sorry, but I’m not taking relationship advice from you,” they doubled down on their take. “Loved y’all at Rolling Loud last year though 😂🥳.”

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Cardi B Doubles Down On Equal Partnerships

Cardi still had more to say, dropping off another comment to clarify that she “never had to hold Offset down,” because “HE ALWAYS BEEN RICH 😂.” Rather than congratulate her, the creator replied, “Ma’am, at this point [just] drop the album.”

It’s no wonder that Cardi B isn’t too worried about splitting bills with her man, especially considering the continued success of her discography and other creative endeavours. Years after delivering the provocative visual for “Bodak Yellow,” it hit a massive milestone on YouTube, proving that the former stripper still has juice in the rap game. Read all about that at the link below, and check back later for more music/pop culture news updates.

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