Chance The Rapper Supports Starting A Revolution Instead Of Voting

It’s been five years since Chance The Rapper dropped his last project, the much-maligned The Big Day. Though he hasn’t exactly been quiet in the meantime, released a number of new singles, fans are still hoping the next album is on the way soon. He gave a promising tease of the material he’s got in the tank when he shared a new snippet earlier this week. He shared an Instagram post with the lyrics of the song appearing in white text over a black background. But most fans have honed in specifically what he has to say on the song.

“I ain’t telling no n*ggas go vote/I ain’t telling no n*ggas go broke/I’m just telling my n*ggas get guns, I’m just telling my n*ggas revolt,” Chance says in the snippet. The new video has already racked up more than 47k likes in less than a full day. While Chance isn’t the most specifically political rapper out there, he’s never been afraid to weigh in on social issues. Chance didn’t share many details on when the song may actually drop. Check out the preview he shared below.

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Chance The Rapper’s Revolutionary New Snippet

Chance The Rapper’s new album is called Star Line Gallery. He first announced it last year and has continually teased the project. Last month, he performed some new material live during a show in Chicago. While rumors have swirled about the album for months it still doesn’t have an official release date and very little is actually known about it.

Late last year in December, he claimed that the project was coming out “next spring.” As Spring time has already arrived he hasn’t shared any real concrete details on when his fans may be able to hear the record in its entirety. What do you think of Chance The Rapper’s new snippet? Do you agree with him about revolution being a better method of making change than voting? Let us know in the comment section below.

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