Cardi B Says Joe Budden Isn’t A Fan Of Hers During Twitter Rant: “Mouth Be Bigger Than They Pockets”

Cardi B has long been promising a sophomore LP to her Bardi Gang, and seeing how consistent she’s been with new singles in 2024, something tells us the rap diva might deliver this year. Her fans remain as loyal as ever to the black-haired beauty, but various bloggers in the music space have mixed feelings about Cardi after snagging a Grammy Award for Rap Album of The Year and then taking an extremely lengthy hiatus. Among the latter category is Joe Budden, who the New Yorker name-dropped during a rant on Twitter/X Spaces earlier this week.

“I’m always working, and I’m hungry,” Cardi declared. “Not even 2017, f**k 2017, I’m working like I’m in 2016 and I have something to prove. You ni**as is mad at that! This s**t ain’t luck ni**a, this is work ni**a. I don’t gotta pay s**t to be on nothing, I’d rather chart low just so I can know what my fans like, and whether they’re gonna react. Fortunately, I charted high, ‘cuz this what motherf**kers wanna hear!” the mother of two boasted of her “Enough (Miami)” song. “One b**ch, two b**ch, old b**ch, new b**ch. None of y’all b**ches not gonna do s**t! I can’t help that other people like that s**t. God gave it to me so I gotta pop it,” Cardi continued to hype herself up.

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Cardi B Sends Out a Message to Her Haters

After promising that she’s “standing on business” in this era of her career, the former stripper said, “B**ches be talking, mouth be bigger than their pockets.” Cardi added, “I’m pretty, I’m litty, I’m running this city. I’m s**ting on b**ches in every department. There’s ni**as who haven’t even be liking my records for a whole year. Even Joe Budden – that ni**a hates me – even him said that this song was fire. Why would he lie to me? He don’t even f**king like me, he didn’t like my last record. How people that don’t even like me saying that this record’s fire?”

Elsewhere in Cardi B’s world, the Los Angeles Police Department has her feeling some type of way after a recent incident at a traffic stop. According to the femcee, she was forced to step outside “butt naked” as officers searched her car for three hours while accusing her of trafficking fentanyl. The incident reportedly took place because they failed to recognize her celebrity status at the time; read all about it at the link below, and check back later for more hip-hop/pop culture news updates.

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